Picture of Selena Gomez in Abu Dhabi Mosque Stirs Controversy

Rabat-  American actress and singer Selena Gomez has caused outrage and anger on social media after posting on Instagram an offensive photo showing her ankle inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The photo, which has since been taken down, shows her posing in a black Abaya, the special dress for Gulf women, with a man wearing Arabian clothing.The American singer has been under fire following the‘disrespectful’ photos she posted on her Instagram with her friends, as part of their celebration of the New Year in Dubai.  The pop star also posted a video showing her and some friends eating an Arabian traditional dish, with a statement that reads, “this is how we eat here.”According to TMZ, the mosque leaders found the pose “disrespectful,” adding that the American singer did not respect the Mosque rules, which prohibit “laughing and smiling.”The leaders of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque said that “modest, conservative, loose fitting clothing” are among the requirements to visit the mosque, adding that women must wear modest clothes that are “ankle length.”

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