Winter Soldiers: How The Ice Stupa Team Is Saving Glaciers The World Over

first_imgWhen Sonam Wangchuk, an education activist and engineer, invited crowd-funding on the internet for his Ice Stupa project back in 2014, he wrote in his usual cheeky flair: “It only makes sense to invite global contribution to help solve the problems we are facing here in the mountains, since whether we like it or not, we receive more than our fair share of the impact of your other global (warming) contributions.”The good-natured jibe aside, he is right. The beginnings of climate change are experienced clearly in the mountainous regions. It is seen in their receding glaciers, erratic run-off streams that local communities depend on, and meltwater lakes, which are dammed precariously by moraines and lead to flooding when the compressed sediments are unable to hold back the huge volume of water. The flooding of glacial meltwater lakes is a real threat all over the world — from the Himalayas to the Andes in Peru.The alarming receding of glaciers that was causing a water crisis in the desert mountains of Ladakh made Sonam Wangchuk step in with his Ice Stupa project. Wangchuk, like most inhabitants of the region, realized that there was too much water in winter when they don’t need it, and too little during the farming season when the farmers rely on melting snow to grow wheat, barley and vegetables.The Ice Stupa ProjectThe ice stupa, Wangchuk had told a group of volunteers, which the author was a part of, is a thing of “functional beauty”. “Ice stupas are important in more ways than one,” Wangchuk said. “They can be used to green mountain deserts, mitigate disaster, and restore livelihood of mountain communities. They also work as a tourist attraction.”Shaped like a Buddhist stupa, the ice stupa is a structure built to combat the mountain desert’s water crisis. The ice structure, adorned with sea buckthorn bushes and prayer flags, and dominating the Ladakhi village of Phyang, can store up to 1.7 million liters of water. The idea is that the water released by the glaciers in the pre-farming season can be stored in the form of an ice structure and released during the summer months when the farmers need it. With the ice structure’s capacity to store water, the water can not only be used for farming but also to effectively green the deserts. As of now, 5,000 willow trees are growing under the patronage of the ice stupa.The idea came from a civil engineer, Chewang Norphel, who wanted to store the glacial run-off water by grafting ice terraces. Norphel diverted the water from the main glacial streams via canals to catchment areas that are shaded from the sun. Ice terraces, however, came with limitations. They needed to be higher in altitude, and villagers were required to regularly climb up the mountain to maintain it. Also, come summer and they would have little control over the melting of water.Wangchuk merely sought ways to improve Norphel’s artificial glacier design. The engineer, on whom the character of Aamir Khan was based in the hit Hindi film, 3 Iditos, realized that by reducing the surface area exposed to the sun and warm winds, the ice structure can last longer — even at lower altitudes. How an ice stupa works is simple.“Water maintains its level. If, say, water is piped 30 m upstream, it would rise 30 m from the ground when it reaches the village. Since the pipe is upstream, the water flows down to the village because of gravity,” Wangchuk’s video uploaded on his YouTube page explains. As the water jets out from the pipe, which is narrower at the opening (picture a hose) in Ladakh’s winter nights with temperatures close to -40 degree Celsius, the water freezes by the time it reaches the ground.The sea buckthorn plants help scatter the droplets, making it easier for water to freeze as it comes down. The ice forms layer by layer on the dome structure built by volunteers who come to work on the project during Ladakh’s harsh winters. The dome structure which has plastic sheets, distributes the weight evenly, as the ice rises to the sky, taking the natural shape of a cone.True to his blithe demeanor, Wangchuk admitted candidly that the prayer flags on the ice stupa have less to do with religion and more with the fact that it breaks warm wind. At 78.4 feet, the ice stupa made this year is one of the tallest man-made ice structures.Tackling Glacial Meltwater Lakes — From Sikkim to PeruLike the Lake Palcacocha in Peru, the Lhonak Lake in Sikkim was considered dangerous for years. In 2013, scientists from the National Remote Sensing Centre published a report in the Current Science journal, saying that the meltwater lake formed, dammed by loose soil and glacial debris, in northern Sikkim could cause devastation downstream.In 2016, the Sikkim government approached Wangchuk for help with Lhonak Lake. Around that time, Wangchuk had publicly criticized the handling of the Phugtal flash floods in Zanskar region by the National Disaster Management Authority. He had asked the government agencies not to blast the debris holding the lake formed in Phugtal and instead siphon the water off to drain the lake. His advice was ignored, and while people downstream were evacuated, the eventual flash flood caused by blasting the debris destroyed 12 bridges and fields of villagers.The Sikkim government wanted Wangchuk to use the siphon technique to drain the water from Lhonak lake to make the threat of flash floods in the state impotent.In September 2016, Wangchuk and his Ice Stupa team, along with help from the military, embarked on a three-week expedition and installed three pipes to drain the Lhonak lake. The idea then struck him that the water that has been siphoned off can be used to re-glaciate the region by making ice stupas. The team hopes to implement it in Sikkim, and in Andes, Peru, as well.The initial groundwork was done in Phinaya, Peru, in August this year. Surya Balasubramanium and Darren Thomas Clark, from the Ice Stupa team, went on a recce, and tested the capabilities of water cannon for ice formation and the capability of the ice to survive the hot days in Peru. They came back from the recce, flushed with success. Clark wrote about it on his Facebook page: “Despite the unfavorably warm conditions near Phinaya, Peru (Altitude 5000 meters, 17,000 ft.), we were able to build 2 glacier bases in two nights. We proved that our techniques for building glaciers can work in the Andes, and we will be back next year for a full scale build in the best location possible.”Peru will have a full scale ice stupa next year to mitigate the risks of glacial meltwater lakes.The MortAlive ProjectMorteratsch Glacier, one of Switzerland’s prime attractions, is seeing a yearly loss of 15 million tonnes of ice. This is where the MortAlive Project, which started independently under Prof Hans Oerlemans, comes in. The project creates an artificial snow cover for the glacier in summer to delay the retreat of the glacier. “Our studies show that in 20 years we can build back the glacier to how it is now,” Balasubramanium, who is now part of the project, says.The artificial snow-making and ice stupas are being used in conjunction so that the team can do more than slow down the glacier’s retreat. “This winter, it will be built near the Morteratsch Bahnhof, one of the stops of the Glacier Express train,” Balasubramanium told Little India.The first ice stupa of Switzerland was built in Van Rosel last winter. The design from Ladakh was adapted slightly in Switzerland, with the team using live twigs. “As expected, the twigs were alive and growing again when the ice started melting,” Balasubramanium added.Not just for tourism, ice stupas are being planned in the country as a water solution for alpine huts.This winter, the ice stupa built in Ladakh is expected to have an additional snow cover to delay its melting and to make it more attractive as a tourist spot.As climate change bares its teeth as a reality, the world is coming together to fight the effects, one ice stupa at a time. Related Itemsartificial glacierglacier graftingIce stupaice stupa Ladakhice stupa Switzerlandice stupa Van RoselLittle IndiaMortAlive projectSonam Wangchuklast_img read more

India’s World Cup campaign is on track, says Akram

first_imgFormer Pakistan captain Wasim Akram feels India is on right track in its preparations for next year’s World Cup and resting five senior players to test bench strength in the ODI series against Australia was a right decision taken by the selectors.”The decision to drop five senior players for ODI series against Australia has been a brave one. Sehwag and Gambhir are the best opening duo in the world and Sachin is like old wine, getting better every day. More than the batsmen, the decision to rest Zaheer and Harbhajan will definitely impact the bowling attack. But I am sure this is for a justified cause. Even if India lose the ODI series against Australia, there will be nothing to worry,” Akram said.”Indian cricket is surely on the right track. The Test series win against Australia justified their status as world number one and I must laud the national selectors for doing a good job in picking a balanced side for the two matches,” Akram wrote in his column for ESPN Star Sports.Akram said at a time when Pakistan’s selectors were groping in the dark, their Indian counterparts were taking some wise decisions which will impact the future. “At this stage, all nations must be planning for the World Cup early next year and I think, India seem to be making the right moves,” said the legendary fast bowler.He said India’s bench strength is now well established and because of that the selectors rested five senior players against a strong team like Australia. “India’s bench strength has been well established now and this is a great sign. Even a few years ago, Indian selectors would not have dared to rest five of the best players in the country against Australia,” he added.advertisement”India are by no means a weak side (even without five senior players). Folks like Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh are good enough and Australia will not have it easy.”This is a great opportunity for youngsters like Saurabh Tiwari and Shikhar Dhawan to prove themselves. I am sure, at the end of the New Zealand series, the Indian selectors will have a problem of plenty.” Akram felt that Indian cricket board should take quick decisions in the IPL mess so that the Twenty20 league is held without any hitch next year.”The only thing that is worrying me in Indian cricket is the crisis over the IPL. Whatever it is, the BCCI should quickly make its decisions so that the ‘clean’ franchises can plan ahead and make the tournament a success.”NEW CODE OF CONDUCT FOR PAKISTAN PLAYERSThe PCB has introduced a revised code of conduct for its players in line with recommendations made by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for stricter implementation of anti-corruption laws.”Pakistan’s squad must sign the new code before leaving for a Twenty20, one-day and Test series against South Africa in the United Arab Emirates later this month,” manager Intikhab Alam said.The new code has been prepared keeping in mind recommendations made by the ICC. “There is a lot more stress on creating awareness among players about anti-corruption laws and regulations,” Alam said, adding that the new guidelines also encompassed domestic cricket.”We don’t want a repeat of what happened in England. I myself have given a detailed briefing to the players about the code of conduct,” he said.Three Pakistan players — Test captain Salman Butt and pace duo Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif — have been suspended by the ICC while an investigation takes place into allegations they had deliberately arranged for no-balls to be delivered at during fourth Test against England at Lord’s in August.The trio, who has all denied wrongdoing, will attend an appeal hearing in Doha on October 30 and 31.Alam said that he had been given increased authority by the PCB to deal with indiscipline and misconduct.”The board has made it clear in the new code that the manager will waste no time in stamping out indiscipline in the team,” he added.last_img read more

Changed Tactics Suggested by Coaches During Olympic Qualifier Bout: Vinesh Phogat

first_img 2020 tokyo olympicsbronze medalIndiaIndian Wrestling First Published: September 19, 2019, 12:33 PM IST Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. Nur-Sultan: That Vinesh Phogat is her own person was proved yet again when she altered the strategy devised by the coaches for the key Olympic qualification match and came out trumps.Ahead of her world championships’ Olympic qualifying bout, the precise tactics suggested by coach Woller Akos were to “stay away from Sarah Ann Hildebrandt, block her right arm and protect the legs”. Vinesh said she did exactly the opposite.”Coaches were suggesting something else but I felt something different on the mat and changed tactics accordingly. I felt she was getting in, but because I was not conceding point, it was exhausting her,” Vinesh told PTI in an interview after claiming the 53kg category bronze and the Tokyo Olympics berth here.”So, I thought let’s lure her into leg attacks more and stay solid in defense to completely wear her out. I let her come in but held her off. It worked for me. I knew how much strength she had compared to mine,” she said.The American number one got hold off of Vinesh’s right leg in the second repechage bout five times but could not convert those moves into points.”Even if she had scored a few points, she would have got tired because she would have used all her power,” Vinesh added.The 25-year-old claims to be a person prone to mood swings even when it comes to smallest of matters like eating, sleeping, reading, and talking to people.Some advised her that she should not get married because she might lose spark but she proved them wrong.She knows what it means to win a big medal. She has not yet forgotton how the Rio Olympics injury confined her to a wheelchair for some weeks.”My mother has almost stopped watching my bouts. She fears I may return with a broken leg again. Even if she watches, she will make it tough for others by shouting like A rrey tang chhod de meri beti ki, tod na diyo (Leave the leg of my daughter, don’t break it).”While her mother keeps praying when her bout is on, her husband Sombir Rathee chips in with his inputs.”He may not have won medals but has a sharp wrestling mind. He would come up saying the same things what my foreign coach would suggest.”The world championship medal was missing from her CV for long and now that she has ticked the box, Vinesh said it gives her the cushion of a few months to plan better for ‘Mission Tokyo’.”It’s the first Olympic qualification tournament and a world championship too, so every athlete came here well-prepared and with a different mind set. Taking a medal from this group is definitely big for me.”It’s a relief because now I have a lot of time to prepare for the Olympics. And it’s a bronze only. I want to convert it to a gold and also win the Olympic medal.”Vinesh is pleased with the way she trained her mind to overcome a few negative thoughts that plagued her mind when it came to switching her weight category.”I used to think how will I beat a 53kg wrestler like Sofia Mattsson, who is so strong. But I changed the mind-set and beat her. So I am moving in the right direction.”My better version is yet to come. I think you will see my best in Olympics, that’s the pinnacle,” she said.After losing to Mayu Mukaida from Japan, Vinesh conceded just three points in next four bouts.So, does she feel that it was Mukaida, who pushed her away from the top place on the podium?”Anything can happen on the mat. You have seen the Korean girl (Yong Mi Pak) beat Mukaida 11-0 in the final and I have beaten that Korean girl twice.”But yes, If I had won against the Japanese, the results would have been different. My category is such that five-six wrestlers can beat each other on any given day. Depends on the day and the body language,” she explained.Vinesh is someone who commands respect from her opponents and the best in business. Does she get nervous?”I was not nervous because I had to wrestle strong opponents. It is a World Championship and qualifying for the Olympics was very important for me, so that nervousness was there,” she said.”If I lose to a strong opponent, I don’t mind that. Like I lost to Mukaida, she is good and I tried. Nervousness is good sometimes,” she added.Vinesh said though she has started to do well in the 53kg category, it still is new category her and figuring out stronger wretslers like Mukaida will take some time.Vinesh had lost to her at the Asian Championship also.”To beat Japan, you have to have a strong strategy. During the Asian Championship, I tried different things and at the Worlds, something else but I have not been successful on both counts. We have to find out the way to break down Japan mentally,” she said.last_img read more

Asia Cup: Sri Lanka look to dominate newcomers UAE

first_imgWith their star players back in the squad, a buoyant Sri Lanka would like to get into the groove when they face minnows United Arab Emirates first-up in a round-robin league encounter of the Asia Cup T20 tournament in Mirpur on Thursday.The Sri Lankan team bears a formidable look with the comeback of their skipper Lasith Malinga and Test captain Angelo Mathews, both of whom were missing due to injuries during the recent T20 series against India.The return of Malinga in the bowling department and Mathews as one of the most prolific allrounders make Lanka runaway favourites against UAE, who have joined the ‘big boys’ after winning a four-team qualifying event prior to the tournament proper.The other big boost for Sri Lanka will be seasoned left-arm spinner Ragana Herath’s return to the side. Herath’s experience will mean a lot for the defending World T20 champions on a slow Sher-e-Bangla pitch.The batting looks good with Tillekaratne Dilshan at the top along with Mathews, Dinesh Chandimal, Chamara Kapugedara and Thisara Perera, all of whom are proven match winners.Sri Lanka’s bowling will have Malinga unleashing his toe-crushing yorkers and is expected to be complemented by Nuwan Kulasekara, who can move the ball both ways. The third seamer could be Dushmantha Chameera, who bowls at a lively pace.Sachithra Senanayeke and Herath will be in charge of the spin department. There were signs that the absence of Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara would be felt as the team’s performance graph had been inconsistent since the two legends quit international cricket.advertisementWhile there is no doubting the abilities of Chandimal and Kapugedara, the two batsmen expected to carry the burden of the team, their match-winning performances have been few and far in between.For UAE, Asia Cup serves them another opportunity to get a crack at the ‘big boys’ in the game.They have done well by defeating Afghanistan, Hong Kong and Oman in the qualifying tournament. In fact, it was an upset win against Afghanistan when they won by 16 runs while their victories against Hong Kong and Oman came relatively easily – by 6 wickets and 71 runs respectively.Right-arm medium fast bowler Mohammed Naveed, with seven wickets, and top-order batsman Mohammed Shahzad, with 111 runs, have been UAE’s star performers.last_img read more


first_imgThe bill also seeks to punish both bribe giver and taker.The bill also seeks to punish both bribe giver and taker. At present, there is no law in the country to punish bribe givers.It provides for issue of guidelines for commercial organisations to prevent persons associated with them from bribing a public servant. In this regard, it is pertinent to mention that the Central Vigilance Commission is probing a case involving US retail giant Wal-Mart and confectionery major Mondelez India Ltd against certain government employees for alleged corruption.The bill also has provisions for the attachment and forfeiture of property of public servants accused of corruption. The PC (Amendment) Bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on August 19, 2013 during the UPA rule. However, it was referred to a Parliamentary Standing Committee, which submitted its report to the Upper House on February 6 2014 but the Bill could not be passed.On April 29 last year, the Union Cabinet gave its approval to amend the PC Act by pursuing the amendment bill after moving official amendments.It was on December 7 last year sent to the Select Committee for examination and report. PTI AKV SK IKAlast_img read more

Forbes says Knicks Most Valuable NBA Team, Worth $4B

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — The New York Knicks are worth $4 billion, making them the most valuable NBA team for the fourth straight year, according to Forbes . That’s despite having the worst record among the league’s 30 teams.In its annual rankings, Forbes said the Knicks’ value increased 11 percent from last year because of a $1 billion renovation of Madison Square Garden, completed in 2013, that has produced a series of new revenue streams.The Knicks, who feature a starting lineup with three new players acquired in the Kristaps Porzingis trade, lost at home Tuesday night for a franchise-record 15th straight game. They began Wednesday with a 10-43 record.Forbes says the Los Angeles Lakers remain in second place with a value of $3.7 billion, up 12 percent.Rounding out the top five are the Golden State Warriors ($3.5 billion), Chicago Bulls ($2.9 billion) and Boston Celtics ($2.8 billion).The average NBA team is worth $1.9 billion, up 13 percent from last year.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Dialing in to ESC Minneapolis 2017

first_img September 8, 2017 at 7:15 pm “this reminds me of going “the other way.” When I was in the army we would have to go out to ranges to guard the ammunition days before we used the range. There were phone lines, but we were only given a TA-312 field phone, without any dialing mechanis Continue Reading Previous Smart connectivity solutions enable seamless and immersive AR/VR experiencesNext Designing for safety and security in a connected system “Cleaver idea but can I find a rotatory phone dial for cheap (free)…” Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Industry Log in to Reply September 7, 2017 at 8:22 pm Max The Magnificent says: September 5, 2017 at 4:55 pm Max The Magnificent says: “@Elizabeth: “…can I find a rotatory phone dial for cheap…”nnHow about a very tasty “9C dial 500 set dial” — New Old Stock — for only $15.99 (plus $6.25 shipping)“ Log in to Reply In my previous column, I described how I’d come to run across a capriciously cunning display device called a Lixie. Created by Connor Nishijima, this is a LED-based interpretation of a Nixie tube. I closed that column by saying:The reason I’m waffling about all of this here is that I will be attending the forthcoming Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), November 8-9, in Minneapolis, and I plan on bringing a Lixie to show to my chums (and anyone else who doesn’t get out of the way fast enough).I’ve now taken delivery of 12 Lixies, which will serve as the primary display mechanism for a project I’m calling a Countdown Clock. These will be grouped in pairs that will display the years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until the start of the event in question. I’m still debating with myself how to present the Lixies — either as a single row containing six pairs, or as two rows each containing three pairs.Now, suppose we wish to use the Countdown Clock to mark my 100th birthday, for example. This momentous occasion will occur on May 29, 2057 (it might be best to mark your calendar now). I certainly don’t want to be getting up early on my birthday, so let’s set the kickoff time to be exactly 10:00 a.m. This means that we will need some way to enter 57 05 29 10 00 00 to represent the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second, respectively. Once this date has been locked in, the clock will use the current day/time to determine how long there is to go, and it will then start to display the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining.So, the next question is how we are going to enter the date of the target event. In fact, I’m planning on using multiple mechanisms. For ease of use, I’ll use my smartphone to control the Countdown Clock via Bluetooth. I’m thinking of a simple app that allows me to add, delete, and modify multiple events.But I also want to provide an entry mechanism that provides a little more panache and joie de vivre , as it were, and few things provide more style and chic than a retro rotary telephone controller.(Source: Max Maxfield) The controller shown above is a restored Western Electric #7 Dial for 500 series telephones (the model 500 telephone series was the standard domestic desk telephone set issued by the Bell System in North America from 1950 through the 1984 Bell System divestiture.) I acquired this little beauty from the Old Phone Shop website.If we look at the back, we see two switches. The one in the center closes when you start to dial an individual number and opens again once you’ve finished. The one on the right opens and closes to generate a series of pulses corresponding to the number being dialed.(Source: Max Maxfield) In the case of North American phones, one pulse corresponds to the number ‘1’, two pulses to the number ‘2’, and so on up to 10 pulses for ‘0’, but different countries used different schemes, so make sure to check things out if you plan on doing something like this yourself.I connected the terminals from the right switch up to a 5V supply via a 10KΩ resistor, hooked it up to an oscilloscope, and dialed the number ‘7’. The result was seven pert positive-going pulses as shown below.(Source: Max Maxfield) Each pulse has a duration of close to 100ms (60ms at 5V and 37ms at 0V). One thing that surprised me is just how regular these pulses are. Also, even though I zoomed in, I was surprised to see that there is no discernible switch bounce (I wonder how they managed that).Will you be attending ESC Minneapolis yourself? If so, I’m planning on bringing my telephone dial for “show and tell.” You’ll be amazed how good it feels in use — possibly more so if you actually used one when you were younger without thinking much about the underlying technology.I’ll also be presenting two sessions: Advanced Technologies for 21st Century Embedded Systems and Building an Artificial Brain. Happily, both of these talks will be in the ESC Engineering Theater, which means anyone can attend so long as they are flaunting a Free Expo Pass, but you do have to register. Hopefully I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one in the Hawaiian shirt. As always, all you have to do is shout “Max, Beer!” or “Max, Bacon!” to be assured of my undivided attention. “@Wrcooke: “…I do miss the rotary dial…”nnMe too. Thanks for sharing your story from the army — I bet this stirs memories with some of our other members.” Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Log in to Reply September 8, 2017 at 7:18 pm elizabethsimon says: 4 thoughts on “Dialing in to ESC Minneapolis 2017” wrcooke says: Log in to Reply last_img read more

Heliotropes: Moving Toward the Light

first_img 7 of the Best Drink References in Music Editors’ Recommendations Heliotropes, the flower, are named for an exceptional characteristic: the plant orients itself to the direction of the sun, consistently following the lights. Perhaps it is no coincidence, then, that Heliotropes’, the band, new album is a brighter affair than their debut.Heliotropes released its sophomore record last Friday—July 15—through The End Records. Titled Over There That Way, the record arrived three years after debut album A Constant Sea. In those years, the band’s makeup changed greatly; bandleader Jessica Numsuwankijkul is now the only remaining founding member. With the change in lineup comes a concomitant change in the band’s sound, though a sea change it is not. The band’s crunching, aggressive sound is still there on many tracks, but just as many incorporate dream pop or doo-wop. The production remains lo-fi with Numsuwankijkul’s vocals providing an ethereal, even wispy, element. This contrast is best exhibited in Over There‘s… centerpiece, “Dardanelles Part I” and “Dardanelle Part II.” “Part I” is characterized by a driving, distorted guitar riff, while “Part II” strolls along, providing room for a wider soundscape to form.Heliotropes’ Over There That Way is out now through The End Records and available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and The End Records’ online store. The Manual Podcast Throwbacks: Revisiting our 50th Episode and Portland, Oregon Hops and Terroir: Why the Beer World is Embracing the Wine Term Watch This Bugatti Chiron Shatter a World Speed Record at More Than 300 MPH 5 of the Fastest Electric Cars in the Worldlast_img read more

Exclusive Interview Priyanka Chopra Talks About Miss America Family Time And SelfConfidence recently talked to UNICEF ambassador Priyanka Chopra about Miss America, family time and self-confidence.As Miss World 2000, how did you feel when Americans jeered at South-Asian Nina Davuluri for being an “Arab terrorist,” when she was crowned Miss America?It’s awful. It’s beyond horrific for me—she was raised and brought up in America. She is an American.I understand where some people could be coming from — Nina is not that quintessential White American girl. But, that’s not what America is anymore. It’s so many different cultures. So many different people.I think it is victory for Nina, and so many other people, and so many other ethnicities, who are raised and brought up in America: to see a little part of themselves on stage.It’s great the achievement Nina has had, and I wish her so much success.How important is dinnertime with the family?I never get time — I try and make as much time with the family as I can.Dinnertime is very, very important. It roots you. It grounds you. It gives you a feeling that you know there is someone you can fall back on.Tell me about your self-initiated It’s cool to repeat [clothes] campaign on Twitter.Everybody’s flawed in some way or another. Nobody can be perfect. And everybody will have an opinion about you differently.First and foremost, you need to accept the fact that you are flawed. And that’s what makes your beautiful.It’s cool to be yourself. Be whatever you want to be. The important thing about how to do that is to not care about what people think — it’s the hardest thing to do.We live in a society where every one will judge you. And every one has an opinion about you. But, accept yourself — it took me years to be able to do that. I had peer pressure.Accept who you are. It takes experience. It takes acceptance.It shouldn’t make you hardened — “I don’t care what people say.” I mean, it’s important to care. (You live in a society where no man is an island.) But, it shouldn’t change what you are intrinsically.If you could tell all the youth of the world one thing, what would it be?Own it.There are so many people telling you what’s cool and what’s not. There are so many people telling you what’s right, and if you speak like this, if wear this, if you like this, if you listen to this type of music, you’re cooler.But, we need to reach a point where we sit back — by ourselves — and say, “You know what? So, what if people don’t like blah-blah-blah musician? I do!” And it’s fine.Our choices should not define what we are, or what we are capable of being. We need to start saying that: “It’s my choice for now. I can change it tomorrow. It’s cool to be me.”People just need to stop being embarrassed about whoever, whatever they thanks Priyanka for taking the time to talk to us.Copyright ©2013Look to the Starslast_img read more

Nutrien to sell Israel Chemical stake for expected US700 million

first_imgSASKATOON – Fertilizer giant Nutrien Ltd. (TSX:NTR) says it plans to sell all of its holdings in Israel Chemicals Ltd. in a secondary share offering for an expected US$700 million.The sale comes as one of the requirements set out by global regulators for Potash Corp. and Agrium Inc. to merge to become Nutrien.Nutrien also needs to sell its shareholdings in Arab Potash Co. and Chile-based SQM within 18 months, and had to sell off some U.S. operations and convert its holdings in China-based Sinofert Holdings Ltd. to a passive investment before it closed the merger.The company secured U.S. approval for the deal in late December to clear the way for the company to start trading on Jan. 2 as Nutrien, since approvals from Canada, India, China, Brazil and Russia were already in place.The combined company, which has fertilizer mining operations in Canada and the U.S. as well as more than 1,500 farm retail centres globally, proposed the merger as a way to expand its combined reach and achieve $500 million a year in cost savings.Nutrien, now with about a $43-billion market capitalization, is headquartered in Saskatoon with corporate offices in Calgary.last_img read more

Bank of Canada deputy Macklem sounds warning on housing market consumer debt

KINGSTON, Ont. — Bank of Canada senior deputy governor Tiff Macklem said Thursday the economy is expected to pick up this year, but sounded a note of caution amid a soft housing market and weak export demand.[np_storybar title=”Tiff Macklem emerges as front-runner to succeed Mark Carney at Bank of Canada” link=””%5DBank of Canada Senior Deputy Governor Tiff Macklem has emerged as the front-runner to succeed Mark Carney as head of the central bank as it grapples with slowing growth and record consumer debt levels. Continue reading.[/np_storybar]“Near-term momentum now appears to be slightly softer than previously anticipated,” Macklem said in a speech at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.“The strength and durability of the pick-up in growth through 2013 and beyond will depend critically on how successful we are in regearing our growth to exports, investment and innovation.”The Bank of Canada is expected to update its economic projections later this month when it makes its next interest rate decision on Jan. 23.The central bank’s overnight rate has sat at 1% for more than two years.In its monetary policy report in October, the Bank of Canada predicted the economy would grow by 2.2% in 2012, 2.3% in 2013 and 2.4% in 2014.Macklem is considered by many to be the front-runner to replace Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney, who is leaving later this year to head the Bank of England.These trends are not sustainableIn his speech, Macklem reiterated many of the same themes Carney has hammered on repeatedly in recent months including concerns about consumer debt.He noted that Canadians are more indebted than the Americans or the British and housing activity is at a near record share of the economy.“These trends are not sustainable,” Macklem said.“The good news is that there are now signs a gradual correction of these imbalances may be under way. It is too early to tell whether it will continue, and there are risks on both sides.”Macklem’s worries about a softer than expected economy follow a report last that month that the country’s gross domestic product rose just 0.1% in October after a flat September and a 0.1% contraction in August.However, Statistics Canada said last week that the Canadian economy created 40,000 jobs in December, adding to 59,300 created in November.The unemployment rate fell one-tenth of a percentage points to 7.1%, its lowest rate in four years.The Canadian Press read more

Transport for London apologises after refusing to waive congestion charge fine for

Frustrated at the way TfL treated her, Hickey posted a picture of the rejection letter  on Twitter, sparking outrage from hundreds of users, including Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. TfL was forced to retract a £250 fine levied against Cairis Hickey after admitting it had sent her a “highly insensitive letter” and “handled this incorrectly”. She had appealed the fine on the basis that she had been overwhelmed with grief, but TfL had rejected her case.  “Thank you TfL for acknowledging my miscarriage would have been a ‘distressing time’,”… Transport for London has been forced to apologise to a grieving woman whom it fined for forgetting to pay the congestion charge the day after she had a miscarriage.  read more

Sandvik Minings drill compressor management system cuts fuel consumption

first_imgRecent test have indicated that the patented Sandvik Compressor Management System (CMS) has reduced fuel consumption by 20-35% as well as extend the life of the engine and compressor and lower emissions. The CMS can be installed on existing Sandvik rotary drills and was recently put to the test as Sandvik Mining teamed up with the coal producer, Cloud Peak Energy.The Sandvik CMS provides a solution to the inherent inefficiencies of rotary blasthole drills that have a direct connection between the engine and compressor. The system isolates the compressor and eliminates the need to maintain pressure when the machine is not drilling. This reduces the load on the engine, saving a significant amount of fuel and reducing wear and tear.Cloud Peak Energy chose to have the Sandvik CMS retrofitted onto a 14-year-old rotary drill at its Cordero Rojo coal mine located in Gillette, Wyoming. Once the system was installed and calibrated, Sandvik engineers used the machine’s Engine Control Module (ECM) data as a reference point.For a five week test, there was a reduction of 26.2% of fuel consumption, translating to significant savings of approximately $108,000 and more than 300 t of carbon emissions annually on fuel alone. Additional savings are expected from increasing the engine life.Mark Gilbertson, Director of Asset Management for Cloud Peak Energy said “As part of our environmental stewardship program we work to reduce fuel use and emissions. The CMS will save us thousands of gallons of fuel every year.”Cloud Peak Energy purchased two new Sandvik drill rigs for 2013 with Sandvik CMS installed.“With this customer trial, we wanted to prove that the CMS could consistently produce significant savings for our customers,” said Ken Stapylton, Vice President for Rotary and HP DTH Drilling, Sandvik Mining. “We will continue to collaborate with customers to ensure we are bringing industry-leading products to market that make mining operations safer, cleaner and more efficient.”last_img read more

Worst yet to come Greeks in Brisbane evacuate flood struck West End

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Greek residents in Brisbane’s West End area, have been forced to evacuate or are preparing to evacuate their homes as flashflooding worsens in the Queensland region. All of the streets that line the river in West End have been evacuated while the riverside of West End is underwater, honourary secretary of the Greek Orthodox Community of St George, Brisbane, Michael Anastas told Neos Kosmos today. “West End is a central Greek population, there’s probably a few thousand Greeks living in that area,” Mr Anastas said. “The main business district, where we are based, is further back, a few hundred metres from the river, so we’re okay for now and don’t expect to be flooded,” he added. The Greek Community has already received a number of calls from their community members asking for assistance and food, Mr Anastas said. “Food supplies are depleting fairly quickly. As far as we know, out of the supermarkets that can be accessed there’s a dwindling supply of food,” he said. The Greek Community of St George is currently determining whether or not its premises can be useful for other evacuations in the area. The community’s Southside nursing home services are shut because they could not supply food to clients and because employees have been told to stay home and not risk travelling to and from work. “We’ve relocated those people and relocated people in need to other nursing homes,” Mr Anastas said. “The nursing home itself is not affected,” he said, adding “we run a number of centres and offsite nursing services and we’ve contacted all those patients and people who live at home to make sure they’re okay. Some elderly people have had to be evacuated”. The church has a register of community members who have offered to billet others in their homes whilst the community is currently running on a skeleton staff, as people have been advised not to travel, Mr Anastas said. Describing the scene, Mr Anastas said Queenslanders are currently experiencing the calm before the storm. “It’s very eerie, there’s sunshine at the moment, but we’re expecting more rain coming this afternoon,” he said. Pontoons have torn away from the shore and unpiloted boats are drifting down the river, while one boat has crashed into Victoria bridge, Mr Anastas said. NUGAS president, Lex Georgiou, who is from Brisbane but currently lives in Sydney, said her parents are among those forced to evacuate their riverside home in West End. “Where we live in West End is predominantly a Greek area. The river bank broke yesterday, our house is quite high up along the river so while other houses had started to be affected the water hadn’t reached our house yet,” Ms Georgiou told Neos Kosmos. “I was on the phone with my family all day yesterday as they were starting to pack up our house. I had ten friends go over and pack up my room yesterday afternoon and since then water has risen to about two metres and has come into the house,” she said. With furniture all packed into the highest levels of the family’s 200 year old colonial style mansion, which survived the 1974 floods, Ms Georgiou said her parents cannot leave by car and must wait for boats to pick them up. “This story is very typical of what’s going on in West End at the moment,” Ms Georgiou said. “My parents are trying not to worry, they’re just trying to get everything done”. The King Tide came in today and the river is expected to peak tomorrow, Ms Georgiou said. “The thing that concerns me is that a restaurant on the waterfront, just round the corner from our house, has sunk. Our neighbours’ jetties have become detached and are just floating; it’s going to be a very dangerous situation”. “We just don’t know how bad the damage is going to be to the house, but at the moment the amount of volunteers and people coming forward to help has been amazing,” Ms Georgiou said. Electricity has been switched off in the area and residents have been told to conserve water usage, she added. The parish priest Father Dimitri told Neos Kosmos the worst is expected to hit the sunshine state tomorrow. “We’ve seen better days,” he said, adding “a lot of the suburbs closer to the river have already flooded or are expecting to”. Father Dimitri said the most difficult part is predicting the areas that will be hit. “The city councils have flood models and are trying to predict where it’s going to happen but the rush of water is so great and the releases from the dams, which are now mandatory, are making it very difficult to predict where the floods will strike,” he said. Following the 1974 floods the Queensland government created the Wivenhoe dam to try and mitigate the flooding, Father Dimitri said. “We’re hitting the same levels now as in 1974 with the dam in place. If that dam wasn’t hit half of Brisbane would be under water already,” he said. “The magnitude of the water that’s coming down is twice the water of Sydney harbour on a daily basis”. The Wivenhoe dam, which was let out in recent days is at 200 percent capacity. “The city is at the burden of any further rain, the dam can’t mitigate the water; it’s a very unstable and unpredictable kind of event,” Father Dimitri said. “We’ve had a lot of Greeks evacuating and a lot preparing to; I’m constantly keeping an eye on streets that are flooding,” he said. The church has prepared their respite centre as emergency accommodation. “Family support is very good, there’s been some elderly people that have been taken in; we can’t do anything else” Father Dimitri said. “You have to get people high, dry and safe and really the devastation will be after it’s over”. It is estimated that 40,000 residential and business properties will be affected in the next 24 to 48 hours.last_img read more

Police in standoff with armed suspect in Hillcrest home

first_img Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter May 30, 2018 Posted: May 30, 2018 KUSI Newsroom Updated: 6:05 PMcenter_img KUSI Newsroom, SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Police Wednesday morning surrounded a residence in Hillcrest and were negotiating with a distraught man who claimed to be armed with a shotgun.Officers initially responded around 7:45 a.m. to a dwelling in the 400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue where a caller reported a possible kidnapping, San Diego police Officer Steve Bourasa said.When officers arrived, two people in the residence came out, but a third person stayed inside, where he claimed to have a shotgun and a desire to harm himself, police said.Police were unable to confirm if the man had a shotgun, but as of 9:45 a.m., he was still refusing to exit the residence, Bourasa said. Negotiators were attempting to convince him to surrender peacefully.Motorists were asked to avoid the area near Fourth, Fifth and Pennsylvania avenues, portions of which were expected to be closed until the standoff ended. Police in standoff with armed suspect in Hillcrest homelast_img read more

Video shows fatal trooperinvolved crash that killed teen cyclist in SW MiamiDade

first_img“You could feel something was missing, but you could tell his presence was there at the same time,” said his friend Imani Lewis.Monday was a hard day for some students who returned to class without their friend.“The day had brought us together ’cause it made us realize we gotta love each other now instead of doing it later, ’cause nothing’s promised,” said student Daija Metayer.Lopez’s family and their attorneys are expected to speak at a press conference Tuesday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale.In the meantime, the teen’s friends are organizing a memorial for him at Ron Ehmann Park on Thursday at 7 p.m.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. SOUTH MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Newly released video shows the moments a Florida Highway Patrol trooper fatally struck a teen riding a bike in Southwest Miami-Dade.A surveillance camera from a nearby restaurant captured Friday night’s crash along Killian Parkway and Southwest 108th Avenue.According to investigators, 17-year-old Angel Lopez was riding his bicycle across the street when FHP Trooper Aliek Sierra, who was heading westbound on Killian Parkway, stuck and killed him.After the accident, FHP said, the trooper’s vehicle stopped, turned on his lights and then reversed after hitting Lopez.The victim’s friends told 7News they were all in the JROTC program together at Miami Killian High School. They also said that Monday was filled with tears, and they spent the day in counseling.They told 7News that they will remember him for how happy and kind Lopez was.“He was always hype person, he was always smiling. There was never a moment that he didn’t smile,” said a friend, Danyelle Castillo, as she became emotional. “He’s always smiling, and then you not seeing him is like, ‘Where is he?’” last_img read more

LG takes up the mantle of brewer with HomeBrew countertop beer bot

first_img $399 Now playing: Watch this: Best Buy At CES, I got a chance to look at the capsules, and the flavorings come in small containers that do look a little like Keurig cups. The three small cups contain flavor, hop oil and yeast. The main ingredients come in a big canister of wort that slides into the left side of the machine. Apparently, LG gets their wort from British company Muntons, which specializes in malt extract. You’ll also need to put water in the right side of the machine. A digital display on the front lets you control it. It seems simple enough to use.lg-homebrew-003 LG While malt, yeast and hops are the typical ingredients used to make beer, I’m skeptical of the extra “flavoring” included in each capsule. Using malt extract as a supplement to your malted grains is a common shortcut in home brewing, and perhaps that’s what LG means by “flavoring.” Nevertheless, I’m doubtful that ingredients shipped in a capsule can produce quality craft beers. On the plus side, the LG HomeBrew will control the temperature and pressure of the batch while it ferments, which will help your batch of beer avoid infection (a common issue for new home brewers). The capsule also supposedly helps keep the mess contained which is why the machine can efficiently automate sanitized cleaning after the brew. Aug 31 • Alexa can tell you if someone breaks into your house 1:54 Preview • Let the beer brewing begin: Hands on with the Pico Model C LG HomeBrew brews beer from a capsule at CES 2019 Comments • Share your voice $399 Aug 31 • The best coffee grinders you can buy right now PicoBrew Pico Model C 19 Photos Aug 30 • Battling bot vacs: iRobot Roomba S9+ vs Neato Botvac D7 Connected See It Tyler Lizenby/CNET Editors’ Note, January 6th, 2019: Originally published on December 10th, 2018, this piece has been updated with hands on pics and impressions from CES. LG’s latest venture is well outside the company’s usual repertoire of phones, TVs, large appliances and the like. The electronics giant is stepping into the world of automated beer brewing with the LG HomeBrew. The countertop beer bot will supposedly be able to produce over a gallon of beer from single-use capsules containing malt, yeast, hop oil and flavoring. Put in your capsule and hit start. The HomeBrew will have freshly made beer ready to drink after roughly two weeks depending on the specific capsule. You can monitor the machine while it works with an app. When it’s done, you can then use the tap to serve yourself a glass and it will even clean itself to get ready for the next batch. LG announced the HomeBrew Monday evening and will be showing off the gadget at CES in January. The company hasn’t yet specified a price or a release date.LG will offer capsules for five beer styles at launch:American IPAAmerican Pale AleEnglish StoutBelgian WitbierCzech PilsnerLG hasn’t announced prices for the capsules yet either. CNET Smart Home Review • The best robot brewer yet still isn’t perfect Tags See All Aug 31 • Best smart light bulbs for 2019 (plus switches, light strips, accessories and more) See it Mentioned Above PicoBrew Pico Model C It’s beer o’clock and we’ve got the tech to prove it CNET Smart Home CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Still, unless the price is extremely reasonable, the HomeBrew will be a tough sell. It’s not for home brewers or aspiring home brewers. You’re not actually doing anything other than hitting a button, so it won’t teach you about the process. If you’re simply a fan of craft beer, those five options better taste great or be extremely cost effective to warrant skipping a trip to the store for a new, interesting six pack. The LG HomeBrew certainly sounds like it will be much easier to use than automatic beer makers like the PicoBrew Pico Model C — which still asks you to transfer the beer to different containers and keep everything sanitized. The Pico replicates an authentic process, though, so LG will need to prove it can cut corners and still produce craft beer that actually tastes well-crafted. 2 LG Smart Home reading • LG takes up the mantle of brewer with HomeBrew countertop beer botlast_img read more

Fourth whale harvested by North Slope Borough this year

first_imgSubsistence hunters in Alaska’s North Slope Borough have harvested a 41-foot bowhead whale, marking the fourth animal that has been captured during the borough’s spring whale hunt.Download AudioBowhead whales in the Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Sea . Alaska holds one of the world’s five stocks of the bowhead whale. (Photo courtesy of NOAA)KTUU-TV reports Benjamin Frederick Tagarook and his crew brought in the whale on Saturday in Wainwright. The captain’s father, Terry Tagarook, says migrating whales seem to be making an appearance earlier than usual this spring.The weekend’s harvest comes after a crew in the village of Point Hope landed a whale on April 10. A 43-foot female bowhead was harvested on April 5, and a 42-foot male was captured on March 27.Whalers on St Lawrence Island landed two whales earlier this month.last_img read more

Sonis Kidnap Case Cops say kidnapper has criminal history

first_imgOngole: The Prakasam district police denied the arrest or custody of the kidnapper Ravisekhar and claimed that they do not know about the girl boarding bus to Hyderabad until the Hyderabad police inform them. But, they reveal that Ravisekhar has about 60 to 70 cases in both Telugu states, including a cheat sheet in his own town, Kankipadu of Krishna district. They said that he is a habitual offender, who tricks women in the name of jobs and sexually abuse them before getting rid of them somewhere else. The Prakasam police have also informed that the kidnapper Ravisekhar has convinced a woman from Seethanagaram in East Godavari district 10 days ago to get her daughter placed in a multinational company. He charged the woman for about Rs 60,000 in cash and forced her for intercourse. But the woman escaped from his clutches claiming that HIV positive and taking medicine for the disease. Later, he moved to Hyderabad and kidnapped the woman at Hayatnagar. The Prakasam police said that they had received information from Hyderabad police that the woman Soni boarded a bus to Hyderabad from Addanki. She called her father from the mobile of a woman sitting beside her and informed about her coming to Hyderabad, who exchanged the info with the police.last_img read more