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was built into the index library, but get traffic and different opportunities, it is difficult to obtain the flow index is invalid. Only after the index, users can search by keyword, find the page in the results.

The value of the What is the relationship between

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1. index were included and what


page is included: love Shanghai spiders found, analyzed, that the page value included

(2) weight transfer occurs only in the page

on weekdays, always meet the customer asked: what is included and the index, what, what’s the difference? read more

How to do the construction of the chain enterprise website construction website links experience sha

for traditional businesses, there is a business network, a business network including the purchase channels, sales channels, to cooperate and raw material suppliers and distributors, coordination between different enterprises also need and then, in the long-term course of business, form their own unique "business circle" then, as the most valuable resource of the line, and "business circle" website to establish links between friends, you have me in the website, and I have.

website read more

How to build a website for Shanghai Dragon

2: to do stand in the form generally is less Flash, more use of text and text link. Now, the search engine is unable to identify the content of the Flash. So the key area on the website: "the connection part of the navigation area, key text area, we should adopt the content area writing performance. Try to avoid using Flash.

the first point: pre construction site planning. Before the station, this is what we must consider. This station to do what content, which is conducive to Shanghai dragon "form to do, after the promotion of how to. read more

Some techniques for enterprise website optimization in Shanghai Dragon

I have

some friends mostly can copy others modify the article after the release to their site, this method is feasible, the key is how you modify the ability, good ability to try to put the bottom changes, do not modify or disrupt the order of a, this is very stupid. I opened the Shanghai dragon flying cloud friends when doing business in the e-book will choose and use the software to guide out of this is the most original content, is a good trick.

3, the robots file specification writing

you watch the website links to the articles are: the domain name + Directory > read more

The construction site six step new increase weight is not a dream (on)

we can see from the surveillance and DNS website before the line must do a host, the author also established several websites, I think a website officially launched before the host and domain name for at least three days of monitoring is the best way.

3, web hosting and domain name resolution is very good, love Shanghai think this website is fast, prepared, so in a short period of time will give good rankings.

2, web host or domain name resolution problem does not occur, but the loading speed is not fast, the value of Ping is not very good, the love of Shanghai believes that the future of the future development of this site is also very general, only to give a little attention. read more

Study on the website of Shanghai Longfeng saturation

The number of The first one is the

when the weight value of the web site in a certain range, to the inside pages of the weight value is limited, not to say that the page number, website to more weight page, the ultimate user experience last month to write "love Shanghai" weight rapidly analyzed as Shanghai dragon Er should how to apply marketing thinking Shanghai love lifting weight. When our website in the new page will have a score, and the old page will slowly sink, or because of the timeliness of the old page will be deleted, if you want to break through the included value, weight to break, because the inside pages of most score is derived from the home page, the website weight is not raised, then your website may not ascend. read more

The essence of love Shanghai wise remark of an experienced person know promotion skills

six, have a good time.

this is to love Shanghai collection to use, first you have to love Shanghai collection collection target site, and then record the address, pay attention to each web site address only a collection. Statistics after, in response to love Shanghai knew about the problem when the reference is filled with your love Shanghai collection account on the line, so indirectly submitted your web site.


9 pm is the most popular day, when posting the best. But the time is not suitable for posting around 6 in the morning, a "night owl" was sleeping, "normal" is not. read more

The enterprise website does not have four main reasons for ranking

enterprise website promotion is not enterprise website does not have fourth reasons for ranking, the site is now too much innumerable, such a large amount of information in front of the computer can not remember, the human brain is no better, on the other hand, the search engine ranking is limited, so the enterprise website must be carried out to promote. More effectively increase the degree of the site came to light. A lot of promotion methods, enterprises can choose one or two kinds of main methods to promote, for a long time, the effect is obvious. read more

The site right down to what aspects of the inspection work on the web

second, to recall a recent period of time stability of the site space. If the site space is not stable, such as the website cannot open more times, often cannot access etc.. Can also check the site log, see the various search engines crawl and spider robot situation, if there is abnormal, so that your site is in addition to the problem of space, need to contact as soon as possible service providers to solve, if cannot be solved in a short time, so for the site to replace a more stable situation in space will the line. read more

The importance of website description text

here will have friends ask, since the external and internal anchor text link anchor text links are so important in Shanghai dragon, in the anchor text link

third, the same page do not appear in different links of the same keywords.

2, the specificity of the link anchor text, explain the whole content page in the anchor text and the page is the main related consistency.

keyword appears in the page

, anchor text plus, will help to improve the relevant page keyword ranking. To improve the home page weight; each page is also read more

The homepage is the difference between K and left home and Solutions


many owners love to put a lot of text on the home page, resulting in excessive optimization, the best is to take only one link to the following.

did not update, the site has a search engine that nobody management, database also has full time, certainly time to delete some content, the update is not very frequent site collection. The old to make way for the new user, always search to the previous things, no new stuff that will give up the search engine.

template text: each page will appear in the text. read more

With the movie website to learn to do the long tail keywords promotion drainage examples

I was feeling very strange, why such an obvious link, it did not remove his post horizon. So, I would like to see exactly what is in the plate. I will open the post the full version of the full plate – Iqiyi.

Optimization of

found the original drainage for his movie website.

but also from the evening of that day to start.

The story of This is my first

day, I love Shanghai in search of TV drama "happiness please wait for me", then to see twenty-third sets, so I easily searched "happiness please wait for me 23, I such a move is completely natural, but there is a demand, believe that a lot of love looking at a television set people will search this drama. The results, I found the love Shanghai second website. read more

Webmaster should how to improve the relationship and search engine spiders


well, we talked about the topic of "spider crawling

first thing Networking:

second things: food

Internet spirit is the spirit of sharing, and the characteristics of the spider crawling is consistent, because the spider is tailored for the internet. As a webmaster if we want to faster and more deeply into the Internet have to put their things out to other people’s things brought in, this process can be called Links or the construction of the chain. When we have numerous chain and Limited chain after the completion of our net work is finished half, why not say just completed a half completed? Because we do is let us in front of the whole and the outside world, but we haven’t linked. The second step is our internal networks, netting principle is from the home page to page link from page to page link in the page must link and page. Such webs can make our home to share the knowledge of the Internet gradually transferred to all the web pages of the website. Well, at this stage of our net work be accomplished (in fact, as long as the site in the business networking work has been going on I just figurative just read more

The website is punished the self reflection of love Shanghai

3, aware of the situation not seconds, we panic, like a stock, buy, hold, flesh, convertible, bought to secure, then the same flesh. We made a series of mistakes. In the end a mistaken love Shanghai may be due to alt increase keyword density under the condition of modified back. After uploading. The tragedy. We are direct K auto parts network station.

Hey ~ after we as a warning for the future after

1, first is the question of dispute about domain name ownership companies boss, because of the value evaluation, and interests, we change the domain owner, and analysis of IP, this is the most important start of doom. To do so, in the eyes of love Shanghai, you this website is changed the ownership of the company, he needs to you whether the holder will continue to adhere to the new site to do a good job in the investigation stage, so they will suspend the release of your index, included or will continue. read more

Website optimization is the shortcut to success 42 pounds

website construction and optimization method for who? Real site construction and optimization of the master who have their successful way to teach a man to fish as delegate to fish. The rule of the search engine today is a look, maybe tomorrow is another way, the website construction and optimization ideas should keep pace with the times, learning is not a simple "technology", how to treat the website construction and optimization from the macro, more conducive to the optimization of master site construction and optimization. Besides, everyone has their own special skills, not everyone is willing to share with. Share may be thousands of others to try something back, do not think too much value to share, of course, things are not absolute, it is said here the binary is not dead. What is the website construction and optimization can be successful? Do 42 dial one thousand jins type, reducing the number of ranking costs and shorten the time to achieve the best effect, this is the website construction and optimization of the. read more

404 error page will have what effect to the site

Lee is on the website webmaster how to do 404 error page the instructions, if the site is not 404 pages, will have a much greater impact on the website? No 404 page, when the user accidentally enter the wrong site, would be a mistake for web site, users will need to input from the new website, jump out rate and for the spiders, when a spider crawling, Web links appear dead, the spider can skip to the site, a bad influence, have a certain impact on the website rankings. Trust the search engine on the web is also greatly reduced. read more

301 and 302 turn (redirect) the difference and effect

for the correct implementation of the 301 redirect, there are several methods available for reference:

browser, agents or search engines to send " to a " crawler;; Web page or call request, call the page or URL where the web server will check a file named.Htaccess. This file contains how to deal with a specific request instruction, and play a key role in security. The user can modify the file through the file browser, to inform the agent or ", called " crawler; page belongs to a temporary move (302 permanent redirect) or removed (301 redirect). We can use a web hosting service instead of the.Htaccess’file to achieve the 301/302 permanent redirect. read more

On site construction optimization of internal and external factors

station optimization is divided into optimization analysis, optimization, optimization, implementation of long-term optimal judgment.

optimization is the optimization analysis of the data by judging. Our core keywords, the core column is optimized, there may be a special work, do Links, station group, brand promotion, or chain construction, more regular inspection data backup server, all the work is to ensure the long-term stable development of the website.

is about to determine optimal line on the website after the promotion of the website, see Internet users respond to web sites, make some adjustments, such as the flow of content and the core content of the proportion, try and competitors are different, the core content of outstanding website, this process inside and outside the chain chain to work together to do. The accumulation of data, data analysis, and then do some long term adjustment and targeted to the content construction. read more

How to increase the chain through the Forum


two: character signature which can set you want to link (Figure 1), next to a post or thread distribution links, but this method now too many people, and if you want to send the most like water, you will inevitably be deleted sooner or later embarrassment.

: to find the weight of high site included some links is impossible, such as love Post Bar forum Sina, Shanghai, the Pacific Forum on women, even occasionally good luck stay on one of the two, will immediately disappear.

three: in even the signature forum thread, and select new posts included with, will be better, this is the reason why so many people love to grab the sofa, or some fire up posts can also be included, will also read. Also don’t let go of the top posts, the essence of technology, etc.. read more

About the title of the site, the utility is the kingly way

many sites boasting too much, we often see: three heaven love Shanghai first, earn 300 part-time day at home, a look at the title is false, not to click on you.

many people anxious to get all the relevant keywords are written up, it is difficult to optimize up, especially new sites, you a title key words too much weight, dispersed, it will cause each keyword optimization does not go up, or each keywords are not a good ranking, will not flow no, with the same ranking. Keywords so I suggest that we should not exceed 3 of the title, keywords you less, easier to optimize up, website traffic, you and other related keywords directory optimization. read more