EC Orders Repolling at 13 Booths in Tamil Nadu on May 19

first_img election commissionLok Sabha elections 2019Tamil Nadutamil-nadu-lok-sabha-elections-2019 First Published: May 9, 2019, 12:05 PM IST | Edited by: Ahona Sengupta New Delhi: The Election Commission has ordered re-polling at 13 booths in five parliamentary constituencies in Tamil Nadu on May 19, it said in a statement.In a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday, the commission declared the April 18 polls at eight stations in Dharmapuri, one in Tiruvallur, one in Cuddalore, one in Erode and two in Theni “void”. These 13 polling stations are also a part of Assembly segments Poonamallee, Pappireddipatti, Panruti, Kangeyam, Andipatti and Periyakulam where by-elections will be held on May 19. The decision came after errors during polling were reported in 46 booths across 13 districts in the state.The EC has asked the CEO to inform political parties and candidates about the re-polling and give wide publicity in the areas.​ last_img read more

BJP Must Have Put Pressure on Sunny Deol to Contest From Gurdaspur

first_imgBhoa: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh Saturday claimed that the BJP must have “put pressure” on Bollywood actor Sunny Deol to contest Lok Sabha polls from the Gurdaspur seat with a threat of conducting an income tax raid on him.Launching an offensive against Deol, Singh said the actor-turned-politician does not have any stakes here and he will “run away” to Mumbai after the Lok Sabha election. Calling upon electorates to vote for Congress nominee Sunil Jakhar for development of this border constituency, the chief minister asked how can Deol serve the people of Gurdaspur when he is “unaware” of issues concerning people here.He further said the elections are not a joke and an MP has to make a contribution in Parliament.”He (Deol) came here (to contest polls) because the BJP must have pressurised him. I had read in newspapers that he owed several crore of rupees to banks.”They (BJP) must have put pressure on asking him either become our candidate otherwise will get an income tax raid conducted on him which the BJP usually does (against political opponents). Then he agreed to become the candidate from here,” Singh claimed addressing a public meeting in favour of sitting MP Jakhar.Taking a swipe at Deol, the chief minister asked him to read newspapers or watch television channels to know what is happening in the country.”I was watching a TV channel few days back and a TV anchor asked him (Deol) what do you have to say about the Balakot air strike. He said what is it? When you do not know what is happening in our country then why do you want to enter politics?” he asked Deol.”He is a resident of Mumbai, his farm is in Mumbai, and his house is in Mumbai, his business is there, then why are you bothering yourself? I want to ask you,” he said dismissing Deol as any threat to Jakhar.”What do you want to do here? Do you just want to seek votes to get elected from here?Will you show your face here (after elections) and will you take up the problems of Gurdaspur when you do know about Punjab. What will he do for Gurdaspur,” he wondered.Singh pointed out that his father and actor Dharmendra belongs to a village in Ludhiana. “Your village is not here,” he said.Taking a jibe at Deol, Singh said he does not even know Punjabi.”I expect you (voters) to say him goodbye. You may get your pictures clicked with that actor,” he told people.Describing Jakhar as farsighted, the CM asked the gathering to ensure his victory as an experienced politician like him would carry out development of this area.”Sunil has spent his entire life serving people and only such persons do work for public. You will once see him as CM of Punjab,” he said.Earlier, Jakhar also took a dig at Deol, saying while he may be adept at singing and dancing around and pulling hand pumps out of the soil, he does not know anything about Gurdaspur or the problems of its people. Jakhar said just as does not know how to sing and dance, Deol has no idea about politics or being an effective representative of the people. “I may not be able to entertain you but I will solve your problems by helping reopen sugar mills and setting up medical colleges,” Jakhar said. Amarinder Singhbollywoodgurdaspur-s19p01punjab-lok-sabha-elections-2019 First Published: May 11, 2019, 5:52 PM ISTlast_img read more

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Day Before Counting Smriti Irani Thanks Voters

first_imgWe are all humbled to bear witness to the hard work , the perseverance and the selflessness of karyakartas who seek no post, no glory for self but are purely driven with a strong desire to build a New India— resilient, resurgent, committed to sabka saath, sabka vikas.— Chowkidar Smriti Z Irani (@smritiirani) 22 May 2019Irani’s statements come just a day before counting of votes for the Lok Sabha election in which BJP is looking to repeat its 2014 performance. In good news for the party, exit polls have predicted a comfortable win for the BJP. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah signed off on a resolution meant to serve as a blueprint for an NDA-2 government. In the last 5 years not a day went by when Narendra Modi was not subjected to humiliation and hateful barbs by the opposition. However, as karyakartas we take pride that the citizens of the Nation stood by the PM through every endeavour , every initiative.— Chowkidar Smriti Z Irani (@smritiirani) 22 May 2019 New Delhi: Union minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday thanked people for believing in the ‘Bharat’ and her future as she termed the 2019 general elections “about people versus the Opposition”.Taking to Twitter, Irani — who is pitted against Congress chief Rahul Gandhi in Amethi — said: “24 hours to go .. while most of us will be glued to our TV sets tomorrow to watch vote by vote, count by count analysis, here’s taking this opportunity to say thank you for the countless blessings of millions across the Nation for my party and my leadership.” This election was about the people versus the opposition. The people stood firm against the anarchists who screamed ‘ Bharat ke tukde honge’. It is to those citizens that I give my grateful thanks for they resolutely and unabashedly believed in ‘Bharat’ & her future.— Chowkidar Smriti Z Irani (@smritiirani) 22 May 2019center_img amethiAmit ShahBJPcongress First Published: May 22, 2019, 12:52 PM ISTlast_img read more

Cricketers Clash in UP Village After Umpire Declares No Ball 6 Injured

first_img cricketers clash in upMathethu villageuttar pradesh First Published: July 5, 2019, 6:40 PM IST Bhadohi (UP): A ‘no ball’ in a cricket match in a village here led to members of both teams using stumps, bats and stones as weapons against each other, a clash that took on communal overtones and injured six people, police said on Friday.Five people were arrested in the clash that broke out in Mathethu village in Surwaya area here on Thursday. The trouble started when the match was about to end and the umpire declared ‘No ball’, police officials said.As the captains of the teams – Anwarul Haq and Phoolchandra – belonged to different communities, the clash took on a communal colour, they said.Heavy police force was deployed in the area to ease tensions. last_img read more

Dozens of MacBook Pro batteries overheated before Apple issued a recall

first_img Editors’ Recommendations Apple has issued a worldwide recall of its 2015 MacBook Pro 15 laptops after overheating issues with its battery were discovered. This recall was announced as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has confirmed 26 “fire hazard” battery overheating incidents, including five confirmed accounts of minor burns and one of smoke inhalation, in the U.S. and Canada. In response to the issue, Apple has advised 2015 MacBook Pro 15 owners to check the serial number of their device and, if it is confirmed to be affected, return it to Apple for a free battery replacement.This announcement marks the first time Apple has had to issue a recall of its laptop batteries since 2006. With 458,000 2015 MacBook Pro 15 laptops sold in the U.S. and Canada alone during the roughly two-year time frame Apple estimates to be impacted, it could also make this the largest laptop battery recall of the past 5 years, if not longer, depending on the final tally of returned devices.Bill Roberson/Digital TrendsEven worse, given the severity of the reported issue and the fact that the battery is so thoroughly embedded that it is nearly impossible to replace yourself, owners will have no choice but to go without their laptop until Apple completes their repairs. For consumers who rely on their laptop for work, this is a huge blow.Considering the potential scope of the recall, this may erode Apple’s reputation for delivering quality hardware in the long term, though it is too early to say whether this will be the case just yet. The other major battery failure of the last decade, which resulted in the complete cancellation of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 line, had a dramatic effect on the manufacturer’s stock prices and reputation which is still being felt today. Apple has proven resilient to criticism on account of its staunchly loyal fanbase and enviable marketing, but this may pose a serious challenge to how far it can count on these.Apple’s image may also be buoyed by the fact that it took so long for its hardware flaws to emerge, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was found to be dangerously faulty in its opening weeks of sales. However, the more regular use that most consumers devote to their smartphones compared with laptops may account to the swift discovery of the Galaxy Note 7’s battery issues.Regardless, the battery recall is bad news for Apple, as it evidences either an uncharacteristic blunder, or an alarming backslide in quality, from the hardware giant. Even more worrying, with Apple and others seriously contemplating moving their manufacturing base out of China, and into unproven — and potentially unreliable — new third-party suppliers, such hardware failures could happen with greater frequency. MacBook Pro catching fire? Apple issues safety recall for overheating batteries Photos of damaged MacBook Pro highlight the need to respond to Apple’s recall Apple reportedly offers logic board replacements for some 2018 MacBook Air units Apple is recalling faulty plug adapters over risk of electric shock Ford recalls 1.3 million Explorer and F-150 vehicles over safety issueslast_img read more

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition launches globally Handson

first_imgThat said, those buying this new edition will be paying more for those perks. The BlackBerry KEYone will go on sale next quarter first in the U.K., Germany, France, Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Japan, where it will get a 649 EUR, 549 GBP, and 799 CAD price tag. That’s roughly $650 to $700 in the US where its full retail price is $580. This Black Edition will also come to other markets in Europe, Asia, and Latin America later this year. There might be a bit of envy, regret, and hurt feelings going around the BlackBerry community. The difference between the original KEYone and this all-black KEYone isn’t purely aesthetic. If it were, no one would probably mind missing out on the Black Edition of BlackBerry’s latest flagship.There is, however, also one technical difference. The Black Edition has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The original only carried 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The RAM difference might be negligible for some, but the storage gap definitely hurts. It seems that India was only given a head start, probably thanks to BlackBerry’s partnership with Optiemus there. It’s not much of a lead time, though, because just one month later, BlackBerry and TCL are announcing that the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition will indeed be heading out in other markets, practically across the globe. Now BlackBerry fans in Europe, Middle East, and soon Asia and Latin America will be able be able to get their hands on a KEYone with no hint of silver. Curiously, no mention of the US at all.center_img You might not think a simple color change would do much to the KEYone, but it leaves the phone feeling surprisingly different. Notably, it’s much more like the classic BlackBerry phones that made RIM so popular for a time, and TCL’s decision to go with matte black rather than the shiny finish of, say, the black iPhone 7 is a welcome one. MORE BlackBerry KEYone ReviewCuriously, the release list doesn’t include the US, where the BlackBerry KEYone remains exclusive to Sprint. Well, somewhat. AT&T already pre-announced that it will be carrying that very same BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition starting 1st September, but that still severely limits where you can buy a KEYone in the US.last_img read more

Do I really need Alexa or Google Home or Siri

first_imgOver the past several years I’ve watched as features on smart devices like the iPhone’s Siri made speaking with a machine a magical affair. Once asking your phone to tell you the answer to any simple question became, in itself, expectedly simple, a subconscious agreement was made amongst the citizenship of this world. SEE TOO: Google Home Mini 24/7 listening called an accidentWe all agreed to expect that a libertarian view of the tech world was best. Specifically the laissez-faire capitalism bit of the Libertarian Party’s platform. We skipped over the part where we asked: should I really be letting this machine listen to me all the time? We went straight to the part where we decide which of these listening machines we want most.It’s like Black Friday, where we look through advertisements to find the best deals – when in reality we don’t actually need anything that’ll be on sale. Alexa is very smart, and Amazon’s connected ecosystem is an amazing piece of our modern world.But like Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park: “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Maybe smart assistants shouldn’t have been made into consumer products in the first place. Real independent artificial intelligence is well on the way, and we have little more than a cartoon dog-catchers net with which to keep what’s coming from destroying us all. As Elon Musk warned, AI is “summoning the demon” whether we like it or not.I implore you to watch each company you buy from – make certain that whenever they sell you a smart product, they tell you the risks first. Make certain they’ve got just as much effort invested in keeping us all safe from unrestricted information gathering as they do in new customization options. And please remember: if it’s connected to the internet and has a camera, there’s a chance someone else can see you. If it’s connected to the internet and has a microphone, there’s a chance someone you don’t know is listening. If it has GPS on, you’re probably being tracked. Story TimelineUber just agreed to 2-decades of FTC Privacy AuditsGoogle privacy dashboards gets mobile-friendlyiOS 11 just destroyed Uber’s most annoying privacy flawGO Keyboard reportedly violates Google Play privacy policiesDJI adds an internet off-switch for drone privacyMattel nixes IoT smart hub for kids over privacy worriesOnePlus will begin limiting data collection, offer opt-out following privacy outcryDNS over TLS coming to Android for some level of privacy In the future, artificial intelligence and machine learning will allow us to be happy. We’ll have everything we need before we need it, and all of our favorite products will be shipped without having to head to the store – or even leave the house at all. That’s the future Amazon is trying to sell – Google and Apple, too, in different ways. Do we have a choice in this future – do we even want to choose?last_img read more

YouTube Kids app update said to allow only humancurated content

first_imgStory TimelineYouTube tweak will help filter bizarre videos from Kids appYouTube loses major advertisers over controversial videosYouTube combats fake news by calling out government-backed sourcesYouTube reveals guidelines on punishing ‘harmful’ creators after latest Logan Paul fiascoYouTube moderators limited to 4 hours of disturbing videos dailyWikipedia didn’t know it was YouTube’s conspiracy theory fix This has yet to be officially announced by YouTube, but BuzzFeed News reports it’s heard details from a source close to the company. These changes won’t come as an entirely new app, but instead are said to be a new option within the YouTube Kids app, giving parents more control over what their children see by only allowing content from whitelisted channels to be displayed, as opposed to videos suggested by algorithms. The feature would be made possible by human curators that hand-pick channels with videos deemed appropriate, however the report doesn’t include any specific examples. Should YouTube release such an option, it would give the company an almost-surefire way to prevent kids from being exposed to controversial and exploitative videos, such as those from the recent “ElsaGate” debacle, or those with explicit violence and language.ElsaGate, uncovered late last year, revolved around strange and disturbing videos that were designed to both appeal to kids, featuring things like Disney characters and superheroes, and trick the algorithm by using keyword-stuffed titles, in turn racking up as many views as possible. More recently there’s been reports about videos containing misinformation and conspiracy theories appearing in the YouTube Kids app.AdChoices广告SOURCE BuzzFeed News As our social networks continue to be dominated by algorithmically suggested content, YouTube has faced some serious criticism in recent months over aimed at children, especially within its own YouTube Kids app. To help address these growing concerns, the company is said to be working on a major overhaul of its kid-friendly app, where the only videos displayed are those approved by a team of human curators.last_img read more

Galaxy Note 9 screen gets DisplayMates highest grade ever

first_imgTruth be told, it has almost become as predictable as DxOMark ratings. Every new Samsung and Apple flagship gets the highest ranking in their display type categories, OLED and LCD, respectively. It is pretty much the side effect of continuous improvement, though DisplayMate is wont to remind the public that improving picture quality and color accuracy is more important than improving display hardware performance. And it’s quite pleased to see Samsung go in that direction.There has been an increase in performance, mind, with the Galaxy Note 9 boasting a 27^% increase in brightness over othe Galaxy Note 8 in High Brightness Mode. DisplayMate notes, however, the bigger advances in color accuracy, marking the phablet’s output as “Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect”. All in all, the display experts give it the highest A+ grade it has ever bequeathed a smartphone. It says:“The Galaxy Note9 is the most innovative and high performance Smartphone display that we have ever Lab tested, breaking and establishing many new Display Performance Records that are listed above. The Galaxy Note9 delivers uniformly consistent all around Top Tier Display Performance and receives All Green (Very Good to Excellent) Ratings in All of the DisplayMate Lab Test and Measurement Categories.”DisplayMate says that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is only the second smartphone to get All Green in All Categories. And what was the first one? The Samsung Galaxy S9. While there has been an obsession over screen cutouts, most smartphone wars are still waged in terms of camera features. But no matter how good your smartphone camera may be, you might think that it isn’t just because it isn’t being displayed correctly on the smartphone screen. That is why DisplayMate continues to emphasize that the display is the crown jewel of smartphones. And, not that surprising, it’s giving the crown of smartphone displays to the latest flagship to come our way: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Story TimelineSamsung Galaxy Note 9 hands-on: Pro Android comes at a priceGalaxy Note 9 vs Note 8: Six big changes you should know aboutGalaxy Note 9 buy or skip: what you need to knowlast_img read more

2018 Honda Clarity Plugin Hybrid priced up with 110 MPGe

first_imgIt’ll also be more affordable, since the hybrid version doesn’t haven’t absorb any of the hydrogen fuel-cell investment Honda has been undertaking over the past decade or two. The 2018 Clarity Plug-in Hybrid will start at $33,400 plus $890 destination, and before a $7,500 federal tax credit and potentially state rebates too, depending on where it’s bought. Meanwhile, Honda will also have a Touring trim for the car, which will be priced at $36,600. While it may be cheaper than the lease-only Clarity Fuel Cell, the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid carries over the bulk of its well-equipped spec sheet. The standard car gets Honda Sensing, the automaker’s suite of active driver assistance and safety technology, together with 18-inch alloys wheels, LED headlamps, a reversing camera, smart entry and keyless start, and digital instrumentation. There’s also an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, 8-speaker audio, and dual-zone climate control. Step up the Clarity Touring trim, meanwhile, and Honda throws in some extras. There’s perforated leather trim for the seats, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, for instance, along with Ultrasuede for the cabin trim. The driver’s seat has 8-way power adjustment and 2-position memory, while the front passenger seat gets 4-way power adjustment. Finally, there’s a custom version of Honda’s navigation system, which includes information on charging point infrastructure. AdChoices广告As for when you’ll need that charger, Honda says the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid has an EPA rating of 47 miles of battery-only driving. With the 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine active, the EPA says it achieves 110 MPGe combined. In gas-only mode, it’ll do 44 MPG in the city, 40 MPG on the highway, and 42 MPG combined. Overall driving range is 340 miles. For charging, it’ll take 2.5 hours to refill the 17 kWh battery on a 240 volt supply; obviously, a 110 volt domestic connection will take significantly longer. Altogether, you get 212 horsepower, 181 HP of which comes from the electric motor. Of the three cars in the Clarity trio – Fuel Cell, Plug-in Hybrid, and all-electric BEV – Honda always expected to sell more of the hybrid. After all, the freedom to roam away from a charging point, and rely solely on what fuel you’ll find at gas stations, is a big mental hurdle to overcome. The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is expected to arrive in dealerships from December 1st. Honda has priced up the 2018 Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, the gas-electric version of its mid-sized sedan. Though the car may be almost visually identical to the Clarity Fuel Cell, the hydrogen-powered car that Honda launched in limited markets earlier this year, the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid will undoubtedly be appealing to a greater number of drivers, with its more familiar powertrain. last_img read more

OPPO F11 Pro Review Thunder Black from good to great

first_imgStory TimelineOppo F9 Review : Well Balanced and BeautifulOPPO F11 Pro hands-on: The Perfume BottleHow OPPO F11 Pro kinda sorta leaked OnePlus 7 You’ll notice the less-than-fabulous photo of the dog and the cat above, if you open it up to full size. This was captured zoomed-in and indoors in less-than-perfect lighting. While it’s not a super great photo, it does emphasize that even under the worst conditions, you can still capture an image that proves that yes, the dog did get that close to the cat, even though the cat has claws and will use them. Zoom in this camera setup is only digital, so it’s not actually zooming as a larger camera would, and the results show it. If you already own the device, I’d recommend avoiding zooming and avoiding switching over to 48MP in-camera. The result is just an up-scaled 12MP photo and literally cannot look any more impressive than the original 12MP photo you’d have taken anyway.The frontside camera is a 16-megapixel shooter with f/2.0 aperture, the ability to capture HDR photos, and 1080p video at 30fps. So long as you’re not in the deep darkness, you’ll be taking top-quality selfies and portrait-mode shots as impressive as devices that cost twice as much.BatteryThere’s a relatively large battery under the hood of this smartphone at 4,000mAh. It might’ve seemed odd to most users when it was revealed that this phone, with all its advanced or otherwise modern features, worked with microUSB instead of USB-C. But given the intended market, India, and the fact that OPPO’s using their own proprietary fast-charging tech (VOOC 3.0 fast charging) that seems to only work with microUSB, we’ll just have to deal with it. The battery in this device working together with battery optimization tech like RAM dedicated to the display alone (somehow, magically), seems to make for around a full day’s charge, pretty easily. Using this device never had me running to a port, regardless of how much I’d used the device during the day.As it is with many modern smartphones (running Android, at least), standby time on this phone is extraordinary. This phone can stay powered on for several days in a row – provided you don’t activate its display. ABOVE: The front-facing earpiece speaker is nearly hidden, its so tiny and smoothly integrated into the rest of the design. There’s also a headphone jack, micro-USB, and loudspeaker grille at the bottom of the phone. There’s also a mic hole down there, and another at the top. BELOW: One home/power and a microSD/SIM card tray (with pinhole eject).In the boxAlong with the phone, the owner’s manual, the USB cord and the wall plug, this device includes a couple of extra bits. There’s a pre-installed display protector over the standard display glass. That’s something that’s appreciated, but also something I usually end up removing within a week, because it smudges easily. The other bonus bit in the box is the standard thin silicone case. I cannot adequately express how much I appreciate this thoughtful gesture from the manufacturer, especially when it comes to a device that’s so lovely to behold when it’s in mint condition.Wrap-upIt’s almost nonsensical, really giving this phone a true grade here in the United States. Largely because OPPO isn’t likely set to bring this phone to the USA, and it’s aimed primarily at India – there’s not a lot I can say about real-world use for the average North American citizen. I should mention that it does not have CDMA coverage, which means it doesn’t roll with Verizon – you’ll need AT&T or T-Mobile coverage to use this piece of hardware if you want to connect in a mobile fashion.Pricing on the phone is highly decent, and becoming more decent as the weeks pass by. At the point at which I write this sentence, the OPPO F11 Pro is already on significant discount throughout India – go check it out if you do so wish. You might find it having started at Rs. 24,990, discounted to Rs. 19,990 if you’re lucky. DisplayThis device’s display is basically ideal. It’s extremely bright, colorful, and it’s not interrupted by any silly front-facing cameras. There’s no notch, there’s no camera hole. It’s not as rectangular-edged as the Razer Phone series, but we’ll forgive that since this isn’t meant to be a gaming phone. Instead we get a slightly rounded-corner display with no interruptions, and no distractions.This is the sort of display that I like best. There is no stylization for which I must atone. There is no sensor array. I do not use a front-facing camera more than once in a great while anyway – so I’m very glad to find this phone’s front-facing camera tucked away, physically. There’s nothing here to distract from the 6.53-inch full HD+ LCD display (2,340 x 1,080 pixels), including a 90.9% screen-to-body ratio. That’s amongst the most extreme of said ratios in the industry today.AdChoices广告If you twisted my arm, I’d recommend that the bottom bezel could be the same width as the top. But my preference here isn’t necessarily an issue – certainly not a big enough issue to turn the phone down. SoftwareThis device runs ColorOS 6 operating system on top of Android 9.0 Pie, which means you’ll have all the benefits of Android, with OPPO’s take on OS aesthetics. You can also choose to run any of a variety of Android homescreen replacement apps, but you probably won’t feel the need. ColorOS 6 is looking good, running swiftly, and keeps all the best elements from the basic Android build – so what’s not to like?Industrial DesignYou’ll get a thin case in the box, regardless of model, but you might just want to leave it off. The color of the back of this phone is glorious. OPPO’s used a technique for color application that shoots well above its weight class. Looking at the back of this phone makes me feel as though I’m holding a premium piece of hardware. This does NOT feel like something that should be classified “mid-range.” But the OPPO F11 Pro is priced like a mid-range phone, and it’s got a processor that seems to plant its abilities in the middle range. But by outward appearance, color, feel, and industrial design, the OPPO F11 Pro is an AAA device top to bottom. NOTE: I’m talking about the “Thunder Black” version of the phone, with a gradient from blue to black to purple. Aurora Green is probably stunning too, I must assume, though I’ve not seen it in person to judge.BONUS: This device is intended for India, where they still value the headphone jack – so there’s a standard headphone jack on this phone. There’s also micro-USB, not USB-C, partially because the charging tech OPPO uses here is based in micro-USB, partially because micro-USB makes more sense for the intended market for this phone.CameraThe cameras on this device takes extremely nice photos. I’m mostly referring to the backside set of cameras – but the frontside camera is pretty OK, too. The rear camera array has the following: Camera 1: 48 MP, f/1.8, 1/2.3″, 0.8µm, PDAF. Camera 2: 5 MP, f/2.4, 1/5″, 1.12µm, depth sensor, LED flash, HDR, panorama, video 1080p at 30fps. With this camera (and the 5MP shooter for depth-sensing) we’re taking extra-sharp 12MP photos by combining the pixel information of four pixels into one. Each four pixels we’d normally capture, smashed down (intelligently), into one – and the end result is pretty gosh-darned good.center_img I’ve been using the OPPO F11 Pro for a few weeks, and I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve reached peak smartphone. For the average smartphone user, we’ve reached a point at which there’s really not a significant amount of difference between features in modern smartphones – even across price segments. The OPPO F11 Pro is a perfect example of this, as it’s called a “midrange” phone while it operates with top-tier abilities in all areas of any extreme importance. last_img read more

2019 Hyundai Veloster and Veloster Turbo are allnew

first_imgHyundai has pulled the covers off its all-new 2018 Veloster and Veloster Turbo cars. While the models are all-new, they retain the style and feel of the original Veloster along with the two-plus-one asymmetrical body configuration that made the cars so interesting to start with. Hyundai says that the new Veloster 2.0 with a manual transmission starts at $18,500. For 2019 the interior and exterior of the cars is all new and Hyundai says that production of the Veloster started in March 2018 in Korea. Among the changes for 2019 on the outside of the car are available LED headlights and LED daytime running lights. The grille design is new, and the car has functional air curtains on the front.Hyundai says that the new shape is meant to convey focused dynamic performance with a more muscular stance than the outgoing model. The new car has higher volume fenders and wheel arches and rolls on available 18-inch wheels. Buyers can opt for a darkened roof treatment. The base 2.0 model gets a single outlet exhaust out back while Turbo and R-Spec versions get dual outlets.Inside the car has 19.9 cubic feet of cargo space and comes with new colors and textures for interior trim. Base Veloster cars get a 2.0L four making 147hp and 132 lb-ft of torque mated to a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic. The up-level versions get a 1.6L turbo four making 201hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. Overboost brings torque to 202 lb-ft.AdChoices广告The Turbo gets a 6-speed manual standard with a 7-speed dual clutch available. R-Spec buyers get a manual with a late availability B&M Racing sport shifter. Turbo and R-Spec models also get special suspension tuning for sporty feel and handling. All versions get standard forward collision avoidance, eyes Free iPhone integration, and available Qi wireless charging, 8-inch display, and nav. The top of the line Turbo Ultimate DCT will cost $28,150 with the R-Spec manual selling for $22,900. SOURCE: Hyundailast_img read more

Ferrari SF90 Stradale PHEV has nearly 1000hp

first_imgThe gas-powered V8 engine is turbocharged and makes 780cv on its own, the highest output of any V8 in Ferrari history. The other 220cv that the car produces comes via three electric motors with one at the rear known as the MGUK between the engine and the 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. The other two electric motors are on the front axle. The SF90 Stradale has four power unit modes to manage the flow of power from the V8 and electric motors to the wheels. That means the car is all-wheel-drive and is the first Ferrari to offer AWD. Ferrari has pulled the wraps off its new hybrid hypercar, and this time the car is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. It’s called the SF90 Stradale, and it has 1000cv, about 985 hp and a power to weight ratio of 1.57 kg/cv. The car has aero that generates 390 kg of downforce at 250 km/h. AdChoices广告 The grip and power mean that the car can reach 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and hit 200 km/h in 6.7 seconds. The car has a shut-off Gurney, a patented system at the rear that regulates air over the upper body to reduce drag at high speeds. The center instrument cluster is a 16-inch curved HD screen that is fully configurable by the driver and can be controlled with controls on the steering wheel. Ferrari offers the SF90 Stradale in a standard version and a more sports-oriented version. The Assetto Fiorano spec has racing-derived Multimatic shocks and lightweight carbon fiber parts like door panels and underbody. It also has titanium exhaust and more saving 30kg. The sports version also has a high downforce carbon-fiber rear spoiler making 390kg of downforce at 250 km/h. Pricing on the SF90 Stradale is unannounced.last_img read more

First Edition August 30 2012

first_img This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. Today’s early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports on Rep. Paul Ryan’s speech to the GOP convention.Kaiser Health News: FAQ: Obama v. Ryan On Controlling Federal Medicare SpendingIn this updated FAQ, Kaiser Health News staff writer Marilyn Werber Serafini reports: “It may come as a surprise that President Barack Obama and GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan are pushing the same target rate for controlling federal spending on Medicare. Each would set it at half a percentage point higher than the growth rate of the economy – the gross domestic product – after a phase-in period. Looking at their plans in more detail, however, their approaches to curbing costs are very different. And the practical effects on seniors are also likely to be different” (Werber Serafini, 8/29).The New York Times: Rousing G.O.P., Ryan Faults ‘Missing’ LeadershipRepresentative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, whose budget plans have come to define conservative opposition to President Obama’s governing philosophy, accepted the Republican vice-presidential nomination on Wednesday as his party embraced the gamble that the small-government principles he represents have more political payoff than peril. Before an audience of party faithful that he brought to life with his address, Mr. Ryan, 42, sought to turn his relative youth to his advantage, saying he would stand with Mitt Romney in embarking on a generational struggle to protect the very social program — Medicare — that Democrats accuse him of trying to dismantle (Rutenberg, 8/29).The New York Times: Ryan Speech Equal Parts Biography, Policy And ContrastIn the face of attacks by Mr. Obama and Democrats to paint Republicans as foes of Medicare, Mr. Ryan said, essentially: Bring it on. “Our opponents can consider themselves on notice,” he said. “In this election, on this issue, the usual posturing on the Left isn’t going to work. Mitt Romney and I know the difference between protecting a program, and raiding it. Ladies and gentlemen, our nation needs this debate. We want this debate. We will win this debate” (Shear, 8/29).Los Angeles Times: Ryan Leads GOP Assault On ObamaWhile Tuesday’s first convention night was devoted to broad strokes — praise for the Republican ticket, condemnation of the Democrats — Ryan began to fill in a few details of what a Romney administration would seek to accomplish. He called for the repeal of “Obamacare” and set a job-creation goal that would far surpass the number created under Obama — though not, independent economists have said, particularly ambitious in the context of a healthy economy. Beyond policy, Ryan spoke to one of Romney’s biggest political liabilities: a perception of pliability suggested by his changed position on abortion and other issues. “Here is our pledge,” Ryan said, as his running mate watched on TV from a nearby hotel suite. “We will not duck the tough issues. We will lead” (Barabak and Lauter, 8/29).Los Angeles Times: Ryan Rouses GOP Convention By Trashing Obama On EconomyHe also faulted Obama for devoting a good deal of his first term to what he called “a long, divisive, all-or-nothing attempt to put the federal government in charge of healthcare.” He did not mention the similar landmark healthcare law that Romney passed as governor of Massachusetts. “Obamacare comes to more than 2,000 pages of rules, mandates, taxes, fees and fines that have no place in a free country,” Ryan told the crowd, which punctuated his speech with applause after nearly every line (Finnegan, 8/29).The Washington Post: Paul Ryan Promises GOP ‘Won’t Duck The Tough Issues’Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin accepted the GOP nomination for vice president on Wednesday with a declaration that President Obama, who was elected four years ago on a promise of hope and change, has failed and his opportunity has been squandered. … Ryan’s selection was a big gamble for presidential candidate Mitt Romney, given the House Budget Committee chairman’s authorship of a controversial budget that would overhaul the federal Medicare program — whose preservation is an issue on which Democrats have frequently bested Republicans (Tumulty, 8/29).The Washington Post: Paul Ryan Tells His Story In Convention Speech, But Skips The Wonky PartsSince Mitt Romney chose Ryan as his running mate, there has been little sign of the Budget Committee chairman who wants to reengineer Medicare and who wades confidently through billions and trillions. Instead, Ryan casts himself more simply, as a football-loving family man from the Midwest who hunts deer and catches catfish. During his last big speech, the largest number involved in his personal appeal was 67 — the number of his cousins. This approach is useful because it does not highlight the differences between Ryan’s big ideas and Romney’s. But it is also a version of a well-honed pitch that has carried Ryan to success in Washington (Fahrenthold and Sonmez, 8/29).The Wall Street Journal: Ryan Pledges GOP RebirthRep. Paul Ryan took the national political stage Wednesday as the Republican Party’s vice presidential candidate, giving a televised speech that laid out one of the GOP’s sharpest cases yet against a second term for President Barack Obama, and for Republicans as the party of small government. … Mr. Ryan’s selection heralds the emergence of a new generation of Republican leaders willing to reshape the main pillars of a social safety net that has been in place since the 1960s. The 42-year-old Wisconsin congressman is the architect of far-reaching legislation to cut federal spending and to overhaul entitlement programs, including a proposal to transform Medicare from open-ended health coverage for seniors into a system in which future beneficiaries buy private insurance, or buy into the traditional Medicare program, with premiums subsidized by the government (O’Connor and McKinnon, 8/29).The Wall Street Journal: Party Takes Risk On Seniors PlanRep. Paul Ryan signaled Wednesday that rather than running from Democratic attacks on Republican plans to overhaul Medicare, his party will carry the attack to President Barack Obama. In accepting his party’s nomination as Mitt Romney’s running mate, Mr. Ryan intensified his party’s complaints about Medicare spending cuts that were part of Mr. Obama’s signature health-care law, taking the offensive on an issue that has been an albatross for the GOP for years (Hook and Nicholas, 8/29).USA Today: News Analysis: Ryan Says ‘America Needs A Turnaround’It is Paul Ryan’s party now. … Ryan and the GOP “young guns” he helps lead, boosted by the Tea Party movement, are providing much of the energy in the grass-roots, the enthusiasm in the hall and the ideological stamp that has the GOP ticket playing offense on an issue such as Medicare, long seen by the party establishment as a snare certain to rebound to Democrats’ advantage (Page, 8/30).Politico: Paul Ryan Health Primer: What He Said, What He Didn’tPaul Ryan used his convention speech Wednesday night to bash “Obamacare,” reassure seniors — and neutralize the Democratic attacks he knows are coming on his Medicare plans. But what he didn’t say is just as important as what he did (Nather, 8/30).The Associated Press: Fact Check: Ryan Takes Factual Shortcuts In SpeechLaying out the first plans for his party’s presidential ticket, GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan took some factual shortcuts Wednesday night when he attacked President Barack Obama’s policies on Medicare, the economic stimulus and the budget deficit. … A closer look at some of the words spoken at the GOP convention in Tampa, Fla. (Gillum and Alonso-Zaldivar, 8/30).The New York Times: Ryan Medicare Plan Is Already Shaking Up House RacesRepublican and Democratic pollsters and strategists say a curious split is developing around the Ryan plan. The top of the Republican ticket — Mitt Romney and Mr. Ryan — is holding its own with the issue in a presidential contest that has shown little movement in polls for months. But down the ticket, Medicare attacks are taking a serious toll on Republicans (Weisman, 8/29).The Wall Street Journal: Braly’s Exit At WellPoint Applauded by InvestorsWellPoint Inc. shares rose 7.7% Wednesday in the wake of Chief Executive Angela Braly’s announced departure, signaling the extent of investor dissatisfaction about the company’s performance over her five-year tenure. Though the final move was abrupt—coming only a month after the board had publicly backed Ms. Braly’s strategy—it came as the culmination of years of building concern among some shareholders over what they saw as a series of operational missteps (Wilde Mathews and Benoit, 8/29).The Wall Street Journal: Romney Pledges To Expand Programs To Help Veterans Mitt Romney vowed Wednesday to expand employment and tuition assistance for veterans, taking a quick detour from the Republican National Convention to unveil new policy details in a speech here. The Romney address at the American Legion convention was designed to contrast his plans for military and veterans’ spending with pending Pentagon budget cuts. The speech focused on hurdles faced by the Veterans Affairs Department in providing care to veterans suffering physical, emotional and mental wounds, which Mr. Romney dubbed “reproachable failures” (Murray, 8/29).Los Angeles Times: Gov. Jerry Brown’s Plan To Stem Pension Costs Is No PanaceaEven by the most ambitious forecasts, the plan Gov. Jerry Brown and fellow Democrats are championing to contain government worker pensions in California could leave state taxpayers awash in debt to public employees. The governor’s plan, announced Tuesday, is unlikely to save cities on the brink of bankruptcy. The relief his proposal would provide to the strained state budget is modest. … Brown had pushed for more. His initial proposal would have housed a sizable chunk of retirement money for new hires in 401(k)-style funds, shifting considerable financial risk away from taxpayers to employees. He also had taken aim at tens of billions of dollars in lifetime healthcare expenses awarded to hundreds of thousands of state and local government workers. Brown’s negotiations with lawmakers resulted in a more modest plan (Halper and York, 8/29).Check out all of Kaiser Health News’ e-mail options including First Edition and Breaking News alerts on our Subscriptions page. First Edition: August 30, 2012last_img read more

State Highlights Calif Health Care Companies Deal With Data Breaches Nevada Faces

first_imgState Highlights: Calif. Health Care Companies Deal With Data Breaches; Nevada Faces ‘Patient Dumping’ Lawsuit A selection of health policy stories from California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada and Oregon.The Washington Post: State Budgets Are On The MendIn addition, while states are budgeting for modest increases in Medicaid spending next year, those expenditures are poised to increase in future years, he said. Health care costs are rising at a slower rate than in the past, but it is unclear how long that will last (Fletcher, 6/12).The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal: Rash Of Data Breaches Strikes California Health Care CompaniesCalifornia health care companies have reported a rash of data breaches, exposing information that included the medical conditions and treatments of patients. The state’s hospitals, medical vendors and health insurers have reported at least eight breaches of customer data since the start of the year, according to records maintained by the state’s attorney general. It’s not known if that number is rising, as the state only began tracking data breaches last year. But many of the cases showed providers failed to take basic precautions to protect patient data, like encrypting health information stored on hardware. For example, in several cases patient records were stolen when health care workers left unencrypted laptops, containing patient data, in cars (Schectman, 6/12).The Associated Press: U.S. Rights Group Backs Psychiatric Patient In Federal ‘Patient Dumping’ LawsuitA U.S. psychiatric patient has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing Nevada officials of giving him a one-way bus ticket to neighboring California, where he arrived without money and identification in a city where he didn’t know anyone and had never been (6/13).Georgia Health News: Steering Patients Away From Needless ER VisitsWhen Alvin Dye Jr. of Athens has a health problem, and over-the-counter treatments don’t help, he doesn’t make an appointment with a doctor. He heads for the nearest hospital emergency room. “A regular doctor visit for me was probably about 10 years ago,” says Dye, 35. Dye isn’t the only uninsured person who uses the ER for non-life-threatening emergencies. Research shows that uninsured people are more likely to postpone needed care and avoid preventive care, such as annual exams and routine check-ups, because of costs. As a result, medical conditions can worsen, forcing these people to seek treatment, often in the ER (Bailey, 6/12).San Jose Mercury News: Death Rates At Bay Area Hospitals Vary Widely, New Report RevealsWhile some hospitals excelled at keeping patients alive, more than half of institutions around the Bay Area had worse-than-average death rates for at least one medical procedure or patient condition in 2010 and 2011, a new state report reveals. Washington Hospital in Fremont had the dubious distinction of being among only a handful of hospitals statewide with worse-than-average death rates in several categories. Others, however, topped their peers with better-than-average death rates in two or more areas, including Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, and Kaiser Permanente in Redwood City (Sandy Kleffman, 6/12).Boston Globe: McLean Hospital Wins Approval For Belmont ExpansionMcLean Hospital won state approval Wednesday for a $12.5 million expansion of its Belmont campus. The project features a three-story addition to its existing admissions building and 31 new beds for psychiatric patients. The Public Health Council approved the project, which the hospital said is needed because of increasing demand for psychiatric treatment, particularly in its short-term care and psychotic disorders units (Kowalczyk, 6/12).Oregonian: OHSU Nursing Students, Wallace Medical Concern Team Up To Improve Health Care In RockwoodA group of nursing students is working to steer more Rockwood residents, particularly those living in poverty, to preventive health care that reduces their hospital stays and trips to emergency rooms. Oregon Health & Science University nursing students have joined forces with Rockwood’s Wallace Medical Concern to connect health care more closely to the community (6/12). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.last_img read more

More Insurers Want You To See A Doctor Virtually

first_imgInsurers like WellPoint and Aetna are offering patients the option of e-visits with doctors as a way to cut costs, but some see problems with that, reports Bloomberg. Other media outlets explore the controversy over Sovaldi, an expensive new drug for hepatitis C.Bloomberg: More Docs Are A Click Away, But Some Say It’s Not A Healthy Trend Health insurers want you to see the doctor, just not in an office or hospital. To cut medical costs and diagnose minor ailments, WellPoint and Aetna, among other health insurers, are letting millions of patients get seen online first. In a major expansion of telemedicine, WellPoint this month started offering 4 million patients the ability to have e-visits with doctors, while Aetna says it will boost online access to 8 million people next year from 3 million now. The insurers are joining with companies such as Teladoc, MDLive and American Well that offer virtual visits with doctors who, in some states, can prescribe drugs for anything from sinus infections to back pain (French, 7/14). The Washington Post’s Wonkblog: How do You Pay For A Drug That Costs $84,000? There’s a new $84,000 treatment for hepatitis C that’s giving new hope to patients. But it’s also giving a health-care system strained by limited resources a strong reality check. Since Gilead Sciences unveiled Sovaldi more than six months ago, its $84,000 price tag has ignited a conversation in the health policy world about how to make life-saving medicines more affordable without hurting drugmakers’ incentives to develop the treatments in the first place (Millman, 7/15).The Hill: 4 in 5 Say $1,000-a-Pill Drug Cost ‘Unacceptable’Eighty-two percent in a new poll say the cost of a $1,000-a-pill medicine which has sparked congressional scrutiny is “unacceptable” and expressed concerns the specialty drug could harm innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. In the survey by the Morning Consult released Tuesday, only 18 percent agreed that the cost was “acceptable and what we have to pay for innovative, life saving drug treatments” (Al-Faruqe, 7/15).Meanwhile, Walgreen weighs purchase of overseas chain -The Wall Street Journal: Walgreen Weighs Riding Tax-Inversion WaveWalgreen Co.’s first pharmacy opened 113 years ago inside a hotel on Chicago’s South Side and this year, the chain will derive nearly all its sales and most of its profits from its 8,700 U.S. locations. But Walgreen is currently thinking about leaving American shores, as part a plan to buy the rest of Alliance Boots GmbH, which operates a U.K. drugstore chain and is based in Switzerland. The move could help Walgreen lower its U.S. tax bill saving the company hundreds of millions of dollars a year—money that wouldn’t flow into the U.S. Treasury (Ziobro, 7/15).And the Nemours Foundation settles lawsuits against insurers -The Associated Press: Nemours Settles 2 United Health LawsuitsThe foundation that owns the Alfred I. du Pont Hospital for Children in Delaware and various pediatric practices in the region has settled lawsuits against two United Healthcare entities for unpaid bills. Federal court documents filed this week indicate that the Nemours Foundation has settled lawsuits against United Healthcare of the Mid-Atlantic and United Healthcare Community Plan of New Jersey. A third lawsuit against United Healthcare of Pennsylvania remains pending (7/15). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. More Insurers Want You To See A Doctor Virtuallylast_img read more

State Highlights Minns Hospitals See Drop In Uncompensated Care Costs Fla Report

first_img The costs of unpaid care at Minnesota hospitals fell 6 percent last year as medical centers in the state reported a significant decline in charity care costs. The drop in unpaid care is the largest in at least 20 years, and suggests financial burdens were less of a barrier to care for hospital patients last year, according to a report released Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Health. (Snowbeck, 9/29) So-called “right to try” laws, intended to expand dying patients’ access to experimental treatments, may not work as expected – and might strip patients of federal safety protections, some experts say. The laws, enacted in at least 24 states, have been promoted as a way to help dying patients get hold of medicines and devices that haven’t been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). (Rapaport, 9/28) State Highlights: Minn.’s Hospitals See Drop In Uncompensated Care Costs; Fla. Report Shows Skepticism About Health Plan Pricing Tools Health care stories are reported from Minnesota, Florida, Washington, New Hampshire, Delaware, Texas, Missouri and California. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Judge Approves Ambitious State Plan To Reform Disability Services Los Angeles Times: L.A. County Forms Health ‘Super Agency,’ But Some Fear It Will Be Unwieldy NPR: Telemedicine Expands, Though Financial Prospects Still Uncertain The Associated Press: Delaware Hospital Agrees To $4 Million Federal Settlement Hundreds of Minnesotans with disabilities could gain access to better jobs, housing and medical care under an ambitious state plan approved this week by a federal judge. In a ruling late Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank applauded the state for creating a detailed blueprint with realistic goals, while pushing back against the perception that the plan would forcibly integrate people against their wishes. (Serres, 9/29) The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Unpaid Care Costs Fall At Hospitals In Minnesota, State Health Department Says New Hampshire Public Radio: State Launches Investigation Into How Opioids Were Marketed In N.H. Most health insurance providers offer pricing tools for consumers. But Floridians are skeptical of the information they see on these sites, the Governor’s Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding learned Monday in Tampa. The nonprofit Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) shared its 2015 “Report Card on State Price Transparency Laws,” which shows Americans don’t trust their insurance companies to give them accurate price information. (Miller, 9/29) At a time when private healthcare is increasingly connected and holistic, critics complain that Los Angeles County’s sprawling public health system is neither. A patient who arrives at a county hospital emergency room with a broken arm faces a bureaucratic maze. If he needs follow-up physical and mental health service, as well as substance abuse counseling through the county system, he might have to fill out different sets of forms at three different clinics. And his health professionals in one department won’t have access to health records maintained by the other departments. (Sewell, 9/29) center_img This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. Health News Florida: Few Consumers Use Health Plan Pricing Tools U.S. News & World Report: The Next Religious Freedom Fight? USA Today: Houston Tries To Slim Down With Food, Fitness Say you’re a Midwestern farmer in a hospital bed, recovering from surgery or a major illness. It’s time for the nurse’s check-in, but there’s no knock on the door. At Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, a camera attached to the wall over the foot of the bed whirls around, as a video monitor next to the camera lights up to show a smiling face with a headset on. “Good afternoon, this is Jeff with SafeWatch,” the smiling face says. “Just doing my afternoon rounds.” (Smith, 9/30) The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office is investigating marketing claims by the manufacturers of prescription opioids, action that could lead to lawsuits against the companies for deceiving physicians and patients about the drugs. (Wallstin, 9/29) This sprawling Southwestern metropolis used to have a Texas-sized obesity problem, topping the scales as America’s fattest city. And no wonder — healthy food and safe places to exercise were hard to come by for many residents. But an initiative launched by Mayor Annise Parker in 2012, called Go Healthy Houston, has worked to change that dubious distinction by giving people better access to healthy foods, physical activity and tobacco-free zones. It’s one of many similar initiatives in cities across the nation aiming to improve health and reduce the cost of care among whole populations by creating an environment that makes healthy choices easier. (Ungar and O’Donnell, 9/29) A court battle in the Pacific Northwest has opened another front in the fight over religious liberty, raising questions over whether pharmacies are legally obligated to provide patients with emergency contraception despite moral objections. Plaintiffs in Washington state are challenging a mandate that pharmacists not refer customers elsewhere because of religious objections to drugs like the so-called morning-after pill. The state, thought to have the most restrictive policies in the nation, also requires that pharmacies stock a representative assortment of drugs – such as the pill – to meet patients’ needs. And with the country’s renewed focus on religious freedom in the wake of a Kentucky clerk’s denial of same-sex marriage licenses, the debate could ripple to other states – particularly if the case ends up before the Supreme Court. ( Leonard, 9/30) Reuters: U.S. ‘Right To Try’ Laws May Not Help Dying Get Unapproved Drugs Federal prosecutors say St. Francis hospital in Wilmington has agreed to a $4 million settlement related to improper Medicare and Medicaid billing. The settlement announced Tuesday involves improperly billing Medicare and Medicaid for patients admitted into a Wilmington inpatient rehabilitation unit between 2007 and 2010 when admission was not medically necessary and services did not fully qualify for reimbursement. (9/29) last_img read more

Buffett Sees Lower Costs Better Care With New Initiative But Warns Dont

first_img Apple is launching a group of health clinics called AC Wellness for its own employees and their families this spring, according to several sources familiar with the company’s plans. The company quietly published a website,, with more details about its initiative …. This new primary care group will initially only serve Apple’s employees in Santa Clara County, where its headquarters are located. At present, it includes only two clinics. (Farr, 2/27) Bloomberg: Buffett-Dimon Health Venture To Go Beyond Just Squeezing The Middlemen  Buffett Sees Lower Costs, Better Care With New Initiative, But Warns ‘Don’t Expect Any Miracles Out Of Us’ “This is not easy,” Warren Buffett said about the new health initiative between his company, Amazon and JPMorgan. “If it was easy, it would have been done.” CNBC: Apple Is Launching Medical Clinics To Deliver The ‘World’s Best Health Care Experience’ To Its Employees Wearable device maker Fitbit Inc on Monday forecast current-quarter profit and revenue below Wall Street estimates and predicted lower revenue from newly launched products such as Ionic and Alta HR. Fitbit shares fell 11.2 percent to $4.92 in after-market trading after the company’s fourth-quarter results also missed estimates due to an about 17 percent drop in sale of its fitness trackers in the holiday quarter. (Khan, 2/26) Reuters: Fitbit Sees Lower Revenue From New Devices In First Quarter, Shares Fall Health-care spending is taking up an increasing proportion of the U.S. economy, and a goal of the venture is to “at least” halt that, [Warren] Buffett said, adding that he hopes “we could find a way where perhaps better care could be delivered even at somewhat lesser cost.” The venture is initially being guided by three senior executives from the companies: Berkshire’s Todd Combs; Marvelle Sullivan Berchtold, a managing director at JPMorgan who previously worked at drugmaker Novartis AG; and Beth Galetti, a senior vice president for human resources at Amazon. (Tracer and Chiglinsky, 2/26) In other news from the health industry — This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.last_img read more

Canadas economy shrinks for the second time in three months

first_img More Canada’s economy contracted for the second time in three months on lower energy production, the clearest evidence yet of a soft patch that’s expected to linger through the first part of this year.Gross domestic product declined 0.1 per cent in November, Statistics Canada said Thursday from Ottawa, matching the median forecast in a Bloomberg survey of economists.Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz signalled earlier this month he will take longer to add to his five interest-rate increases since the middle of 2017 because of signs of setbacks to growth. The weakness, even if temporary, illustrates risks to an economy that needs business spending to take over from consumers who are burdened by record debts. Is Canada headed for a recession? The numbers leave the Bank of Canada “decidedly on hold for the next couple of quarters,” Avery Shenfeld, chief economist at CIBC World Markets, said in a note to investors.The central bank predicts the annualized pace of growth will slow to 1.3 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2018 and again to 0.8 per cent in the first three months of this year. The economy is expected to rebound after that on strong job creation and business spending, with policy makers saying interest rates will still likely move higher over time.Output from the energy industry fell 0.6 per cent, Statistics Canada said. Lower production of petroleum and coal also drove a 0.5 per cent decline in manufacturing in November, the third drop in four months. Wholesaling fell by 1.1 per cent led by machinery and equipment, and construction fell for the sixth straight month to the lowest since the middle of 2017.Tumbling prices for Alberta oil late last year led the provincial government to impose production cuts that began in January. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are facing pressure before elections this year to develop stalled pipelines and send crude overseas rather than accept lower prices in the U.S. market.Retail spending remained weak in November, with a 0.3 per cent decline led by a 2 per cent drop in car sales. Retailing has declined by 1.2 per cent over the last year, the only major industry besides construction to shrink over that period.There was some evidence the weakness may not last. Transportation and warehousing was dragged down by a postal strike that ended around the end of the month, and Statistics Canada also said there were maintenance shutdowns at some auto assembly plants and offshore oil sites on the east coast after a storm.With assistance from Erik Output from the energy industry fell 0.6 per cent, Statistics Canada said. Lower production of petroleum and coal also drove a 0.5 per cent decline in manufacturing in November, the third drop in four months.Getty Images Greg Quinn Share this storyCanada’s economy shrinks for the second time in three months Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Comment Reddit Facebook What you need to know about passing the family cottage to the next generation 21 Comments Bloomberg News Canada’s economy shrinks for the second time in three months GDP numbers leave Bank of Canada ‘decidedly on hold for the next couple of quarters’, says economist Join the conversation → advertisement ← Previous Next → Sponsored By: Recommended For YouDollar slips for 3rd day on U.S. rate cut betsS&P 500, Dow hit new highs on rate cut optimismBrazil halves 2019 economic growth forecast to 0.8% from 1.6%Company Profile for Organigram Holdings Inc.TSX flat as healthcare offsets materials’ gains January 31, 20199:13 AM EST Filed under News Economy Featured Stories Twitter Emaillast_img read more