Lascelles says Mourinho was not good for United

first_imgAccording to the English footballer, the Portuguese boss was not the one Manchester United needed to be lead to gloryAfter Jose Mourinho was fired from Manchester United, many people have said their opinion of the “Special One.”And for Newcastle United captain and defender, Jamaal Lascelles, Mourinho was not the right person to lead the Red Devils to glory.“They probably needed that (a change at the top),” he told The Mirror.harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“They have world-class players on big wages who have done it for their countries and for other teams, but have not done it for Manchester United.”“Some players can only play for certain managers and that reaction you get from the players,” he added.“Maybe (Solskjaer) might be the difference in getting the best from those players. They have a lot of quality. It will be an exciting game.”last_img read more

5G Well double it Cable companies push 10G at CES

first_img Digital Media Mobile 85 Photos 5G Comcast Share your voice 8 Comments Comcast, the biggest cable company in the US, offers internet speeds of one gigabit per second. The industry announced an initiative to widen availability to 10 gigabit-per-second service to homes.  Comcast Amid all the hype for 5G cellular tech at CES this year, the cable industry unveiled its own push for better internet speeds here too. They call it [raises eyebrows] “10G.” After all, if 5G is so great, can you imagine what 10G can do? 5G is the talk of Las Vegas as CES 2019 again. This year, however, 5G’s high-speed wireless networks are actually within eyeshot. Last year, Verizon launched its (sort of) 5G-based home broadband service and AT&T already rolled out 5G service in select markets. More cities will get 5G this year. The technology promises massive speed boosts — think of downloading a season of Game of Thrones onto your phone in minutes — as well as the potential for new developments, like streaming augmented reality.Meanwhile, cable companies, which are stuck with physical connections, don’t want to get left out of the 5G excitement. That’s even if their G isn’t the G that everyone is talking about. The cable industry’s plans to unveil a “10G” network transformation that will lead to 10 gigabits-per-second broadband service into homes in the coming years. Calling the initiative “the next great leap for broadband,” a coalition of international cable industry groups said 10G lab trials are underway and will move to field trials beginning next year. “With groundbreaking, scalable capacity and speeds, the 10G platform is the wired network of the future that will power the digital experiences and imaginations of consumers for years to come,” Michael Powell, the CEO of the US cable industry’s trade group, NCTA, said in a statement.OK, not so fast(See what I did there?)First of all, don’t get the Gs of these labels confused. 5G is the the fifth generation of cellular technology, which will deliver speeds 10 to 100 times faster than your typical cellular connection. But the 10G moniker cable companies are pushing refers to the 10 gigabit-per-second speed they’re aiming to deliver to more homes. motomod5gA prototype of Motorola’s 5G Mod. Juan Garzon/CNET Today, broadband providers offer one gigabit service to about 80 percent of homes in the US. Their 10G campaign is a way to group all their network upgrade efforts — aimed at upping residential speeds to 10 gigabits — under one shared umbrella. That the branding also throws a little shade at mobile competitors is a bonus. Second, consumer Wi-Fi routers can’t broadcast at 10 gigabit-per-second speeds, and there aren’t many routers available that have the capability to access that kind of connection (and those routers with those ports can cost hundreds of dollars). So 10 gigabit service wouldn’t make a meaningful difference in most homes today, even if it were something cable companies could turn on by flipping a switch.  But the point of the group’s 10G push, according to the NCTA, is to build the speed and capacity that can enable new experiences and meet demand for future innovations. That’s especially relevant at CES, when companies from around the world pack Vegas with tech that needs high-capacity networks to function, like devices to manage smart homes or those that create immersive experiences like augmented reality. Finally, 5G has been shown in labs to hit peak speeds at 10 gigabits per second, so while a “10G” campaign may suggest that broadband networks are aiming for something speedier than mobile providers, that’s not necessarily the case. The NCTA has a courteous stance on this, saying that fixed and wireless network technologies complement one another. But it added that 81 percent of people in the US use Wi-Fi networks to watch video on their mobile, so it isn’t all holding hands and singing kumbaya. Tags CES 2019: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show.5G is your next big upgrade: Everything you need to know about the 5G revolution. All the cool new gadgets at CES 2019 CES 2019last_img read more

KPCC president congratulates BJP for Lok Sabha elections win heres how Twitter

first_imgDinesh Gundu RaoTwitter [Representational Image]Being the only state in South India that had favoured the victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Karnataka has surely seen some ups and downs in its political history. But Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president Dinesh Gundu Rao’s tweet congratulating the BJP for its victory has certainly sparked a row.The BJP has given an outstanding performance in Karnataka as the exit polls had predicted. And this victory for the saffron party means a clean sweep in the state. Maybe that’s why Dinesh Gundu Rao resorted to the final political play of applauding the BJP’s victory through social media.”Congratulations to BJP for a resounding victory, both in India and Karnataka. In a democracy people’s verdict is sacrosanct. I wish Mr Modi the very best and hope in his second term as PM will build a stronger, more prosperous and inclusive India,” read the tweet by Rao. Why though? twitterThat would be good! Why this drama? Was he actually right? This tweet comes just two days after Shivajinagar MLA Roshan Baig accused Rao of Congress’s defeat in the state. Baig had also asked the Muslim community in Karnataka to join hands with the NDA if needed.Many people have reacted to this tweet by saying that Rao accepted defeat with grace, while some have blamed the age-old dirty politics and power play in the party that has led the UPA government’s defeat.Here are some reactions:-last_img read more

Hey Circuit City Where are all the Bargains

first_imgFebruary 6, 2009 We checked out a closeout sale in Norwalk, Connecticut earlier this week and found once we got past the signs screaming “30 percent off” there weren’t a whole lot of bargains to be had. We did find some good deals, but far fewer than we had hoped.As you’ve no doubt heard, Circuit City, the nation’s second largest retailer, has gone belly up.We were hoping to find loads of great deals. While some of Circuit City’s stock such as cables and wiring and DVD movies at the store we visited were marked down 30 to 20 percent, big tag items were only cut by 10 percent. Still, in this economic climate even a 10 percent off sale is welcome.To find out just how good the deals were at Circuit City we compared prices with four other big retailers – Best Buy,, Fry’s Electronics, and J&R Electronics.Circuit City Sale Reality CheckThe verdict? Our inner-bargain hunter was crushed when many sale items sold at Circuit City were no bargain at all. We found cameras, HDTVs, printers and GPS systems priced 10 to 20 percent higher than the other major retailers. Let’s take a look.Circuit City has Canon’s HV30 Camcorder going for $809.99, while we found the same model on sale at for $791.99. A Canon Powershot G10 was being liquidated for $449.99, but it was almost 10 percent less on not your thing? Okay, how about a nice Sony 1080p 52″ LCD TV? You can get it at Circuit City for $1979.99, but Best Buy can beat that by 30 bucks and Amazon blows them both out of the water by 20 percent at $1599.GPS systems weren’t doing much better with a Garmin Nüvi 850 portable GPS going for $629.99, but Amazon’s got it beat by almost half with $399.99.So, Were There Any Deals?Yes. Some printers and iPods were worth braving the crowds for. You could get a Samsung clp 315 color laser printer for $179.10, beating out Best Buy, Amazon, Fry’s and J&R who could only manage $189 between them.But the best deals to be had were the iPods. An 8 GB iPod Touch was going for $206.99 at Circuit City, while Amazon had it at $214.95. The 32GB iPod Touch was a steal at $359.99, beating out both Fry’s and J&R who could only get down around $369.Shop Smart, Consider Returns, Service, Etc.So if you’re looking for smaller items, Circuit City might be the place for you. However, going out of business sales and liquidations are notorious for being promotions to draw people into a store-remember CompUSA? This seemed to be the case with the Circuit City store we visited.If you do buy some digital gear at Circuit City this weekend check the price before you buy and make sure whatever it is you pick up works before you take it to the register. Sales staff reminded us that all sales were final and any problems with products purchased at the store would have to be addressed by the product manufacturer.Not a big deal if you’re buying an iPod, but if you’ve got your eyes on an HDTV you might want to be extra careful-postage for those things can really dent your wallet!(Additional reporting by Tom Spring) How Success Happens Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. Listen Now 3 min read Brought to you by PCWorldlast_img read more

Administration rights for Power BI users

first_imgIn this tutorial, you will understand and learn administration rights/rules for Power BI users. This includes setting and monitoring rules like; who in the organization can utilize which feature, how Power BI Premium capacity is allocated and by whom, and other settings such as embed codes and custom visuals. This article is an excerpt from a book written by Brett Powell titled Mastering Microsoft Power BI. The admin portal is accessible to Office 365 Global Administrators and users mapped to the Power BI service administrator role. To open the admin portal, log in to the Power BI service and select the Admin portal item from the Settings (Gear icon) menu in the top right, as shown in the following screenshot: All Power BI users, including Power BI free users, are able to access the Admin portal. However, users who are not admins can only view the Capacity settings page. The Power BI service administrators and Office 365 global administrators have view and edit access to the following seven pages: Administrators of Power BI most commonly utilize the Tenant settings and Capacity settings as described in the Tenant Settings and Power BI Premium Capacities sections later in this tutorial. However, the admin portal can also be used to manage any approved custom visuals for the organization. Usage metrics The Usage metrics page of the Admin portal provides admins with a Power BI dashboard of several top metrics, such as the most consumed dashboards and the most consumed dashboards by workspace. However, the dashboard cannot be modified and the tiles of the dashboard are not linked to any underlying reports or separate dashboards to support further analysis. Given these limitations, alternative monitoring solutions are recommended, such as the Office 365 audit logs and usage metric datasets specific to Power BI apps. Details of both monitoring options are included in the app usage metrics and Power BI audit log activities sections later in this chapter. Users and Audit logs The Users and Audit logs pages only provide links to the Office 365 admin center. In the admin center, Power BI users can be added, removed and managed. If audit logging is enabled for the organization via the Create audit logs for internal activity and auditing and compliance tenant setting, this audit log data can be retrieved from the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center or via PowerShell. This setting is noted in the following section regarding the Tenant settings tab of the Power BI admin portal. An Office 365 license is not required to utilize the Office 365 admin center for Power BI license assignments or to retrieve Power BI audit log activity. Tenant settings The Tenant settings page of the Admin portal allows administrators to enable or disable various features of the Power BI web service. Likewise, the administrator could allow only a certain security group to embed Power BI content in SaaS applications such as SharePoint Online. The following diagram identifies the 18 tenant settings currently available in the admin portal and the scope available to administrators for configuring each setting: From a data security perspective, the first seven settings within the Export and Sharing and Content packs and apps groups are most important. For example, many organizations choose to disable the Publish to web feature for the entire organization. Additionally, only certain security groups may be allowed to export data or to print hard copies of reports and dashboards. As shown in the Scope column of the previous table and the following example, granular security group configurations are available to minimize risk and manage the overall deployment. Currently, only one tenant setting is available for custom visuals and this setting (Custom visuals settings) can be enabled or disabled for the entire organization only. For organizations that wish to restrict or prohibit custom visuals for security reasons, this setting can be used to eliminate the ability to add, view, share, or interact with custom visuals. More granular controls to this setting are expected later in 2018, such as the ability to define users or security groups of users who are allowed to use custom visuals. In the following screenshot from the Tenant settings page of the Admin portal, only the users within the BI Admin security group who are not also members of the BI Team security group are allowed to publish apps to the entire organization: For example, a report author who also helps administer the On-premises data gateway via the BI Admin security group would be denied the ability to publish apps to the organization given membership in the BI Team security group. Many of the tenant setting configurations will be more simple than this example, particularly for smaller organizations or at the beginning of Power BI deployments. However, as adoption grows and the team responsible for Power BI changes, it’s important that the security groups created to help administer these settings are kept up to date. Embed Codes Embed Codes are created and stored in the Power BI service when the Publish to web feature is utilized. As described in the Publish to web section of the previous chapter, this feature allows a Power BI report to be embedded in any website or shared via URL on the public internet. Users with edit rights to the workspace of the published to web content are able to manage the embed codes themselves from within the workspace. However, the admin portal provides visibility and access to embed codes across all workspaces, as shown in the following screenshot: Via the Actions commands on the far right of the Embed Codes page, a Power BI Admin can view the report in a browser (diagonal arrow) or remove the embed code. The Embed Codes page can be helpful to periodically monitor the usage of the Publish to web feature and for scenarios in which data was included in a publish to web report that shouldn’t have been, and thus needs to be removed. As shown in the Power BI Tenant settings table referenced in the previous section, this feature can be enabled or disabled for the entire organization or for specific users within security groups. Organizational Custom visuals The Custom Visuals page allows admins to upload and manage custom visuals (.pbiviz files) that have been approved for use within the organization. For example, an organization may have proprietary custom visuals developed internally, which it wishes to expose to business users. Alternatively, the organization may wish to define a set of approved custom visuals, such as only the custom visuals that have been certified by Microsoft. In the following screenshot, the Chiclet Slicer custom visual is added as an organizational custom visual from the Organizational visuals page of the Power BI admin portal: The Organizational visuals page provides a link (Add a custom visual) to launch the form and identifies all uploaded visuals, as well as their last update. Once a visual has been uploaded, it can be deleted but not updated or modified. Therefore, when a new version of an organizational visual becomes available, this visual can be added to the list of organizational visuals with a descriptive title (Chiclet Slicer v2.0). Deleting an organizational custom visual will cause any reports that use this visual to stop rendering. The following screenshot reflects the uploaded Chiclet Slicer custom visual on the Organization visuals page: Once the custom visual has been uploaded as an organizational custom visual, it will be accessible to users in Power BI Desktop. In the following screenshot from Power BI Desktop, the user has opened the MARKETPLACE of custom visuals and selected MY ORGANIZATION: In this screenshot, rather than searching through the MARKETPLACE, the user can go directly to visuals defined by the organization. The marketplace of custom visuals can be launched via either the Visualizations pane or the From Marketplace icon on the Home tab of the ribbon. Organizational custom visuals are not supported for reports or dashboards shared with external users. Additionally, organizational custom visuals used in reports that utilize the publish to web feature will not render outside the Power BI tenant. Moreover, Organizational custom visuals are currently a preview feature. Therefore, users must enable the My organization custom visuals feature via the Preview features tab of the Options window in Power BI Desktop. With this, we got you acquainted with features and processes applicable in administering Power BI for an organization. This includes the configuration of tenant settings in the Power BI admin portal, analyzing the usage of Power BI assets, and monitoring overall user activity via the Office 365 audit logs. If you found this tutorial useful, do check out the book Mastering Microsoft Power BI to develop visually rich, immersive, and interactive Power BI reports and dashboards. Read Next: Unlocking the secrets of Microsoft Power BI A tale of two tools: Tableau and Power BI Building a Microsoft Power BI Data Modellast_img read more

Register now for ACVs Mega Fams in Cuba Mexico DR and Saint

first_img Posted by Tags: Air Canada Vacations, FAMs Travelweek Group Share MONTREAL — Air Canada Vacations is bringing back its popular Mega Fams in Mexico & the Caribbean.The four fams range in price from $329 and $359, double occupancy, including taxes and other fees, and take place in the following destinations:Santa Clara or Cayo Coco from Montreal (three nights)Puerto Vallarta from Calgary (two nights)Saint Lucia from Toronto (two nights)Puerto Plata and Samana from Toronto (three nights)Connector flights will also be available.For agents who wish to add more luxury to the trip, upgrades to Premium Rouge will be available for $125 roundtrip, but spots are limited.During the Mega Fams, agents will enjoy special events on site, site inspections in various resorts including some that are exclusive to Air Canada Vacations, and a few local attractions.According to Dana Gain, Senior Director, Sales and Partnerships at Air Canada Vacations, “awareness and experience” are the main reasons why ACV brings travel agents to destinations.More news:  CIE Tours launches first-ever River Cruise Collection“There is nothing better than to experience a product firsthand in order to really understand it and present it effectively to customers,” she said. “The Mega Fams are an incredible way to achieve this, plus we guarantee you’ll have lots of fun!”To confirm their request, agents can register via the links below:YUL-SNU: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Register now for ACV’s Mega Fams in Cuba, Mexico, D.R. and Saint Lucia << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more