About the title of the site, the utility is the kingly way

many sites boasting too much, we often see: three heaven love Shanghai first, earn 300 part-time day at home, a look at the title is false, not to click on you.

many people anxious to get all the relevant keywords are written up, it is difficult to optimize up, especially new sites, you a title key words too much weight, dispersed, it will cause each keyword optimization does not go up, or each keywords are not a good ranking, will not flow no, with the same ranking. Keywords so I suggest that we should not exceed 3 of the title, keywords you less, easier to optimize up, website traffic, you and other related keywords directory optimization.

Punctuation interval

for example, some people love behind the headlines and the official website and other people feel very tall feeling, in fact, these words just just look at your location, taobao贵族宝贝, 123 people of the title is very concise, focused, non write really can not write.

is more conducive to search engine optimization settings please refer to my website, Zhangzhou: 贵族宝贝0596w贵族宝贝/ respect the original, please keep the transfer of copyright, will have more original articles to share oh.

third, a punctuation in the title

first, not greedy, not overdo sth..

fourth, the title as far as possible with neutral words, don’t brag


add: home page keywords too much, it is difficult to locate the Shanghai love you this website is what type of that love of Shanghai is very difficult to understand you, but if the words less, once he can give you the location.


, do not try to set up some second titles of no great importance

title as far as possible with the angle, such as a comma with full width half angle for the byte is not the same, many sites are in half-width " _" this symbol.

many people are tangled in the end how to set the title of the site also has many years of experience, I have engaged in website design and promotion, today my experience to share with everyone, I hope to give beginners some help.

set a title I will give you suggestions for the above four points, in fact, now do not what optimization has been used, mainly to do some beneficial to the search engine can be set up, as long as the site, users love your website is king.

360 agents of the General Assembly convened for the first time the 360 commercial search using PPC


July 19th, Qihoo 360 will channel agents in Yunnan, Peru, the theme is "enjoy free search, the future", this is the first time a Qihoo 360 channel agent conference.

lost the existence significance in some of the city’s two level or lower level agents can only find a way to make a living. If the new emergence of a search engine company, it means that the new opportunity again.

Qihoo 360 held the first conference channel agents have a background, namely 360 channel agents layout has been initially completed. The official told reporters that at present, the Qihoo 360 has developed nearly 30 agents in the country, the final plan is to establish a nationwide 30 to more than 40 channel agents.

is a Qihoo 360 regional agent is revealed, in addition to Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu and other underdeveloped areas has not been set up channel agents, the channel agent Qihoo 360 has full coverage, including the original does not cover the northeast, southwest, central and other regions.


this activity is not open to the media, the reporter attended the meeting informed of the news channel agents. Participants told reporters that this is a "swearing", summed up the first half of the 2013 annual results, while the development of the task. In addition, more importantly, to build by the "Qihoo 360, advertisers, channel agents, alliance website, netizens" Qihoo 360 search ecological system.

Qihoo 360 chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi in the United States, did not participate in the conference channel.

channel agents started to have Shanghai two agents in early 2003, Shanghai after the lonely love mature system for a long time; until he became Sogou, Sogou general agent in the province; the general agent of the province this year Sogou to another supplier, this channel agent became the province Sogou two agents, distributor and Qihoo 360 in another city in the province.


Hou Jiyong

channel layout basically exhausted

channel agents said 360 channel agent system and love Shanghai implementation of the region’s total generation system". The development of a partner in a province by development partners two agent channel agent or a lower level. Two channel agent channel agent or a lower level is the development of new customers, old customers directly with the renewal of the region’s total generation contract.

at the beginning of this year, the Qihoo 360 President Qi Xiangdong told reporters that this year will focus on the development of channel agents. At that time, the country only more than a dozen channel agents, and concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region.

however, the above sources, in the economically developed provinces there are a number of agents, such as Qihoo 360 in Jiangsu Province, a regional general agent were set in Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi city.

How is the new year in Shanghai Longfeng road better

so that Shanghai dragon is the group of people still have a brilliant future? Are those who form their own marketing system of such a group of people, in addition to the full contact of various Internet marketing channels, but also try to through the line marketing + online marketing tools, this group of people to create a more complete marketing system, they think the Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future, strictly in their eyes, Shanghai dragon is actually one of the most accurate marketing channels, and focus on the search engine promotion outside the auction advertisement +>


argument: some people think that Shanghai dragon is dead;


Shanghai dragon really die


over the years, Shanghai dragon is dead on the spread, every time after the search engine algorithm of large adjustment, this argument will come out. I analyzed roughly divided into the following three categories:

argument ?

some people think that Shanghai dragon will die, actually this is also a lot of argument. But the strange thing is, call for so many years, although a lot of Shanghai dragon ER jobs to do other work, or even go into business, but there are still a part of Shanghai dragon ER who survived. The Shanghai dragon dying argument more from some fierce competition industries, for example, we say the medical industry, why Shanghai dragon will die, because from the Shanghai dragon this channel to get traffic high cost, difficult, and even some companies in Shanghai have been replaced by the Dragon position extrapolation personnel.

argument three: Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future;

for small owners, Shanghai dragon is dead, this is indeed the evidence, although the station is less and less, and the webmaster also more realizable way to make money through advertising alliance, this path seems to have become narrower and narrower, because the traffic acquisition has become increasingly high; there are some people mainly through the operation of the project, which is selling products to sell services, now seems to rely on the Shanghai dragon to engage in traffic to sell products and services, it becomes very difficult; in addition, the webmaster of course there are still some people rely on the channel he realized, not to say what. Give people the feeling is? Flow become more and more expensive, small owners to get traffic through the Shanghai Phoenix channel is more and more narrow, more and more difficult to walk, although the industry has developed stations such as Lu Songsong Blog, blog and then seize the moonlight, the opportunity is now bigger, but this road has become increasingly difficult to copy.

2017 Shanghai dragon promotion optimization and in the head? Prospect? The future of Shanghai dragon promotion optimization do? Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng felt the need to write an article to share with you, in 2016 has passed, 2017 is in your face, I believe that in 2017 there will still be a lot of Shanghai dragon ER insist on doing in this industry, so in 2017 the Shanghai dragon promotion optimization how to do

argument two: some people think that Shanghai dragon will die;

Again good search, 360 overall search can avoid settle a matter by leaving it unsettled

how long?

first, a good search for independent brands, and 360 desalination product group, with an independent identity search attack.

search, in my opinion, is undoubtedly the product development of the earlier "give up", to achieve a new brand to grow through the re positioning and operation, but also from the desktop to show the situation, 360 search has been a good search alternative, therefore, 360 I want to re attack with the concept of the new product search field. But this dream can do 360 search

first, the 360 to enter the search market has been more than two years, the market was tepid, although the official has about thirty percent market share, but in its core areas, as well as safe browser client antivirus field by love Shanghai, Tencent more and more pressure, on the one hand is the core business challenges, on the other one is the search business and see the ceiling, so the 360 tried to search the brand through good brand search and reshaping the new, in order to continue to search the market.

The launch of

actually said previous product failure, nothing more than three points, first, the lack of user base, the product does not feature, can not find the differences exist, the hardware does not work. The new start, a good search in these three aspects are solved? We can make nothing of it, but we can feel through the use of a few changes.

for search products on the 360, can be said to never give up. From the search to the 360 search, 360 is also constantly trying to grope. It can be said to own search products with "tricks", the 360 is also used a variety of methods, and even took the case to the extreme, but in the ordinary people have long been accustomed to love Shanghai search times, 360 of the effort is too pale.

second, "don’t be evil", effectively purify search environment, enhance the search brings value.

second >

third, increase the interactive function, realize the functions such as talk, increasing the possibility of user participation, to further enhance the humanization and authenticity of the search results.

comprehensive search and search in 360 compared to prior to the launch, the search is clearly more formal, more competitive. But don’t forget today is still love Shanghai in search of the world, even if the students in the encounter is not the problem will think of "love Shanghai", visible love Shanghai for ordinary users into how deep, in this case, 360 if you want to continue to grab the market, bring the client browser resources alone is clearly not enough, some of the measures even the improved imperative. And the launch of a good search is also quite a bit helpless.

fourth for mobile ports for the effective implementation of customization, seven kinds of special function can be said to be a step by step, pre made its own characteristics.


Analysis of effect of 36 original content of krypton with canonical tags.

analysis by 36 examples of krypton, showing the effect of the final Canonical tag.

what role? ?In order to avoid duplicate content included

said the station optimization, many webmaster will invariably say the content of the quality and frequency of updates. In fact, personal opinion, this understanding is too narrow. Love Shanghai in January this year, Webmaster Platform published information "love Shanghai has supported the Canonical label", I do not know whether we have to seriously study, I have personally confirmed that lack this tag can make up for the content in the original to a great extent (of course is not the original effect, 100% can realize the content that hope you understand). We see the love Shanghai Canonical tags understanding:

We Since

two, what is the standard of "



specification "is the preferred version of a group are identical or highly similar web pages.

love Shanghai this year launched a series of algorithms for content upgrade, many owners do not start screaming into disarray, what kind of content is the real original? Why Sina, Tencent, Sohu and other stations also is judged to be reproduced is original? In 36 as an example to illustrate the importance of krypton station optimization.

three, why should the specified code page

supports Canonical tag and rel=" webmaster can through the elements; canonical" attribute is added to the "Non Standard Version, search engine for the specified code page. Add this link and attribute can tell love Shanghai: "all the web pages in the same content or highly similar, the web page for the most standard most valuable pages, recommend the web page in the search results in front of the position.

, a Canonical tag

can be seen from the above, the Canonical tag is the specification of "description of the love of spiders in Shanghai in many of the same or similar pages, weight evaluation will give the Canonical logo" higher.

of a group of identical or highly similar ", through the use of the Canonical tag can tell the search engines what page to regulate", to regulate the URL and avoid the search results appear more content with the same or similar pages, help included problem solving duplicate content, avoid repeated display and the weight of the same web page content the weight, improve the standard of the web page, the web page ranking optimization rules.

, love Shanghai through the algorithm to identify the web content and links of identical or highly similar ", a system that calculates the standard web indexing and for users to query results.

Google 11 analysis tools using techniques of follow-up

analysis tool for real-time reporting, which shows that the visitors on your site for a specific time information. You can see your website, at that moment there are many visitors on your site, where they come from, through what kind of keywords and referrals to your site, and has a detailed analysis on them in the web access path, that access to real-time report, you need to the homepage menu > real time (Trial Version) [].

The default value of


"should be used in your site analysis skills" article from the target setting, search, search and other aspects of the site speed and share Google use sharing tools, today continue to learn about other techniques with you together.

action (action): this element can be used to determine the visitor interaction, can click the button, playback, stop.

In 11 Google

will help you determine your activity, they mean the author can introduce:

, real time reportGoogle has launched a

category (classification): you can use this to determine the elements you want to track the e-books, video, advertising or registration form.

[position] report will be provided to the number of your visitors and their state information. You can also check their location on the map.

, the 5 track

value (value): this element can help you develop your value, and can be used when setting the goal of your activities.


once you set your links, you have to do is to set the event as a target, the use of categories, actions, labels and value conditions set for your target.

< a href=" " onclick=" _gaq.push ([‘_trackEvent’,’category’,’action’,’opt_label’,’opt_value’]); " >

when the Olympic Games time, presumably of the "track" a more sensitive, but this article stresses that the analysis tool for event tracking using Google: how many people download your ebook; how much better advertising effect, who click on the ads more; transfer registration form; visitors at checkout more what video content and the pause, fast forward or stop events.

enables event tracking is a difficult process, you need to do is add the following code to your web site, and then change to the default value.

label (label): use this to determine the type of event tracking.

Exchange Links don’t take home as the only goal

Links simply say that each link between two sites, it generally has several functions, one is to get some traffic through Links, especially some portal station or very large flow station, more can bring certain flow; but by Links, can let search engines know your website what is the theme of the. So whether it is for the search engines, or flow, Links are very important part.

Links the first understand

page links with their own unique advantages, that is to improve the site keywords ranking, bring effective flow. The reason is very simple, because we do the inside pages of words are long tail keywords little competition, so do some weight good links, the overall weight of the page will be enhanced, all pages in the search engine rankings may also improve, can realize the long tail of profit. Of course, this is not certain, but if you have this idea, put the important page link to the home page, and write the theme exchange similar Links, appropriate for some publicity and promotion, then it is very likely to get good rankings.


Links effect, the rest is the location of the link, but most are placed in the home, because the core keywords on the front page of the site contains the site, home page weight high can also drive the column page and the content page. But all the links on the home page and can not solve all the problems. A normal website, there are a lot of links are provided for high value content, so other websites will link to our website, which will be home will have the inside pages, so do the Links, the home page and the inside pages to do, but the proportion of large home.

in the site, external links is always a focus of the webmaster, but in addition to external links, there is one very important point is Links, as a first step we do optimization, Links throughout the website promotion process also plays a very important role. But many webmaster do when Links, usually do in the home, to ignore the inside pages necessary. Today I will give you a summary of some ideas of my own, I hope to help the webmaster.

After the

pages link advantage

site directory can also do Links, for example between the 58 city between the associated channel page will do Links, this not only conducive to the user access, but also transfer the weight between. Although the same site, but the weight between channels are different, so different directory website links is a common means of optimization. So Links has a good role is to transfer the weight. In this regard, links do not necessarily have to make a choice in the home page is also very good.

directory can do link

alone or home to do

B2B site contains no flow for diagnosis of Shanghai dragon help

has been operating for nearly two years of B2B website, currently included nearly twenty thousand, have a large number of pages indexed every day, but the site has not been what traffic flow of the poor, to solve the problem of each meeting the boss will ask what is the reason? Do we also own a large head, I tried, but there was no improvement in what, in desperation, found the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team hope that they can help us to solve the real predicament as soon as possible.

can rest a bit easier, because from this website "diagnosis and optimization proposals" can be seen in my website overall situation, some problems even the day against his people are not aware of, but it was the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team written on this website "the diagnosis and optimization proposals", at that time I felt a bit ashamed, his understanding of the site is not as outsiders a few people understand this, let me say, but the fact is, I have to admit. Although mentioned inside we basically know it well, but the real site really is less and less, these seemingly small problems, but seriously affect the ranking of the site to flow. Take the following site outside the chain chain for the emperor, it is almost every webmaster every day talking about the importance of the chain, and some owners do not know, but the real chain do not.

in "site diagnosis and optimization proposal" chain suggested to tell the truth, very common, almost everyone can be cooked to Xiang, but I ask myself, but really not the small details of these seemingly simple job, usually is basically a day to think of it as a few the chain, in which, what kind of the chain, also are random, no prior to study, not to mention the chain did address recorded for post inspection, check collection, even if the site later appeared to have some problems with these chain relations there is no way to verify their. Because I didn’t do the habit of recording, the chain usually do.

‘s own limited capacity, had no choice but to help, this is not what we feel shy to say, after all, everyone is not omnipotent, everyone has their own points, have proficiency in a particular line. Therefore, I put up the relevant information website told the A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html, dragon dragon) but not to FTP, why not to believe, do the webmaster all understand, therefore, in this is not to say. But the other accident is, they have no roots to me to FTP, they thought that even FTP such important information are not estimated with other Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service is almost bluff. Therefore, it is not too much hope, until they are in fifth working days, a complete "site diagnosis and optimization proposals", after the proposal was just a little relieved.

Our company has a

Do the process from the railway station

please indicate, thank you!

The first 1 months of the line on the website

the long tail A5 starting address: 贵族宝贝Shoulian88贵族宝贝/

. This month is our website to love Shanghai, the process of search engines such as Google know, say the first image is very important, so, personally, do stand before delivery, to ensure that their website has a 10-20 original articles, and then submitted to the search engine, or by some large forum lead spider, it is will soon be the major search engines, Google update faster, we mainly study the love of Shanghai, such as Google search engines do not say. To love Shanghai, love Shanghai is the new study period, usually half a month to a month’s time, during this period, Shanghai love only included our website (although we updated every day, when the original) study period, Shanghai began to love our collection of articles, it is the content of the website here I suggest every day to update the original article, the number is constant, the best time of a day is the time update. Insist to do some webmaster forum every day the chain, should not be too much, to avoid excessive optimization. Improve site exposure, promote ZhengZhan weight.


through these operations, I believe that the general stick to the general difficulty not too big words can take.


3 after three months. Start slowly with the ranking, ranking may be in the tens, probably in second, page third, at this time, I want to increase the intensity of the optimization, then love Shanghai and update snapshot pages included are very fast, we increase the amount of optimization efforts, with the anchor text keyword optimization, optimization of the corresponding keyword ranking, Elliot the word first suggested optimization web page optimization, easy words, so you can quickly to the home page, the natural website weight also improved, continue to optimize the difficulty slightly larger behind the word can also help, then recommended to the forum text, with the anchor text keyword link soft, specific forum resources, their collection, to daily updates from the blog, the blog with anchor text links, but also to link quantitative exchange friendship, increase the weight of the website.

2 a month to 3 months. This period is the most difficult time, no website ranking, the natural flow is poor, nor what income, what we need to keep the original articles updated daily, and insist on the chain, the chain is not too much, improve the site exposure site of the main promotion ZhengZhan weight, you can go to some forum. Self free blog, can also exchange some Links slowly.

we all know that Shanghai dragon is definitely not a day, two days a new station will be able to do the first page, it takes 3 months to pay even half a year, or even longer. So many new friends may encounter such problems in this process, the long tail of today to share with you some personal experience their own web site in Shanghai since the first half of the dragon.

How do the optimization of long tail keywords

when you determine the long tail keywords page, the page of Shanghai dragon operation:

in the competition of long tail keywords is also low, few people understand the system to optimize the long tail keywords. So, to achieve the long tail keywords ranking easier.

Keywords ;

general to choose the long tail keywords, partial cold to do, if the word competition is strong (can use the index query to love Shanghai), depending on the content page is usually difficult to get good rankings. This time, you can use the search search engine, search for a little longer term as long tail keywords.

tags, Keywords tag and description tag, text content,


usually most of the page is a mining long tail keywords, when you publish an article that, you can clearly see what is the main keywords of the page, the word is that you need to consider the long tail keywords.

and target words in general with the home page optimization, long tail keywords generally exist in the web page content, although the search volume is very small, but the number of such words can be infinite, do the long tail keyword optimization, can Everfount to the site to bring huge traffic.

1. web content for

normally, a 1 – 3 page can optimize the long tail keywords, but if only focus on optimizing a perhaps better.

page on the long tail keywords planning content, but not in the keyword density as the pursuit of natural

first, you have to prepare and site theme related content, to avoid the original acquisition, the best. Fresh original content, can make your site is very popular with users and search engines trust, long tail keywords original content page, easy to search engine front row.

3. content page optimization


to the crown a contains keywords H1 or H>

, of course, not all pages need to consider the long tail keywords, some pages may only be website business needs, or rich site use. Optimization of long tail keywords in many cases, as long as you have this meaning, do not have to deliberately do so too tired.

you want to set up an independent of the page title tag, summed up the theme of the page;

second, succession should pay attention to website content updates, i.e. each release amount of content and almost, continue. Doing a few months will be able to gain the trust of the search engine, resulting in higher weight. For example, Shanghai dragon Nile is writing an article every day, every day to release a.

content of the website, in quality not in quantity, please be sure to take seriously every time the website content updates.

The to determine the content page keywords