On the bottom navigation website how to design more conducive to optimization and user experience

Liu Zongyang believes that the 3 kinds of design style.

the list of products reducing weight, diet pills which of these two words are link to the home page, and the most effective weight-loss drug, with the right base which brand is good these two words to the corresponding column page chain.

1, part of the Webmaster Station is so designed that the main key repeat site, then they will all be at home.

39 Health Net presented at the bottom of the third kinds of simple design style navigation for us. read more

Neat Lenovo words hold your website ranking


information A5 contrast, word segmentation technology this page using the word" HTML ", the Lenovo code were split into" HTML code "of" tutorial code "these two words, in order to achieve a good keywords layout and high density, and enhance the" friendly degree customer experience.

what is the word

Why "The topic of Summary:

love Shanghai love keywords layout and density more reasonable, more inclined to a high weight "Lenovo". read more

How to use the skills to make the new ranking offbeat quickly over the old site

chain and anti chain is a basic web site to attract outside help, since the establishment of the site after the completion of the exchange of 2 Links, industry website the two Links is basically the same with the station, because of its high correlation website in the exchange chain is love Shanghai is included; but the chain is the use of some means of formation, but the chain are formal in nature, such as an article Sina formed a quality chain, a chain and my contribution in stationmaster net, finally I still love Shanghai Post Bar made several anti chain it can be said, anti chain is natural and nature is very high. > read more

New station to love Shanghai smoothly through the review period

We talked about a possible

second, it is a tool to attract users, the influence of the chain would now be more and more small, only the icing on the cake for the web site keywords our ranking. Now more and more by the chain pile is more and more unstable reason lies in this, because this is a user experience is king of the times. But the user experience is the most important one is to look at the content of your website is not able to attract users, can help users or solve user queries in the mind. Do you like if you are in a strong chain pile up ranking is very unstable, because every link is to have life, the more you do outside the chain, the chain every day you lost the more, this is one of the important factors causing ranked outside the chain of pile up. read more

Dissecting the top four portals of nternet money makingThe United States Mission Network CEO Wang X

beauty network founder and CEO Wang recently when asked about the next step of entrepreneurial orientation, the IT industry famous serial entrepreneur said meituan might be his last start, local living services have a brilliant future, I won’t go to do anything else, "Wang Xing said.

Beijing Business >

, as Wang Xing said, "the local life service market does have a lot of room.". It mainly includes five vertical fields: dining, hotels, movies, KTV, wedding.

according to the relevant data show that in 2014 the hotel market will be more than 300 billion yuan, the scale of the catering industry will be more than 3 trillion yuan, KTV market size of over one hundred billion yuan, the film market size of nearly 30 billion yuan, the wedding market is also more than 800 billion yuan scale. read more

Shanghai Longfeng alias is cheating Shanghai dragon er the effort to reverse this idea.

some people think that Shanghai dragon in violation of the rule of the search engine, in fact, on the contrary, Shanghai dragon is the search engine friends. The search engine to provide useful information to users, information source was necessary. Search engine friendly, easy collection, prominent theme, rich content of the website is to provide information for the search engine, to meet the needs of the users, the search engine welcome. If the online website net are not easy included page, the search engine is really big. read more

See the website keywords ranking techniques from the business circle



website optimization URLThis estimate is at the

for the old station, but for the new station, in registering a domain name, you should consider the optimization of the key words, keywords can appear in the domain that search engine for, also allows users to achieve a good user experience, focus on electric district, your domain name is the business Pinyin. Users remember more clearly, we will come directly to your site in the search, increase website users to the site, let the user stickiness on the website, users love the search engine will love, so your site will be a lot of traffic from search engines. read more

Content marketing operation method can be used to guide the practice of the method

from the following aspectsFirst of all, you have to find the

the content of the website is divided into two parts, one part generated by the user, is a part of our own. Or not show our professionalism, then this part of our.

! ? ?The

1, let the user generated content to

method can establish, forum, blog, question answering system, and customer interviews, each customer for our cooperation can be made into a video, etc. a variety of methods.

industry professionals, let him give us share. Why? Because people have the urge to share, especially professionals are more willing to share their expertise, do not believe we see the topic very professional to Wikipedia, they did not leave a link to Wikipedia ah, ah what an ad. They are simply sharing their expertise. So we must find the industry professionals, let them come to your website. They share the chances of great read more

Talk about my hemorrhoids it is how to do keyword ranking home

quiz content, search keywords according to know or Soso Ask for content. In fact, most of the problem itself is a good long term, if we reasonable combination of several common questions, is a very good title. You can say the website weight enough, these bring traffic also is very substantial. Some of them and then into a reasonable organization question effective content. An original was ok.

Another is how to use the

2. when 10 years, do the mainstream pattern is guest single page + the chain, I had to borrow against the weight before several domain names, survive in the relative ranking of a product for a few months, but do not pay attention to good times don’t last long, resulting in improved communication, only short-lived, so communication with it is very important to study. If you can find a few friends to talk to talk, you will progress quickly. read more

Some thoughts on major revision of the A5 Forum

Hello, I am an ordinary personal webmaster, many webmaster forum for A5 are very familiar with, I almost every day to visit the A5 station network and the A5 forum, A5 forum has just found a large revision, even the domain name changed. Before I learned that Shanghai dragon WHY has major revision, the revised Shanghai dragon WHY is more concise, now A5 forum also changed, now the A5 forum than the old version of the more in line with the user experience, why? The new version of the A5 Forum opened a new domain name, instead of the original two the domain name, in addition, the forum section changes is relatively large, all sections are divided into several categories: information, business, trade, task and source code, hardware, links, the overall impression is clear, at the same time to remove the release of soft paper links section, key prominent is the webmaster Trading forum the major revision of the forum, A5 forum the author has the following ideas: read more

Suddenly the webmaster website snapshot file vulnerable


first update website frequently. Many webmasters will because the site in front of the line did not consider good to do what kind of keywords, the selected keywords because the competitiveness of large, or very popular keywords, users can not have love. Then they will want to change the keywords, the spider is because words came to the site, often change keywords website that the spider can not judge, this operation is likely to make the search engine K station. Encountered such a situation, not to say that words cannot be replaced, to replace the best is to do a one-time replacement for success. Keywords replacement is completed to timely update the content, add the keyword related articles, the search engine will have a stage of adaptation, fine website snapshot update it. read more

Square dance case analysis in-depth thinking two another conflict

square dance number

1, how much is the high density of


believes deeply realize the importance of keyword distribution friends may pay more attention to the "keyword density, because the density of the key words sometimes determines the web page ranking, but here is an important factor to affect the page rank is repeated by keyword pages related to emphasize the role of our general requirements density between 2%-8%, may be less than 2% the correlation will be a lot worse, more than 8% are likely to be search engine that cheating, it is common sense, but in the square dance home throughout the page search words" square dance "we can see on this page keywords has more than 100, and measured by Chinaz webmaster tools on the keyword density to exceed the standard 12.6%, this may be inadequate for page layout. read more

The essence of Shanghai dragon to explore and prospect (competence) analysis

this is the "Shanghai dragon 3.0+": from the beginning to understand user groups (keyword analysis) – > set up to meet the needs of users (website construction and website content platform) – > the access flow and user site free (Shanghai dragon target execution) – "the transformation to further guide and achieve user needs (the page experience Optimization and data analysis excavation)

1, data analysis: Shanghai dragon data, site statistics, digging into. read more

The chain and the chain difference and function

as the saying goes "within the chain is king, the chain for the emperor". The chain: also called external links, or links, personally think that the chain that can bring the spider crawling to your access link is called the chain, that is to say to your website links from other web links outside the site. Treat the chain, most beginners there is a misunderstanding, external links should be linked to the web page. This kind of understanding is not accurate. The inside pages of the website also can and should have links, it will enhance the weight of the inside pages also help. read more

The old station can use a 301 redirect to the new you


<.Cfheader statuscode=" 301>


in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, 301 redirect is a frequently used function, the main purpose is on the website, or when the site can replace the domain name does not affect the user access to the site, a lot of time to redirect to the search engine is not friendly, but 301 is required to be used, usually in the railway station just on the line, or the old station or revision, the site was K when using 301 of the effect is very good, because 301 to redirect weight good site this time, at the same time can make the weight of old domain name slowly transferred to the new domain name. So in this case we can use this knowledge at the same time, the old station is also the top, can use 301 redirect to the new station. read more

Wuhan love Shanghai Guo Yeye Shanghai Longfeng essays

The first

this let me feel the strength of the team, the company has hundreds of business people, awareness of the network are more and more strong, various news websites, in order to prove their identity to take the official website address, every day many people go to the news release, the company is not required, but business people spontaneously to send the chain, from the powerful. In addition, there are a lot of customers, more than thirty thousand, if every website has links to technical support, the chain is very terrible, even the same as IP, but also a great wealth chain. In order to have the power, I love Wuhan love Shanghai Shanghai site recognized by the chain in 9000 above, PR4, spent more than a year, Wuhan love the word Shanghai now has not ranked in the first place, think about their hardships, still have to admit that the great team. The team can easily pick up a person, and a person to stand out, it is time carving and temper. read more

The secret of Taobao where tens of thousands of sellersLiebo founder Tom Gale said electricity, talk

talking about brand & product

We care about

Xiaobian know, played college age, this man loves reselling second-hand computer accessories online, Taobao but his own life, so small than the average Taobao sellers are more up to. At present, shopping in Taobao has become a popular fashion, most users are keen on shopping on taobao at home, so this is David to launch a space for one person. The shop is not in trouble, and customer communication is not too difficult, a link can be the most troublesome is the express, which is a ring and customers in direct contact, open shop knows, express is the most demanding, not careful, address or customer data statistical errors, it is difficult to clean up the mess. read more

No matter how the change of search engine brand is the key on the website after all

2012 China search engine industry can be said to be ups and downs, not only have several K love Shanghai station stationmaster, malicious click event, more people in front of 360 comprehensive search products a bright line and Sogou enemy and friendly relations, in Shanghai and 360 in the year of the search industry was very naughty. But the layman is lively, experts see road, do all the webmaster all know each search products have moves at the same time, we are in his bitter days, the website included a day down thousands of miles, keywords ranking is like a disease, low-spirited, especially long station, profit also hundreds of dollars before a few day, today the site in the search not to fall in love with the sea, it can be said thoroughly back before liberation and so on, this kind of event and everyone would have to emerge in an endless stream, in the Post Bar forum Tucao, scold love Shanghai top 360 shameless, domineering, but the love of Shanghai is ultimately the largest search product market share the 3 is more than 360, certainly not because we complain and deliberately change their marketing strategies, so webmaster is certain vulnerable groups? I don’t think so, because as Lu Songsongbo Passengers say any, depending on the search engine industry is the development of vulnerable groups, if you want to do a good job in the future, then at the foot of the road of the brand must be good. read more

Live hundreds of new three board listing without fear giant Airbnb share of the world’s first share

100 was founded in March 2012, has been 4 years, is a domestic passenger oriented overseas short rental brand, now covering 654 of global city, a selection of millions of houses, has become the largest overseas Chinese can be scheduled to rent short entrance.

asked if he thought he was a good entrepreneur, Zhang Hengde immediately replied, "definitely not."".

talking about the process: the waves are getting bigger and bigger,

into the education market earlier, tasted the loneliness and hardships, but Zhang Hengde appears in all the time, "at least not early, not late again us." read more

Keywords rapid promotion of the old site of the beloved Shanghai first page ranking

1. bought several of the special Shanghai dragon books, at two weeks, often such as like Admin5 and Shanghai dragon why learning forum, diving for a period of time;

2. through the study, found that there are many problems in the company website, did not consider the subsequent network marketing, not to mention what Shanghai Longfeng planning. Because it is belong to the business website, do not want to make the whole. Decided only to the local re adjustment, make it more consistent with the user experience and network marketing needs, including the adjustment of business classification, according to the classification of re distribution of keywords, partial adjustment framework; read more