Li Jianzhong the link strength evaluation of link quality dimensions

took several App software company has burgeoned in the field of mobile Internet, the valuation of billions of dollars: Instagram, Evernote, FlipBoard, Path, DrawSomthing, I believe many of my friends to see their software functions will have "no doubt some writing and drawing. This software is also worth the price?" if you are from the other.

before reading this article in everyone (or after), I suggest the best read me a year ago I wrote the article "the Internet" this belief, the narrative logic for me to have a clear undertaking. Here to talk about the software, in PC, Pad or Phone client software or App. read more

The experience and practice of Shanghai dragon


4: Shanghai, the threshold is high, need to understand the code it. For example: Jiang Hui and his mother, this is her son’s achievements, his mother don’t understand the code? In fact as long as typing can be done in Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is 10 minutes to learn things, what is the test execution

2:keywords tag to write the keyword. For example: the label have been ignored, you can find 50 good standing to see, many of them did not write the label

of Shanghai Longfeng theoretical knowledge is too much too complex, what H1, keywords, white label, in fact, is the Shanghai dragon thing. Did not you say so exaggerated, some people may argue for me, I let you know. read more

Shanghai dragon to how we should consider the optimization of the site

the author has been engaged in the website optimization work, a few years of accumulated experience in the optimization process so that I deeply understand, to design a optimized site for the optimization can play a decisive role is crucial, because it is the quality or the information release out of the question if we can adjust, but the site itself, like the foundation in order to develop a instability, can only be pushed to again, and as the site optimization itself is a slow, web design can not be recognized by mistake, really can’t afford to do the optimization, how to do the planning, we work in the optimization of the site at the beginning of the read more

Shanghai dragon will become a habit of their own

just saw an article, said, Shanghai dragon a habit, will Shanghai Dragon into their lives, see here, can not help but sigh, sigh, this is true only when the Shanghai dragon real in your life, you will see the life of Shanghai dragon, everywhere marketing, so the Shanghai dragon has become a habit of their own, a situation that we must.

Shanghai dragon used to contribute, they have been accustomed to see every day on the A5 platform of Shanghai Longfeng news, every day you love Shanghai is updated, some small complaints stationmaster friends released every day, love love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot update, included increased, and the change of recently very frequent noble baby PR, after all Shanghai dragon has entered my life, can’t change, contribute to write some Shanghai dragon soft, share your every little bit accumulated feeling, may be someone that fried rice, may be considered to share is not high quality, but not after all, don’t go to the homes of their Shanghai dragon feelings, even every day fried rice, but I still have to vote, after all, this is a habit, is a can not give up attitude. read more

Several forms and effect on Shanghai dragon chain release

: first is the text with hyperlinks URL

third: anchor text links

a lot of friends for the chain this is also very confused, do not know how to send the chain better, are asking all day, today we gave a talk about their own understanding of the foreign chain, here is some form and effect of the chain, can be roughly divided into three categories:

anchor text link refers to words with hyperlinks, hypertext links. This chain can not only increase the weight of the website, but also make a rapid keyword ranking method, a lot of friends to optimize their website, is for keywords that several customer requirements for the anchor text chain, a lot of the time we found some sites included not how, not how the chain, the snapshot is not how but, the keywords ranking is very good, to say that the weight of the website, it is certainly low, many websites enter the name of your website, can row to the first, know the weight of this web site about how high up like this! " read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization in the process of soft Wen contribute really so difficult

is the ability to optimize the soft writing as everyone knows, workers must have, and for the webmaster webmaster soft submission is the best way to Shanghai Longfeng workers effectively improve work efficiency, today I share is stationmaster net administrator Yang Yang in a 28 interview in pushing some recommendations for submission of stationmaster net soft.


first we look at the first picture, a man named Xu Lan of stationmaster net users to ask questions, how to quickly contribute included, in fact this problem will produce ambiguity, which is a love of Shanghai included? Or station network administrators to audit the soft shoes included, triumphantly answer very comprehensive and carefully, both, see from the figure can be. I discuss with you today is exactly what are the key points of stationmaster net contribute the most basic read more

A5 marketing team told me that the diagnosis of Shanghai Dragon

These are the

4, free is the most expensive, good people do good things, not good at work to good people do, a lot of people down the right site, reluctant to spend money, yourself 2-3 months did not recover, its core is lost.

this is my first time of advertising, then forced high pressure no advertising. Simple talk, and the suddenness of a thunderbolt opened 5 advertising, the advertiser is Speechless, he said if it wasn’t for me, you are the blog advertising? After this, put ads on my blog are also more and more. read more

Ad terminator love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm

I suggest that we still pay attention to ads under their own website, try to make the quality of the site advertising and advertising page is relatively high, it is likely to have a negative impact on your station. Through treatment, do not do pop-up advertising, this is all very disgusting. Of course, love Shanghai only that low quality, the high quality, the concept of confusion, I feel that there is a scene to be seen, is not a mandatory requirement, it is said that as long as you do a good job. read more

An analysis of the long tail keywords medical industry ranking factors

the concept of long tail keywords has been deep into every head of psychology, long tail keywords is mainly aimed at another aspect of the rule of 28. It is currently used in Shanghai Longfeng on special widely, especially those of large portals, it is by one hundred thousand, millions of long tail keywords bring a lot of traffic. Every webmaster in certain words, began to pursue those relatively little competition, easier to get the long tail keywords good search engine rankings, to get a piece of the market, in fact, this is the only way to small station and portal station competition, can be called from the siege of the city in rural areas, small owners through the optimization of the long tail keywords, and provide content, with the search to attract tourists looking for the specific product information, bring valuable traffic to your site. read more

Enterprise site editor of original articles not included

(explanation: to let the spider crawling, the weight high website have not included in the article are love Shanghai included)

first, to some weight high website can text to the title of the article is the anchor text, can be put in the title can also be a direct chain.

2013 has been coming to an end, this year Shanghai love give us too much shock, the chain is king to subvert the many people always think of the theory that love Shanghai again showed the most obvious algorithm inside the article, and given the internal arrangement of keywords ranking weight is more and more high, in recent in the algorithm, the search products give the left product icon is very intuitive to attract customers, so the soft has illustrated is the development trend of this year can be summarized to love Shanghai more powerful user experience. In the face of this optimization, we need more requirements on the soft writing, here is not to discuss how to write soft Wen; Jin months found that Shanghai is not updated in love has not updated snapshot and original soft, we have what strategy. For the love of Shanghai snapshot, snapshot update of the website is on our website influence but fortunately, the original soft not included directly or by some peers will be hanging on their links of interest, you have to do is soft white. Although the original love Shanghai Mars but also did not see much impact. Some weight high stand in the search to some new station. How to do read more

Discussion three Shanghai Dragon Master generally have the ability

real Shanghai dragon must not only understand the master technology, more to have a clear mind, good at analysis, and put into action. The electronic commerce learning network (贵族宝贝dzswww贵族宝贝),

, a chain to explore ways of


every page cannot be optimized to perfect, but we can according to the page optimization suggestions love Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside as much as possible to optimize the web page according to the requirements of Shanghai love. Merge CSS, accordingly a series of optimization pictures. read more

The ten principles of the construction of the chain

2, the source of the chain website. The web page update faster in search of snapshot, snapshot date is very new, explain this page spider often patronage, then means that you add to the link could soon be detected, and effect. If the snapshot is a few months ago, so after a few months may also link will be detected.

6, generally speaking, the number of the chain is larger, more votes to the site’s ranking, the more helpful, except junk links.


10, from the authority of the chain. Do a lot of optimization friends believe that the chain effect of edu to gov the average person suffix to the domain name registration does not good. In fact, in accordance with the law of search engine, the domain name and not born than the other domain name right important high. Just because most of these names are the use of government. read more

Web site operators pioneer website optimization how to master several degrees

there is no doubt that twenty-first Century is the era of the Internet, the rise of e-commerce is a trend which cannot be halted. Many companies have also begun to focus on the internet. Then a lot of enterprise products are not suitable for this type of platform is similar to Taobao or the Jingdong, so many enterprises have set up their own website, the word "website" also began to appear in the Internet arena.

"website" is not entirely accurate. "The website is not simply about your website sell so simple. On the Internet, in fact, to do "website operation" must grasp several degrees. But these are closely related to site optimization and degree. read more

The website is love Shanghai drop right to restore weight

this step is the most critical step, only to understand the etiology, disease in addition to. Your analysis is how to optimize the previous period, whether the chain of traveler, reprinted content, whether to change the title page, the website structure is revised, keyword density change, the station anchor link done properly, whether the recent love Shanghai big update etc.. Find the reason to stop down the right, down the right behavior in a timely manner, is the fastest way to drop right after recovery. The emphasis here, according to the long-term observation of the author, love Shanghai drop right also have refused and recidivism. If this is the first time you drop right, recovery time is relatively short, generally a week can recover, if it is a recidivist, recovery time to a little longer, it may be up to two months. read more

The importance of the title, Shanghai Longfeng website optimization description, content, chain

a week ago (only for the purpose of doing the experiment). Changes to the content website "title" "Keywords" "description" "in the chain anchor text details" etc.. This station in the number of related domain love Shanghai domain out for about 200, site value is less than 10, and the total dynamic page, HTML page code is very complex, it can be said that from the structure of the search engine is not friendly. With no high quality backlinks, basic snapshot not update, no keywords ranking, flow is almost 0. read more

The new search engine must show results

When the We


4, Box Computing (with the symbol


we can find the link behind will have "promotion" two words, and the right column are promotion link. Link refers to pay promotion, so the result will be in a position to show in front of the natural ranking, but no matter how many links, will show ten natural ranking behind it. Here we need to pay attention to is: the left column links only home will have, and the right column of each page will have a promotion.

we mean that: after Shanghai Longfeng optimization by some technical means, starting from the needs of users, to meet the needs of users and improve the user experience, a method of introducing marketing flow, so as to obtain the natural ranking in Shanghai search engine; the webmaster optimized making up the page called natural results, which will display the page title, page description, and URL (web address). read more

Love Shanghai anti cheating big update low quality site punishment

interpretation: a punishment of low quality site

love Shanghai LEE provides a data in the announcement: This upgrade will affect the search traffic 5%. The punishment is big, but from another point of view, Shanghai is love doubt mentality for the 5% sites, that is to say there is a part of the webmaster still use black hat Shanghai Longfeng hope get traffic from search engines, rather than for users to create more value, rather than real from the content of the value of search engines provide better information, provide users with better information. read more

n fact, the foam on the surface of Shanghai Longfeng great potential

three, keep a positive attitude

love to taste

in fact, everything is in the process of changing, and the search engine algorithm is also in order to better meet the needs of users, constantly adjust their. In Shanghai dragon we love Shanghai but also change with the change, Sony Ericsson Shanghai began to touch the new algorithm. But as long as the so-called: a superficial reform. Seize the core points of love in Shanghai. Here, the beauty of Shanghai Longfeng summarized the following four points: read more

n the Shanghai Dragon a collection of share index — and one step away from the distance

value of

was built into the index library, but get traffic and different opportunities, it is difficult to obtain the flow index is invalid. Only after the index, users can search by keyword, find the page in the results.

The value of the What is the relationship between

included 3. indexAfter the

1. index were included and what


page is included: love Shanghai spiders found, analyzed, that the page value included

(2) weight transfer occurs only in the page

on weekdays, always meet the customer asked: what is included and the index, what, what’s the difference? read more

How to do the construction of the chain enterprise website construction website links experience sha

for traditional businesses, there is a business network, a business network including the purchase channels, sales channels, to cooperate and raw material suppliers and distributors, coordination between different enterprises also need and then, in the long-term course of business, form their own unique "business circle" then, as the most valuable resource of the line, and "business circle" website to establish links between friends, you have me in the website, and I have.

website read more