Fans Calling Out Urban Meyer For What He Keeps Doing Today

first_imgUrban Meyer upset on the sideline vs. Maryland.Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins has been pretty great today. The starter is 15-for-26 for 271 yards and three touchdowns, a few of which have been gorgeous throws.And yet, in the red zone, Haskins hasn’t always been handed the reigns of the Ohio State offense.Urban Meyer has been known to design packages for other quarterbacks. It worked out pretty well for his national championship Florida Gators team that featured Chris Leak and a young Tim Tebow.Meyer appears to be trying to recreate some of that magic with Tate Martell in the Tebow role. Martell is a tremendous athlete, but he isn’t freshman year Tebow, and Haskins is probably a more gifted player than Leak.Urban Meyer got criticized for his Tate Martell package earlier, and after Ohio State just settled for a field goal from the two, people are really piling on.Ohio State took a 27-19 lead on the kick, but that is still just a one score game vs. a very good Michigan team.Despite Martell getting a number of opportunities as the quarterback near the end zone, he has not attempted a throw, and has not this year since the September win over Tulane, and he has just one rushing yard.Why Ohio State takes out an elite passing QB for a QB who they won’t have throw the ball at all is a mystery. News flash: Haskins is really good.— Jon Solomon (@JonSolomonAspen) November 24, 2018I have never really understood the point of the Tate Martell goal line package.— Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) November 24, 2018Urban Meyer kicking a FG from inside the 2 yard line is the sort of gaffe that can cost them a conference title.— Jeff (BPredict) (@BPredict) November 24, 2018This Tate Martell red zone experiment has backfired. Again. Ohio State settles for a field goal for second straight time inside the 5. Buckeyes lead 27-19, but have left the door open.— Pete Thamel (@PeteThamel) November 24, 2018They gonna leave Martell out there for the FG too?— Anthony Lima (@SportsBoyTony) November 24, 2018The offensive play calling on this spot of the field has been weird for Ohio State today. Dwayne Haskins moves them all the way down to that spot, and then he come out… why? Make Michigan guess or something.— Kevin McGuire (@KevinOnCFB) November 24, 2018interesting decision by ohio state to put their “he never throws” quarterback in against the best defense in america, which somehow knew what was coming— Bill DiFilippo (@billdifilippo) November 24, 2018[dusts off old “let Justin Fields actually throw the ball maybe” tweets, replaces “Justin Fields” with “Tate Martell”]— Bill Connelly (@SBN_BillC) November 24, 2018If Ohio State wins, it will be a small part of the story about this game. It really feels like he should trust Haskins and his other playmakers near the end zone though.In some games, there may be spots where Martell works. Against this stout Wolverines team though, it doesn’t seem to be happening.last_img read more