How to avoid the new station in the revision of the right to drop

no map, no truth, I attached to the above diagram, and share my change program after SEO method. One of my small stations, on-line in late November, the web site will not be sent out, there are pictures.

station is Taobao’s API call station, no ranking, no right heavy! In 2011 December, every day spider crawling traffic is greater than 3G, my space flow is 30G. Flow is not enough, and the last ten days are to buy traffic to maintain, 1G=5 yuan, a day on the 15 bar. For a Taobao’s new station, the previous period is no money earned. Someone asked me why I didn’t turn off the station until after this month. Everyone knows SEO, spider is very annoying, web site can not open or open slowly. One time can not open, the second time, but also can not open, the 3 and 4 will be K station, so I can not help. Later, want to maintain the premise of not changing the IP upgrade space, but other service providers do not support, upgrade, you must change IP. Well, the plan died again. Change procedures, but, for the program, the site must be punished easily, resulting in the right to drop. read more

Personal Adsense how to promote local talent network

local talent network has become more and more prosperous in recent years. There are many differences between the local talent network and the comprehensive national talent network, but it does not mean that they are in a disadvantageous position.

like qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin also has local station, but he charges on enterprise cost, individual stationmaster is a big advantage in this respect. Big website has hundreds of people to operate, the brand is noisy, but average to each individual, individual stationmaster has bigger profit space. Baidu recently also in the field of talent horizontal inserted a leg, so that operators personal network owners difficult, but also indicates that talent networks will only be more popular, the short term will not decline. Now talk about the personal operation of the recruitment of talent network summed up some of the personal Adsense how to promote local talent network method. read more

PHP crawler data acquisition and analysis of millions of users

code hosting address:

, /Hector

grabbed 1 million 100 thousand of the user data this time, and the data analysis was as follows:

Preparation before


installs the Linux system (Ubuntu14.04) and installs a Ubuntu under the VMWare virtual machine;

installs PHP5.6 or more;

installs curl and pcntl extensions.

uses PHP’s curl extension to grab page data

The curl extensions of

PHP are libraries supported by PHP that allow you to use various types of protocols to connect and communicate with a variety of servers. read more

Teach you how to look at the overall strength of an DC

webmaster brothers and sisters: teach you how to see a comprehensive strength of IDC. Buy space, the heart has a number

now to buy a good space is the webmaster is a headache, online selling space more, now is not what rare double mainframe products, the size of IDC are double space. Then how to choose the space business? You can refer to the following aspects:

1. to see if the space dealer has a telecommunications license:

Beijing: Beijing ICP license 020123 general Beijing B2-20080123 two documents. This area is referred to as the other basic +B2-20080111 (for example: Shandong: Lu B2-20080111 Henan: Henan B2-20081111). The general business card with space ICP is relatively safe, at least this company is a qualified operator. Stronger than the undocumented. read more

The ultimate way to do business make sure the boss is the only one to leave

last month in a salon in the local electricity supplier Association, in the last part of the question, a colleague has raised the question to the guests: the shop sells digital products are our factory production line out, one explosion rate of return 5% (in the digital category is very high), and in the evaluation of the content, there are a lot of problems is a reflection of the product. The operation is very annoying, because in the face of market data show that the product is unable to meet the needs of consumers, must be improved in order to re launch process. But to change the process, we must change the mold, this cost estimate needs more than 1 million yuan. The operation of communication and tried to find the boss, but the boss not to say yes or no, so it ran aground off. read more

Talking about the strategy and means of website promotion

After the completion of the

website, now have a propaganda enterprise website platform, the website after we should how to let more people know their own website, which requires the website promotion. A successful website promotion process is also the process of branding and product promotion.

implementation of website promotion, we should take into account:

Potential users of

‘s product or service is what kind of user;


analysis of the company’s products or services using the object what are the characteristics of what kind of Internet habits; read more