From the URL station to the industry station do station experience summary

first introduced my station, electric power network, the domain name is registered for 08 years, beginning to do is web site, then Baidu on the web site or to the open side of the navigation station, not so difficult to do, but to the end of 09 years, on the one hand, due to the service the stop for a few days, on the other hand, traffic has been not very high, so there is a chicken ribs feeling, more than 100 IP, I have been in Baidu Post Bar publicity, send mail, in the QQ group how also can not afford to do traffic, there is no resistance to the heart to hate, determination the work I had make only superficial changes, as in the power industry experience, is not a layman, do you find a lot of previous work, sorting said after coming home, started for the station, I made a big mistake, halfway through the major revision Two, because the beginning position is such, do a period of time, the user experience is poor, people have a puzzled feeling, and then changed again a few days later, the wife made a part of the information, it is not the right column division, instead, lead to weight in the misty Baidu for a long time, the title change, but I found that Baidu original content is still very popular, I am still in the process of Revision update every day 10-30 article ranging from content, updated daily 3 times, are updated regularly, not too a few days of my Baidu station regained weight, basically did not enter the sandbox, but it was time I posted the article after a few minutes included, surprised me. Now my station is basically snapshots, every day, ranking is not rising. I sum up my experience of standing for several days: read more

How do you get Baidu’s favorite collection of news

              some time ago in China station to see that someone has sold, collected, changed the original method, personally feel incredible. The so-called cheat engine if practical, but today you pick up cheap, I will reveal several "collecting original method" to everyone, and perhaps Chinese evaluation method on the man to the station and I don’t like, but I can say that I used this method of acquisition of the article 80% engine will be included, and will not appear after one or two months by the engine to delete. read more

Analysis of website revision needs to pay attention to three factors

in the rapid development of the Internet, the website revision is the most accustomed to the work of the station. Page stale, user experience needs promotion, function defects, website all functions to be promoted; to adapt to the development of new integration of website requirements. These requirements directly trigger the revision task of the website. Site revision will bring new experience to the site, new development, new purposes, but if the operation is not good, not only can not achieve the desired adjustment results, and will damage the site, the formation of traffic loss. read more

Local websites have potential for in-depth analysis and Reinvestment

fourth years after the Internet webmaster, more and more people begin to pay attention to the development of local sites, regional strong correlation and interaction effect, focus on the characteristics of local information so that more and more local users to join local websites. How to do a good job of local websites, make local well-known sites, is more and more local station owners attention issues.

A5 Forum last week version, "operation of website of local road" once again aroused the attention of all local stations. At present, in China, Xiamen fish, Pengcheng community, 19 buildings are developed earlier, but also to do more excellent local websites. The new local website, how to make features, become a local well-known website, become the local consumer, entertainment, public opinion of the first position, this issue is discussed in every new station. read more

Children’s clothing store site selection – Reference

children’s clothing stores operators if you want to do well in the management of business, to choose a good location. How the location to the appropriate location? Xiao Bian finishing a number of site recommendations, hoping to help you find the ideal place to operate. If you are a novice, you need to learn, master more site selection skills.

1. is not as prosperous as possible. Especially for the first time in children’s clothing industry investors, if the first settled in the downtown area, probably because the investment is too large and stumbled. read more

Googleadsense ad blocked list

Google Adsense recently in the QQ number and qq COINS deceptive advertising more and more, no way, no fruit in the future, to the Google Adsense group email n times, only the domain name list with their usual accumulation of shielding out of Google Adsense in the /p> to you.

used as the highest rate of return on the website advertising Google Adsense has started off his veil, revealing a side and Chinese other good advertising alliance to distinguish. After Firefox decreased the cost of promotion, in the click rate and click on the area after the change, Google Adsense has no advantage at all what in China, and for Google Adsense users should be relatively strict supervision for the casual Google Adwords users and, more and more waste content in advertising, the localization of Google is getting better and better, slowly to the garbage near Union, no way, this is the essence of capital, both Baidu and Google in the so-called capital. Profit before, the nature of their own has been fully exposed. And for Google AdSense and for those who disregard the interests of users and Google Adsense user administration Policy of care, more and more shows the essence of." Google; ", the role of never do evil; Goolge was also is becoming increasingly blurred, and the Google Adsense blog Adsense users in the essay is only a pale and convenient struggle, no way to the people of the world, people who lost the lost world, water can carry a boat, can also capsize, with small and medium-sized Adsense support, Goolge Adsense has established a good reputation in the Chinese Internet, also believe that under the leadership of Li Kaifu, Google can also feel something. The increase of negative news, more and more users abandon Google Adsense, believe that the strength of the masses is great. read more

How do individuals make money on ad networks

most of the webmaster do stand are of interest because at the beginning, but slowly understand some after all hope that at least we can get your own domain name space or extra cost cost to do personal webmaster to business, and later became a career. Dare to dare, we will see how to use the advertising alliance website profit today, of course, the premise is that you have to concentrate on the website, the website had a certain user traffic before they can through advertising to make money, no matter what the daily payment or week payment need your site traffic, otherwise put more advertising is to see their own. read more

Brief description of the operation of the three core capabilities in the electricity supplier indust

operation, in the electricity supplier industry, is "the core."". Operations like spider webs, mainly from the overall situation, starting from the enterprise overall marketing revenue, the initiative for the sake of users, according to the customer demand information the user has accumulated to make products and services, and attract more users to the active site, and develop the user loyalty to the company and viscosity.

affect the electricity supplier user experience there are many factors, but in the final analysis is to operate as the basic, in order to meet user needs as the goal, to revitalize the overall marketing, income responsibility. In fact, the operation not only undertakes business model analysis and margin cost responsibility, also constantly optimize the business model and the user experience, and by other departments to cooperate with the perfect business goals to improve matters, all aspects of business, to ensure the enterprise’s profitability at least. read more

391 study network minon investment domain needs to understand the rules

Hello, last wrote "six years: how to choose a good domain name minon wise remark of an experienced person" article, many of my friends find I asked some experience in the domain name, but for my recent purchase of 391 digital domain of concern, net was in fact the hearts of the people of the world place is also great, after all, is the international level domain name. Below I still talk about the topic of domain name investment, continue to talk about a few experience of domain name investment to you, hope to be able to help everybody. read more

Breakthrough in the dilemma development of two or three tier city community websites (1)

in real life, the community is a basic unit of urban structure, the Internet has developed rapidly, and the urban community virtualization has also gone through a period of rapid development, and entered a bottleneck. In a sense, the two different forms of the population will gradually set intersection, the virtual reality and the gap in the process will gradually be filled, the intersection involves a wider range of people’s life in the city, to have more help. As a local community website manager, this is a prediction for the development of urban community websites in the next 10 years. read more

Effect evaluation of various promotion methods for new websites

website promotion is the concern of every webmaster. I am on the complex online promotion methods of evaluation, everyone according to their own ability conditions and external environment, choose suitable techniques to use, hope to help novice webmaster, veteran can float.

1 and QQ group website promotion method. With dozens of QQ, each QQ join dozens of groups, send the website once a day. An average of 50 qq*, each QQ join 50 groups * 50 people per group, =75000 people watch. If QQ is more, join more groups, join a large group, and the number of each group is more, then the propaganda effect is better. Even excluding non online QQ users, the effect should not be underestimated. (this section will do, but to wait for the content of the website and then enrich some more attractive to do some, mainly to do traffic and make a turnover rate, probably in two months later to do) read more

From hyenas sister to see the title of the site selection

said the blog has been established for almost four months, although not much traffic, but also learned a lot of things, make some like-minded friends, every time I see someone left the sincere comments, my heart was touched. Today, I want to introduce myself a little bit about my blog. Maybe it’s not good. Please forgive me.

begins by talking about the choice of blog titles. In today’s Internet era, the role of search engines believe that everyone is very clear, especially those who rely on the survival of the site most seriously, after all, we all want to be more attention. So am I。 When setting up a blog purely out of interest, "the coyote sister" this blog title so many of my friends are very puzzled, many people first came to my blog will ask: "why is Coyote sister?" my answer is: I love the hyenas in the wild and in trouble, I also continue to break the spirit. I hope women unique gentle, also is the combination of yin and Yang. In a word, I didn’t think about the influence in the future. Now I find that if I really make money on the website, the name of the website or blog can not be called casually. For example, "hyenas sister", this synthetic word, my blog every day on 100 IP, of which 90% of the traffic comes from Baidu, keywords are "sister."". It’s really a bit of a laugh. It’s bad for those who are looking for a sister. Here’s an apology to those friends. I don’t really have a sister here. Therefore, we should choose carefully when choosing a website topic. Instead of focusing on investment and financing like me, the result is always visited by the older brother who is looking for his sister. But fortunately, I like the word very much, and it doesn’t matter. read more

Confessions of a grassroots webmaster

I am a straight man, born in the north, long in the north, the North has a peculiar honest and honest. I hate to miss it, I jiwuruchou, I hate fraud. I am persistent, I am stubborn, I am an ideal, ambitious, want to make achievements. I don’t think I unwilling to remain out of the limelight, unknown to the public, rise head and shoulders above others.

I’m a bad talker again. I have a complaint, just like I said. Honestly, I want to change myself, let oneself learn sophisticated, learn clever talk and an ingratiating manner, flattery, but I really can’t learn some. So I have to hate those bad things, learn a Ah Q, nothing, just put yourself Q a good. read more

How to avoid the new station in the revision of the right to drop

no map, no truth, I attached to the above diagram, and share my change program after SEO method. One of my small stations, on-line in late November, the web site will not be sent out, there are pictures.

station is Taobao’s API call station, no ranking, no right heavy! In 2011 December, every day spider crawling traffic is greater than 3G, my space flow is 30G. Flow is not enough, and the last ten days are to buy traffic to maintain, 1G=5 yuan, a day on the 15 bar. For a Taobao’s new station, the previous period is no money earned. Someone asked me why I didn’t turn off the station until after this month. Everyone knows SEO, spider is very annoying, web site can not open or open slowly. One time can not open, the second time, but also can not open, the 3 and 4 will be K station, so I can not help. Later, want to maintain the premise of not changing the IP upgrade space, but other service providers do not support, upgrade, you must change IP. Well, the plan died again. Change procedures, but, for the program, the site must be punished easily, resulting in the right to drop. read more

Personal Adsense how to promote local talent network

local talent network has become more and more prosperous in recent years. There are many differences between the local talent network and the comprehensive national talent network, but it does not mean that they are in a disadvantageous position.

like qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin also has local station, but he charges on enterprise cost, individual stationmaster is a big advantage in this respect. Big website has hundreds of people to operate, the brand is noisy, but average to each individual, individual stationmaster has bigger profit space. Baidu recently also in the field of talent horizontal inserted a leg, so that operators personal network owners difficult, but also indicates that talent networks will only be more popular, the short term will not decline. Now talk about the personal operation of the recruitment of talent network summed up some of the personal Adsense how to promote local talent network method. read more

PHP crawler data acquisition and analysis of millions of users

code hosting address:

, /Hector

grabbed 1 million 100 thousand of the user data this time, and the data analysis was as follows:

Preparation before


installs the Linux system (Ubuntu14.04) and installs a Ubuntu under the VMWare virtual machine;

installs PHP5.6 or more;

installs curl and pcntl extensions.

uses PHP’s curl extension to grab page data

The curl extensions of

PHP are libraries supported by PHP that allow you to use various types of protocols to connect and communicate with a variety of servers. read more

Teach you how to look at the overall strength of an IDC

webmaster brothers and sisters: teach you how to see a comprehensive strength of IDC. Buy space, the heart has a number

now to buy a good space is the webmaster is a headache, online selling space more, now is not what rare double mainframe products, the size of IDC are double space. Then how to choose the space business? You can refer to the following aspects:

1. to see if the space dealer has a telecommunications license:

Beijing: Beijing ICP license 020123 general Beijing B2-20080123 two documents. This area is referred to as the other basic +B2-20080111 (for example: Shandong: Lu B2-20080111 Henan: Henan B2-20081111). The general business card with space ICP is relatively safe, at least this company is a qualified operator. Stronger than the undocumented. read more

The ultimate way to do business make sure the boss is the only one to leave

last month in a salon in the local electricity supplier Association, in the last part of the question, a colleague has raised the question to the guests: the shop sells digital products are our factory production line out, one explosion rate of return 5% (in the digital category is very high), and in the evaluation of the content, there are a lot of problems is a reflection of the product. The operation is very annoying, because in the face of market data show that the product is unable to meet the needs of consumers, must be improved in order to re launch process. But to change the process, we must change the mold, this cost estimate needs more than 1 million yuan. The operation of communication and tried to find the boss, but the boss not to say yes or no, so it ran aground off. read more

Talking about the strategy and means of website promotion

After the completion of the

website, now have a propaganda enterprise website platform, the website after we should how to let more people know their own website, which requires the website promotion. A successful website promotion process is also the process of branding and product promotion.

implementation of website promotion, we should take into account:

Potential users of

‘s product or service is what kind of user;


analysis of the company’s products or services using the object what are the characteristics of what kind of Internet habits; read more