What does the Raptors’ NBA Finals win mean for the Drake curse?

first_imgView this post on Instagram Steph Curry congratulating Drake on Toronto’s championship over the phone!! #respect via @closeup360 pic.twitter.com/lSKf9azNSa— Ballislife.com (@Ballislife) June 14, 2019MORE: Jeremy Lin is an NBA champion and Twitter wants to talk about MeloBut even putting all of that aside, there’s a deeper message to be learned here from the Raptors’ win as it relates to the Drake curse. For a better understanding, let’s go through the history of Drake’s sports fandom and see why the curse existed in the first place.Drake was known as a fair weather fanBefore the curse existed, people would just make fun of Drake for switching teams so often. There were multiple stories written about how he’d always find a new team to cheer on, even if they didn’t make much sense.One of the more famous teams connected to Drake are the Kentucky Wildcats. Why does Drake like Kentucky? There’s no obvious answer anywhere on the internet other than the idea that Drake likes winners, and Kentucky won a lot before the curse revealed itself.There was even a weird moment when Drake nestled himself under DeMarcus Cousins’ arm while donning a Kentucky jacket.MORE: 7 key stats from the Raptors’ NBA Finals winAnd who can forget Lonely Drake?why drake look like he got left alone at the mall and can’t find his mom pic.twitter.com/paE83mPsmn— بِجال القاسم (@bxjv) April 8, 2014In addition to the Wildcats, Drake has connected himself to Texas A&M (for Johnny Manziel), Alabama (no real reason), Serena Williams (the two reportedly kissed at least once), Connor McGregor (again, no real reason), Anthony Joshua (still no reason) and almost every European soccer team.During the NFL playoffs conference championship round earlier this year, Drake joked by wearing a shirt with logos of the Patriots, Chiefs, Rams and Saints on it as a way not to curse any of the teams. But both conference championship games went into overtime for the first time in NFL history. A true showing of power for the curse.What does this all tell us about the Drake curse? Got one. 👌🏽A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Jun 14, 2019 at 12:19am PDT Many were quick to celebrate the death of the Drake curse following the Raptors’ Game 6 victory over the Warriors on Thursday night. But is the curse really broken?After all, Drake has strong connections to the Warriors. He has referenced them in many songs, and he even has tattoos of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant on his arm. Drake is so close to Curry, the Warriors star talked to the rapper on the phone after Curry’s team lost the NBA Finals. The Drake curse is telling the rapper to quit hopping on the bandwagons of other teams. Be true to yourself, Drake. Root for the teams you were meant to root for, and good things will happen. If he continues to just celebrate other people’s accomplishments without also traveling on the road to success, he’ll just end up cursing them. For now, go ahead and celebrate that Finals win. MORE: 3 reasons why the Raptors beat the WarriorsThe Raptors were one of the few (perhaps the only) teams/people that actually made sense for Drake’s fandom. He is a huge basketball fan and is from Toronto. No one can question why he’s loyal to the Raptors. And perhaps that’s exactly why they won the NBA Finals. (Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/69/74/drake-toronto-raptors-ftr_1lfm4yzb2vxz91f7oh1vc24u07.png?t=1442335275&w=500&quality=80last_img

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