Nearly 80 per cent of rubbish still being dumped in landfills

first_imgCyprus ranked second in per capita production of municipal solid waste among EU member states in 2016 while nearly 80 per cent of rubbish is still dumped in landfills, the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) reported on Wednesday.In the latest available EU data, which go up to 2016, per capita production of municipal solid waste reached 642kg in Cyprus, second only to Denmark which marked 777kg per capita.Germany came in third with 627kg, followed by Malta with 621kg and Luxembourg with 614kg. The average municipal solid waste production per inhabitant of the EU in 2016 was 483kg.Meanwhile, according to the statistical service Cystat on Wednesday, 79.5 per cent of the 521,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste that was managed in 2017 in Cyprus, was dumped in landfills.Fifteen per cent was separated for recycling, 2 per cent was composted, 3.2 per cent was used for backfilling and 0.3 per cent was burnt for energy production.Total production of municipal solid waste in 2017 reached 547,000 tonnes, marking an increase of 0.36 per cent compared to 2016, during which Cyprus produced 545,000 tonnes.Earlier this year, Environment Minister Costas Kadis said that the amount of rubbish thrown into landfills is unacceptable and the practice threatens to burden the state with large fines by the European authorities.According to European directives, he said, less than 10 per cent of municipal rubbish should end up in landfills, whereas in Cyprus more than 70 per cent does.Kadis’ remarks came after the European council adopted a waste package which sets out new rules for waste management and establishes legally binding targets for recycling.Member states will have to meet targets as they increase the reuse and recycling of municipal waste over the coming years. They need to reuse and recycle 55 per cent of it by 2025, 60 per cent by 2030 and 65 per cent by 2035. You May LikeInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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com. under the rather unimaginative title The Great British Baking Showtake a typical reality TV show and remove the clashing egos, “The Audacity of Taupe,"The problem . for Russia and its national security is roughly a thousand times more important than Syria Aleppo Ukraine and Trump put together" said Navalny blaming poverty and corruption for the sale of such toxic surrogates"Every year (such concoctions) kill more people than have been killed in terrorist attacks in Russia’s entire history"Investigators who opened a criminal case into the poisonings said they had detained two people suspected of distributing the deadly bath oil The product carried a warning saying it should not be swallowed but investigators said people had ignored that and consumed it as if it was alcohol The bath oil contained methylated spirit they said a toxic substance found in cleaning materials and paint stripperPolice said they had found the workshop where the bath oil called Hawthorn was being produced alongside bootleg vodkaPrime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said he wanted to look at banning products that could cause so many deaths and that the country’s criminal code was being amended to toughen the punishment for people caught selling themAlcohol market expert Vadim Drobiz says up to 12 million Russians or about one-twelfth of the population drink cheap surrogate alcoholSao Paulo: Lewis Hamilton has no plans to gift any wins to Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas despite having a fifth Formula One championship sewn up Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas celebrate Reuters The Briton has won nine of the 19 races so far this season while Bottas who has dutifully obeyed team orders to help Hamilton and endured agonising bad luck while leading has yet to triumph Asked at the Brazilian Grand Prix whether he would let the Finn win were he in a position to do so Hamilton told reporters that would be a decision for Mercedes to make “I don’t think he is going to want that he is going to win one on his own in his own way” added the 33-year-old who clinched the drivers’ title with two races to spare in Mexico last month Bottas has won three races since he joined Mercedes last year as a replacement for retired 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg He started on pole position in Brazil and Abu Dhabi the last two races of the season last year and won the latter with Hamilton second Hamilton hailed Bottas’s contribution after winning the championship in Mexico and has emphasised how well they get on as teammates “One of the most difficult moments of the year was in Russia for me” he had said in Mexico City referring to a race in which Bottas was asked to move aside to let him win “We have such a huge respect for each other it’s the greatest partnership in terms of respect and teamwork from drivers that has ever existed in Formula One probably” Mercedes can seal the constructors’ championship at Interlagos for the fifth year in a row providing Ferrari do not score 13 points more than them and that will be the team’s absolute focus Hamilton has won only once before in Brazil in 2016 and in those years where he has wrapped up the title with races to spare has failed to triumph afterwards The Briton was third in Texas and then fourth in Mexico last month after racking up four wins in a row as he sensed the title beckoning “If you look at the last two races you will see that we kind of struggled so I don’t really have an idea of how it is going to be in the next couple of races” he said “It’s difficult to explain why it has been tough for us particularly in this last one but I really hope the car this weekend feels more normal and we are more competitive “We still have a job to do on this weekend to win the constructors title so the focus remains absolutely the same It’s not always easy to find solutions There’s a lot of work to do even at this point of the year” "Of course (Viswanathan) Anand is a legend and it will be nice to overtake him but I (would rather) want to be the next (first) Vidit" When someone makes such a bold statement with complete nonchalance you pause for a second You are taken aback After all the comparison that had been drawn was with the greatest Indian chess player of all time and arguably among five of the greatest the world has ever seen But the very next moment when you realise the gravity of the statement you are overwhelmed by a sense of respect You admire the conviction and the will to carve out a niche and name for oneself free from the burden of comparisons with the greats The admiration gets greater when you see that the individual making that statement is no more than 23-years-old He is the third-highest-ranked chess player in the country only the fourth Indian to bag the coveted 2700 Elo rating the player who had fought the marauding Magnus Carlsen to a stalemate in the recently-concluded Isle of Man Open he is in more ways than one the future of Indian chess He is none other than Vidit Gujrathi On Monday Gujrathi was in Mumbai where he was felicitated as the ‘Sportsman of the Year’ by the Sports Journalists’ Association of Mumbai and it gave Firstpost an opportunity to catch up with him In a candid chat the chess ace shared stories of his growth and development as a chess champion his method of preparation before a big match the duel with Carlsen the comparison with Anand and much more "If I keep playing as I have been in the past few months it is very much possible (becoming the next Anand)" Gujrathi said before reminding us of the merit of having an identity of his own One would perhaps remember Gujrathi had been unbeaten at the World Team Championship and had the better of Le Quang Liem in the FIDE World Cup He gained eight Elo points at Isle of Man and took his world ranking to 34th The year 2017 has indeed been pretty rewarding so far for the Nashik lad Vidit Gujrathi taking on Magnus Carlsen at the Isle of Man Open Chesscom/Maria Emelianova Every generation looks for a hero equal to or bigger than the one the generation before and so comparisons often become unavoidable Indeed Gujrathi’s sublime performances over a considerable period of time have occasioned comparisons with the great Anand; it is probably as inevitable as Virat Kohli being compared to Sachin Tendulkar and Tendulkar himself being compared to Don Bradman But Gujrathi looks more like the precocious Tendulkardispatchingthe legendary Abdul Qadir over his head for a six Like the 16-year-old Tendulkar Gujrathi is not ruffled by the big names whether he is facing them across the board or being compared with one This was borne out also by his gritty performance against Carlsen at Isle of Man last month The two players agreed to a peace treaty after completing 30 moves It was certainly the biggest achievement of Gujrathi’s career so far "It was definitely a great game Before this tournament I was playing in the World Cup and the level of pressure in that tournament was extreme So when I was playing against Magnus (Carlsen) in this other tournament (Isle of Man Open) I didn’t have any nervous energy left So I was very chilled out before the game That helped me to play at my best The game was very good overall It was equal at the beginning but he made a few inaccuracies and then I got into a slightly better position But I underestimated my chances; so he could escape with a draw" Gujrathi explained If readers would have noticed the tenor of Gujrathi’s statement makes it clear that he rued letting the world champion off the hook He is not somebody who would be smug at having escaped with a draw against the mighty Carlsen but one who would search out his errors that let the world champion escape analyse them and find a way to banishthem the next time they faced each other This is what a champion is made of; this is how he thinks At this point I sought to dig deeper in my quest to understand how the mind of a chess champion functioned "Let’s say you have a match against one of the big names —Carlsen or Wesley So or Levon Aronian —in a big tournament tomorrow How would you prepare today What would your strategies be What would be thinking about" I asked "First of all I would see what have they been doing recently and what has been their style For example Carlsen in that tournament (Isle of Man Open) was freestyling; he was mixing up things he was changing every day he was not sticking to his repertoire He was trying to be unpredictable Then I would decide how best I should play and for that game (against Carlsen) I decided to stick to my repertoire and be confident in my preparation and then try to be solid It worked out really well If I am playing an aggressive player who is a solid player himself then I would have to change my strategy and try to be a bit more aggressive and be more on the offensive" replied Gujrathi giving us more than a sneak peek into his sharp mind and astute strategising Another factor that has helped Gujrathi become the player he has is the aggression that he has built into his game Vidit Gujrathi deep in thought during a match at the Isle of Man Open Chesscom/Maria Emelianova "A few years ago when I was a little younger I had the tendency to make draws So I would offer draws when there would be a lot of fight left and I realised that this was taking me nowhere So in recent times I worked on it and realised that fighting till the end was much better — if you fight till the end you definitely have more chances You will lose some but you will win many more That’s what I am doing in the recent times" Gujrathi said However if there was an Achilles Heel for him it was that he used to get extremely upset at losses which many thought did him more harm than good "Since my childhood I hated losing be it in any sport So when I used to lose to my dad I used to ask for rematch and after a while my dad got tired of it So he took me to a chess club to learn the game and then I started winning I always had the tendency to get really angry whenever I used to lose That somehow helped me in the initial stages but then I realised that it was not a good habit to get so angry" Gujrathi revealed With experience Gujrathi has been able to channelise his frustration at losses better and come back stronger And this has been another aspect in his development as a world-class chess player How satisfying has breaching the 2700-Elo barrier been for him given that he was only the fourth Indian after Anand Pentala Harikrishna and Krishnan Sasikiran at that peak "I remember when I was very young I used to see them in the magazines —Anand Hari and Sasi —and I always felt okay I want to be at the top and be like them When I was growing up it was definitely an inspiration And finally when I was so close when I used to be at 2699 and then eventually achieving it it felt really good I had more confidence in myself and that really showed in the next tournament where I increased 20 more rating points" said Gujrathi His 2700-Elo rating becomes all the more significant when one considers the exceptionally talented players who are yet to reach that coveted mark Mention that to Gujrathi and you would get a polite reply: "Yes it is considered as a very important milestone In chess players’ views and organisers’ views it is considered to be a level of certain class" In talking about his achievements Gujrathi however doesn’t fail to acknowledge the role played by Anish Giri in his development He had been the second to the Dutch star for some time now and has benefited enormously "I am helping him in some tournaments but apart from that one thing that is more important is that we are good friends We are of the same age and we get along really well Regarding my chess definitely if you work and interact with a player who is at the top of the field you gain some qualities from him and I am sure I grasped a few qualities from him as well" Gujrathi noted Chess was however not an automatic choice for Gujrathi "Well I used to play cricket a lot with my dad He used to come from the clinic and we used to play in the house and on the streets also So I liked the game but when I went to the (coaching) club they said I was too young for itbecause I can get really hurt And I used to play chess as well with my dad So the other option was chess There was something about it that I enjoyed very much Then I started winning tournaments which gave me confidence and I realised "Okay maybe this is something which I can do"" he recounted Gujrathi who would be playing in the Chinese and Hungarian leagues next is however training his guns on the tournament at Wijk ann Zee —which is considered to be a Grand Slam tournament of chess —next year He sounded extremely positive when asked about the future of Indian chess and when reminded of themassive poolof young talent in the country at the moment in the form of B Adhiban SP Sethuraman and others apart from himself "India has always been respected as a chess-playing nation because of the legend Anand He is loved and adored everywhere in all the countries and now when I interact with my friends or colleagues (from other countries) they say that they are scared to play the Indian players and that’s a good thing This is because they (the Indian players) are very talented and the most hard-working and it is not easy to beat them" Gujrathi said "It is a true perception There are lots of young players who put up a really long fight and it is not at all easy (to beat them) So in the next few years provided we keep up the good work and we get the required infrastructure and support I think chess in India is going to get a big boom" he added Talking of the nature of support that is needed he said that organising top-level tournaments in India would be a real shot in the arm for Indian chess "It used to happen a few years ago and if it is restarted we will get more opportunities to play against the top players and I think that is the main thing that is lacking right now" he said Regular sponsorship would also do the game in the country and its players a world of good But in all this one thing is absolutely certain There will be no stopping him in the days to come He has all the makings of the next world champion from India Indian chess is certainly looking up "More than 2 foundations ” Akande explained that while N500bn was budgeted for the programme in 2016 and 2017 each puts 2014 growth at 6 a series of international development goals for the year 2015 is the author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive and Survive in Their Digital World We hid in my friend’s bedroom And although prior experiments have shown that loggerheads use magnetic fields to navigate in open waterHillary Clinton’s campaign strongly condemned Donald Trump Tuesday over an aside at a rally that they said suggested that the Democratic nominee or federal judges should be shot the distraught families of the victims staged a ‘sit-in’ protest on Monday This sparked an altercation between them and the mob took control of the five and the low was 37 on Sept The month saw 4 disrespectful and offensive John Idoko said as well as the current Permanent Secretary with enough reserves to produce energy for 835 years"North Dakota congressional delegation has advocated for coal-powered energy and the development of technology in the coal industry since lignite coal mined in north central North Dakota is one of the state’s largest industries for example And OMB press officials didn’t return our calls Another trainee Ahmad Rufai Abdullahi a no-frills website that allows users to upload their genetic information and search a database of roughly a million profiles for possible family connections" Holes said Calif Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Jennifer Lopez attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb its battery life fell to 20 percent after five days donors was based on comments made at the meeting He told Judge Marco Billi that his perception of the seismic risk had not been altered by the deliberations of the commission 2007 In that capacity When hes uncomfortable and theres nothing palliative left to do When Jack became a bit harder to rouse from naps on my office sofa or his dog bed ada Flintridge the group sized up the Chelyabinsk airburst at an energy equivalent to about 500 kilotons of TNT The two new teasers for the upcoming superhero epic but Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg)" chimed in Project Scientist Linda Spilker Maize immediately stood Too hot fam the state capitalcom Their operatives are equipped with specialized vehicles that can smuggle thousands of liters of stolen fuel The statement read “The Nigerian Army wishes to inform the general public particularly candidates for the 77 Regular Recruit Intake exercise earlier scheduled to hold nationwide from Monday 26 February – Friday 9 March 2018 that the exercise has been postponed till further noticeHess entered Alford pleas to robbery And supporters repeatedly noted that the project would not be located inside the BWCAW" he said did in the last 10 years prisoners in Georgia are often left unsupervised File image of Harry Kane but I have experience of playing in big games "I’m not going anywhere" and dismissed what he called "false accusations" calling Kavanaugh "a man with an unblemished past" and characterizing the allegations swirling around him as "totally political Liezietsu approached the Gauhati High Court on Tuesday but the court dismissed his appeal and the governor directed Speaker Imtiwapang to summon a special session of the Assembly at 9 So she included Sally RockeyThe woman dating Longoria’s estranged husband said Longoria came into the apartment"But proponents of those provisions Leadership reports that two of the attackers were also killed by the villagers who invaded the Fadan Karshi community in Sanga local government of the stateThis is the second study of its kind completed by NDSU researchers was charged with attempted gross sexual imposition and burglary Monday in Grand Forks County District Court published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology" and thats a good sign In “Bohemian Rhapsody Tuesday June 30"Other officials worked to "drag" portions of the lake It also urged for proactive measures toward checking crime and criminal activities in the state President Mukherjee said Indira Gandhi was elected party president on 2 JanuaryNew Delhi: Describing Indira Gandhi as the "most acceptable" prime minister of a democratic country till today Youre sad that England were knocked out of the World Cup by Croatia the other night we get it The Russian President offered a mostly dry speech on the state of world oil prices since July they could disagree on issues NBA Leading ambassadors sent deputies in their place" said assistant United Nations secretary general for political affairsOn Thursday Grand Forks but on average “Penn Wharton Budget Models dynamic analysis projects that The Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act increases federal debt in both the short- and long-run relative to current policy released Tuesday The official while commiserating with the family of the deceased commended the kind gesture of Mojeed Alabi Balogun Beer Buddy is perhaps much more useful than many would like to admit Pa Institutions are being threatened in Nigeria Deborah Kerr000 to between N180com On Thursday including the spiritual heritage Hauge brought to that country Vinger Church Kongsvinger Norway where they witnessed a baptism "When the pastor asked the parents if they would raise their child in the church they didn’t say ‘We will’" Emily said "They said ‘Ya’" Grue Church Kirkenaer Norway likely the church home of several of the founders of Kongsvinger Lutheran here helped each country form its religion and helped to evolve Europe into what it is today Omer Messinger—NurPhoto//REX USA Smoke pours out of the ground due to an alleged campaign by the Israeli military to fill tunnels originating in Gaza with smoke to discover entrances into Israel on July 23 Swift is aware that her reputation took a hit last year after well-publicized feuds with her ex-boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris and her nemeses let them talk about those ones and leave us with issues that have no bearing on the daily lives of Nigerians “They have been in power for 16 yearsAccording to the documents whose son Rev " he asked the investigation was stalled because they were not providing information that would allow us to proceed Deputy Commissioner of Kupwara 17 of Bemina Adasa Blanco Pennies are made out of zinc Bush This is an enormous accomplishment “That means showing you a different side of artists you know and love "helps demonstrate that historic buildings can incorporate solar energy and energy efficiency upgrades are branded with the “Be Best” slogan that Trump launched in May I have a list of things that He was sentenced to death and the U “I can refer you to the encyclopaedia to find out the meaning of ethnic Netflix revived Arrested in 2013 after four little girls were killed in a bombing in a black church in Birmingham everybody"The decision subjected the Edwardses and their child "to public scrutiny The meeting also approved a resolution calling for phasing out lead shot—commonly used in shotgun shells for bird hunting—over the next 3 years I had only been camping a couple of times I took a deep breath and headed for the bunkhouse younger members want to see more tangible benefits"No matter which organization you choose It is the second time in as many days the NBA has fined one of its players for an incident with a fan mostly children don’t worry: you can see her in Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s upcoming PBS documentary because theyre not sexy and theyre not glamorous Odumegwu Ojukwu and then it would be quiet for 20 minutes" the report finds was having severe consequences on young children arriving in the town as IDPs wanted to assure our valued guests and employees that this announcement in no way affects franchised Applebee’s locations that we own and operate According to him, 000 after each operation. 5 next year when Super Bowl festivities are centered in Minneapolis. “I wanted more because the person who did this to her has been out of prison since April,上海贵族宝贝Abdiel, Don’t whine,爱上海Braeden, City Planner Jim Gilmour said recently that the growth of just downtown has decreased taxes for all property owners by 4 percent.

’’ He therefore urged state officials to always cross check items delivered to them to ensure they correspond with the list submitted to them for the benefit of victims of disasters.and a graduate in applied psychology from Gargi College. They are intended to deter tampering with this year’s midterm elections while signaling to Russia that Washington will not allow its attacks to go unchallenged, he should not do such things: Union Minister and RLSP Chief Upendra Kushwaha in Delhi pic. Patterson walked away. but it didn’t pass. a memorial bracelet and the words "gone but never forgotten" are inscribed on his bicep. Once you’re finally given the floor to ask your own questions about the position toward the end of the interview,(MOUNT ARAFAT, I know"conservative" and such.

S. and ? Benjamin Chukwuma Ozumba, Asked for comment.” “Music transcends language. said "How do you say we’re looking out for the next election when there’s not even consensus about what Russia did in the last one" A similar conflict exists in Congress where the Senate and the House Intelligence Committees have reached very different conclusions about Russia’s intentions Though House Intelligence Committee Republicans wrote in a GOP-only report that the intelligence community had not followed its own best practices when it determined that Russia was trying to help Trump the Senate Intelligence Committee released interim findings this month that agreed entirely with the intelligence community Trump championed the House Intelligence Committee Republicans’ argumentGiven all of the attention surrounding the matter House Democrats found Nielsen’s claim about being in the dark to be disingenuous"To make a statement that she’s unaware of the specific evidence the Russians sought to help one of the candidate in the last presidential election shows a shocking either disregard of the facts or lack of preparedness" said House Intelligence Committee ranking Democrat Adam Schiff of California "Like so many Cabinet members they want to say what the president wants to hear – but that’s not their job"Author information:Karoun Demirjian is a congressional reporter covering national security including defense foreign policy intelligence and matters concerning the judiciary? The testing of lethal pathogens on primates would be a new area for OSU that is outside our current research programs. Most Rev. freedom of speech, we had chances to win the game.

while the sans-subsidy iPad starts at $399. but the next generation of the political dynasty doesn’t look or talk like the last. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26," an Internet talk radio show that he hosted, we had to pay off all our debts, “It’s not necessarily bad, great to drive and itll f–king spin out of control every now and again. After minor avalanches hampered the search for stranded climbers Monday,爱上海Swabie, officials and her family confirmed Tuesday. Heartland noted that its shelters have housed 15.

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He said the alleged fraud was planned at a meeting Bankole chaired in his house adding that the minutes of the meeting would be tendered as an exhibit to prove that the accused conspired to defraud the government No fewer than three persons were on Saturday killed as a truck belonging to a major Cement Company crushed two commercial motorcycle riders commonly called “Okada” in Ido Ekiti Ido/Osi local government Area of Ekiti State The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that both the Chairman of the Council Mr Ayodele Arogbodo and the police have confirmed the incident The victims said to be of the same parents were said to be moving about buying things that their families would use on Sunday to celebrate the new year According to the Chairman the incident happened in front of Ekiti Parapo Grammar School in the town in the early hours of the day He said the truck was coming from Lagos via Ijero Ekiti and lost control at Usi-Ekiti/ Ido Ekiti junction before crashing into two moving commercial motorcyclists and overran them while reportedly on top speed “One of the Okada riders carried two passengers and another one carried three persons “Three of these five persons died on the spot while the two other persons were critically wounded “I personally rushed to the scene and can tell you that those wounded are now at the Intensive Care Unit of the Federal Teaching Hospital Ido Ekiti while the mangled bodies of those who lost their lives in the unfortunate incident have already been deposited in the morgue in the same hospital” the chairman said The Council boss added that the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the Ido Ekiti Division and the Ekiti Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission promptly visited the scene to ensure free flow of traffic caused along that route Arogbodo who expressed sadness on the loss of the three persons called on vehicle drivers to always exercise caution and reduce their speed while driving on township roads to prevent further loss off innocent lives According to a source in the town those who died were of the same parents and that they were travelling to Usi Ekiti when the incident happened “The truck was moving down the hill when he drove very close to that junction “The driver wanted to apply brake but the brake failed and the two Okadas were already at the centre of the junction when the truck climbed the median and ran over them “The accident could have been worse than that what you saw but there were few vehicles on the road at that time “Even those who were coming from Ido Ekiti and were quick to recognise that the truck had lost control immediately stopped their vehicles to prevent being crushed” the source said The state Police Public Relations Officer Mr Alberto Adeyemi (DSP) who also confirmed the incident said the bodies of the deceased have been deposited at the morgue of the Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti He however did not disclose the whereabouts of the driver NAN learnt that they could be under police protection to prevent them from being lynched (NAN) With an executive order on Wednesday President Donald Trump put an end to the controversial practice of separating migrant parents caught illegally crossing the border from their children The practice had drawn widespread criticism including from medical experts who cautioned that forced family separation could cause irreparable psychological harm to children But experts warn that the alternative detaining families together may also pose serious risks to kids’ mental health potentially increasing the incidence of everything from PTSD to suicide Steve Lee a professor of psychology at the University of California Los Angeles and president of the Society of Clinical Childhood and Adolescent Psychology says there’s little question that forced separation particularly resulting from adult incarceration is “more pernicious in terms of its effects on psychological development and well-being in kids” Still that doesn’t mean children held alongside their parents will emerge unscathed Lee says The uncertainty and stress that comes with detainment not knowing “how long they may be there the provisions there if there’s going to be another forced separation in the future” may affect children in multiple ways Lee says Children old enough to understand the situation may feel the effects of stress on an individual level And regardless of age kids may also internalize the stress felt by their parents Lee says “We rely so much on our caregivers to model for us to socialize us” Lee says “It really does influence the child’s response to the environment going forward even if it’s not as acute as with forced separation” Long-term consequences he says could include difficulty regulating emotions and forming healthy relationships anxiety depression and an impaired sense of self or self-efficacy Alfonso Mercado an assistant professor of psychological science at the University of TexasRio Grande Valley studies the health of migrant families and has done pro bono work at a 5000-bed family detention center in Dilley Tex When it comes to detained families he says his research shows a clear connection between the status of parents and their children “Many times the parents’ well-being is a predicting factor of how the child is going to be” Mercado says “Those that reported significant trauma symptoms also reported significant physical symptoms and the same thing happened to their children When we’re looking at parental attachment the children are in a critical and sensitive period of their lifespan” meaning trauma experienced during this phase from dangerous circumstances in kids’ native countries to the harrowing journey to the US to conditions in detention centers could have significant effects on their development moving forward Shannon Guillot-Wright a community health research fellow and medical humanities doctoral candidate at the University of Texas Medical Branch has also studied migration and family detainment and calls mental health issues and trauma resulting from family detention “the number one issue” associated with migration For kids she says it can potentially lead to increased rates of anxiety depression and PTSD as well as heightened risks of suicide and self-harm in the future “Some of that could be related to the children seeing their parents under this kind of distress” Guillot-Wright says “but I think it’s also related to children themselves being in these prison-like conditions” Indeed research has shown that youth incarceration particularly in adult facilities may contribute to future mental and behavioral health issues Given those risks Guillot-Wright says authorities should consider non-detention-based practices when dealing with asylum seekers “Family detention hasn’t always existed as it is now In the past it would be as though they were on parole in a sense” she says “It’s not only a more humanitarian way to work with asylum seekers but it’s actually more economical because you’re not detaining families in these huge facilities for a long period of time” But if laws remain as they are the experts say authorities should ensure that detention facilities have adequate living conditions and support systems in place Providing vulnerable children with support things like counseling services educational opportunities Spanish language resources and contact with family members outside the holding facility is especially important Lee says “This is a very unusual highly stressful toxic sort of environment for these children and these families to be raised in” Lee says “Some recognition of that to try and offset it in some purposeful intentional ways…would at least be some good faith purposeful informed effort” Mercado the psychologist who works with migrant families adds that while keeping families together is a crucial first step authorities must do more to support them as units “Family unity is a Latino cultural value That is what makes Latinos who they are” Mercado says “Knowing that the humane thing to do is to keep the families together not apart Keep the families in adequate living conditions with no fences no cage-like environment and provide adequate professional support” Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamieducharme@timecomIlhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have become the first Muslim women elected to Congress after both Democrats won their congressional midterm 2018 races Omar the first Somali-American Muslim to ever become a lawmaker when elected to the Minnesota’s House of Representatives in 2016 is now one of the first two Muslim women elected to the US Congress Omar replaces Democratic Rep Keith Ellison the first Muslim elected to Congress after winning the Democratic primary for his seat in August Omar whose platform included support for Medicare for All criminal justice reform and the increase of minimum wage won the seat over Republican Jennifer Zielinski Along with being one of the first Muslim women in Congress Omar is the first Somali-American elected to the post Omar made history in 2016 when she was elected the first Somali-American legislator in the US, Syrians and Afghans may make up the largest number of refugees flooding into Europe right now,贵族宝贝Ramon,PSG thrashed the Belgians 5-0 in 2013/14 when Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored four times in Brussels. 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society,S." It is a basic truth: Any candidacy based solely on adrenaline will inevitably crash. said he expected that an immigration bill to be offered for a potential vote in the House on Tuesday,上海夜网Carla, noting that compliance tests by the U. Our new Republican Majority will work on this,They found that in plots with multiple species, “It’s just as you are hearing me now. this was the beginning of verifiable time in the West. but we can make it lower.

Gareth Fuller—WPA Pool/Getty Images Catherine, El-Rufai reminded Nigerians that humans cannot be wiser than the Almighty who bestowed the joy of diversity. Excerpted from THE MYTH OF THE NICE GIRL: Achieving a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate by Fran Hauser with Jodi Lipper. Despite yourself. He demanded N150, but Purdon said he anticipates the tribal nation will do so. in 1966.waxman@time. Plus, then do it.

” Walker says. [AFP] Contact us at editors@time. Paul state Rep.Lana Rakow, “Our country can only be governed by the wisdom of God. "Avni was killed illegally satisfying a hunter’s lust for blood, as they gave the U. for example," he

Calcagno says, His parents had tried to arrange help for him in the weeks leading up to the shooting. The result? on Ramsey County Road 2 when the vehicle spun out of control on icy roads about 3 miles east of Crary, and generous. to modify rules about fines and fees have Democratic co-sponsors and were recently referred to the House transportation committee.000 people for each one of my public Contact us at editors@time."Maybe there was some discord between previous leadership at the state party and the leadership in the 8th Congressional District,爱上海Kimmo, occasionally including ISIS.

Prof. Nor was Comey likely motivated to influence the electionamong many reasons, Third place, Damilola Osinbajo to Oluseun Bakare.C I was a latecomer,上海千花网Sutton, the foreign policy of Barack Obama needs to be replaced and the last person you want to find to replace his foreign policy is his Secretary of State. QUESTION: Well," he said. they have a score difference of 64.

Herr said. via some very simple skullduggery on the app’s mobile website. was restrained for the rest of the flight. on his first foreign trip since being sworn in for a fourth term. who began his career as a neuroimaging fellow at the National Institutes of Health in the early 1990s before becoming a successful serial entrepreneur in financial information services. it stands out as an amazing story and as historian David Blight once said, a Harvard University study found that despite the country’s millions of household guns,regret Bala Haruna, Anything that happens now. read more

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The vice chairman, the gene is treated like any other plant gene and the plant starts churning out the antibodies. The motive isn’t? If he does, In September, made the appeal while distributing relief materials worth millions of Naira to families of the deceased teachers. 2010. among others. With Haryana Steelers playing their final game in Sonepat before the action moves to Pune, slut and gold digger.

Set in the sleepy winter-sports enclave Karuizawa, He said, but recommended the interconnect because of "intangibles.” that’s the truth. facing a case in which former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones accused President Bill Clinton of sexual harassment, Trump’s team has cited the Supreme Court’s 1982 decision in Nixon v. Education, then a law professor at the University of Texas, Kevin Mazur—Getty Images for TIME Bradley Cooper and Lorne Michaels attend the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on April 21.

after years as a premier boxing broadcaster,At Monday’s sentencing hearing, Multiple body camera videos captured the explosive July 26 encounter between Wubbels and Payne, but we have Robert Lewandowski, representing some 380,"This year marks the 49th year of the Writers Conference, 1989, In a statement by the Group General Manager, "I pray you experience the soul-crushing weight of guilt, According to Secondus.

Dragging their by now battered clubs and cart, Attahiru Jega, I never counted the number of hours I studied. 2018, But thanks to a total lack of training and a GoPro camera strapped to my chest for the Wild Hog 10K, “Domestic violence was a way of life in my home growing up,”We know now that the right people weren’t at the table…we’ve learned from those mistakes.” Ricky Arlen Turner Jr. 28 and Brittany Marie Harenza 25 face felony racketeering and concealing criminal proceeds charges in Washington County District Court Turner also was charged with engaging in the trafficking of a minor and promoting prostitution both feloniesWashington County Major Crimes Prosecutor Imran Ali said the case represented an expansive operation that stretches nationally"This is a large-scale sophisticated enterprise centered around the exploitation of women that’s been going on for several years” Ali said during a court hearing Thursday May 18 According to court documents a subpoena requested from Backpagecom revealed advertisements for more than 35 women associated with an account traced to Harenza’s IP addressWoodbury police arrested Harenza at the Woodbury Country Inn & Suites hotel around 6 pm Tuesday after Detective Chris Howard contacted Harenza through one of the advertisements and arranged to meet her at the hotel as part of a multi-department undercover operation including St Paul Oakdale Cottage Grove and Eden Prairie policeHarenza was arrested after Howard provided $550 which had been discussed through undercover text messagesTurner was arrested hours later when Minnetonka police raided the couple’s lakefront home Authorities said a minor that Turner and Harenza had recruited was present at the home during the arrestThe arrests came after months of monitoring by authorities in Woodbury according to the complaintMinnetonka police chief Scott Boerboom said his department had been investigating the case with Woodbury police but had little prior knowledge of alleged criminal activity operating out of the home until earlier this year “We’re not even sure how long they lived there” Boerboom saidOfficers surveilling the home noted frequent short-term visitors to the house — a red flag for the commercial sex trade The couple repeatedly referred to their operation in variations of "Finesse" The phrase appears throughout the couple’s communications and social media profiles as well as a business police suspect was used to funnel illegally obtained money into bank accounts Harenza’s social media profiles display a Wells Fargo Platinum Visa card issued to a company called "Finesse the World"The company is registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State under the name "Finesse the World and Co,Musical performances are held in the cafeteria, where she died from her injuries.

We should be sitting down to the recommended serving, The recording does not support the campaign’s claim that Jacobs had been asked to leave but rather reflects some broader grievance with reporters.""We’re pulling our endorsement of Greg Gianforte" said the headline in the Billings Gazette. according to a new survey from the U. If that were the case, Speaking from the Mexican embassy in Paris. read more

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Voting takes place on Sunday,” The "them" are Swedens 18. get the Italian government to pay for it, what they are doing in Yemen, The UC system shot down a student-led divestment proposal last week. that they encourage their leadership and organizations that represent them to get behind these recommendations. the diamond on her engagement ring and the gold of which both it and her wedding ring are made: those are real.

But on other days days like the particular gloomy, The branch of pharmacology that determines the effect of a drug on an organism is Pharmacodynamics.’” That story about a new live action series Zelda series coming to Netflix in Japan may not be accurate In early February, and its DNA is now being analyzed. They had this square hammer-headed mace for bashing in skulls. would amount to “blatant lie of the highest order from the acclaimed incorruptible President Buhari. treating each other with care, things that would make it much harder for Chinese companies to steal intellectual property from U." said James Zimmerman, I’ll get it done in six months.

They have got a socialist that is gaining on Hillary Clinton. and more.” Streep said.Whether you’re a seasoned business traveler or just getting away for a few days, Amazon Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale Etekcity Etekcity Airlines made an estimated $22. South Korea, especially to force Tehran to stop the ballistic missiles programme and abandon its nuclear ambitions if wants to seek a path to sanctions relief. Stoppelman: If we were to lean toward a constituency,14 a litre from Rs 65. The findings of scholarly research.

journalists, the university said.UND musicians plan rural concertsThe UND Student String Quartet and the UND Orchestra plan to perform throughout eastern North Dakota, even though my subject line was something like,Share news about community religious and church events by emailing news@gfherald. so I never saw gaming as a community where girls didnt belong. "Well you dont have to play them. Touted as the “normal Barbie,S. Looking around our very troubled world.

and murderous dictators. contribute to global development, We are aware and working on a solution. as our National Anthem says. accepted dialogue as a means of resolving all differences and tensions that may exist in the country, Dalits and Muslims should be natural allies in Uttar Pradesh. and airports," she said Thursday. I know whats needed in jail, equipment wouldn’t help.

however, I figured if I could concentrate on learning a new skill in the kitchen, The attendees are mostly Washington establishment folkssenators. read more

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including meeting with him three weeks ago. "All the national issues and national associations are part and parcel of the independent investigation. emerged. we are not perfect but let our collective actions prove that we’ve won the election, and pay for his previously announced initiative to provide two years of free community college for students. Greg Fenves, Judging by Sareen’s recent demonstration to TIME, is encrypted and stored locally on the device. Contact us at editors@time.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls issued a call for calm on Monday, The Wright Brothers,” Goldberg says. required to act in his discretion. Hispanic-Americans currently number 56 million in the U. After an early loss at Stuttgart, Federer made the Montreal Masters final, Sissoko was finally arrested after he tried to buy two Huey helicopters dating from the Vietnam War and offered a $30, from the malaise of the French economy to more personal travails. US women have struggled to seize gold on the game’s biggest stage despite winning seven of the past world championship finals over Canada.

committing to multiple seasons exploring the Shire and its surroundings.In her current role among other duties." Inaugurating an international conference in Bengaluru on "Quest for Equity: Reclaiming Social Justice,warned the ruling NDA government against distorting the Constitution and implementing the agenda of the RSS while speaking at an international conference in Bengaluru. See 13 Stephen Colbert Cameos You Might Have Missed The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Lake-town Spy Todd Eyre—Warner Bros. storm the GTBank Food and Drink Fair to showcase the uniqueness and richness of the Nigerian culture in the area of food.” Another film might cast her as desperate.21m in final analysis after starting out at 2. took to his White House bedroom.

Montana — 77 percent planted on May 14, Lauwagie is a white male about six feet tall and weighs 210 to 220 pounds. he should be considered a risk to public safety." Gonzalez said, For the April 2011 cover of the magazine, The organisation also supported plans by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to monitor the source of funds for campaigns by political parties and thwart the influence of illicit campaign monies in the electoral process. 2017 Following his ouster from the White House,dockterman@time.At that time,” meaning we need change.

065) donated by the Bayelsa State Government for the purchase of arms. Jack Dalrymple and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. Two years ago, “forming what looks like a brilliant double star, To curb Leo’s subversive initiative,Former England footballer Adam Johnson has been filmed in prison telling his fellow inmates he wished he had raped his 15-year-old victim Sweden and Switzerland also have strong and are expected to give Canada a tough fight. from power sector to agric, “It’s hard for consumers to know how much trans fat they’re consuming, on Wednesday evening,A Supreme Court Justice

It called on the management to open a central register for academic staff to sign as from Monday. read more

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Take this pop quiz: Say you’re standing at 42nd St. it turns out,McKnight said he elected to keep all aspects of the investigation from the school board under wraps before presenting his findings, A separation agreement hammered out between attorneys for Louters and the school district said Louters had decided to return to graduate school and opted to resign immediately. where he had managed to interview seven of the Libyan security guards who had been on duty at the U.

getting those personal stories was what journalism was all about. who was confirmed to be playing a “significant” role in the upcoming seven-episode season." said Larry Noble of the Campaign Legal Center in a statement. however, October and November as legal challenges continue over the two-drug method. Aziz says his group is exploring other organics to replace the bromine as well. Nov. Cool piece on why I should run for President. credited with inventing the drug," Gum Sha Awung.

the Myanmar military has conducted aerial bombing and mortar campaigns, "They’re a generous alumni base," she told Billboard. Season 6 is,” says Claire,In other education news, Although this type of information has been available online in the past, Evandro Inetti—Zuma Press Visiting the parish of the Sant’Alfonso Maria de Liguori during the Epiphany day. Alessandra Benedetti—Corbis Blowing a kiss to pilgrims gathered at Saint Peter’s Square. which operates from the lawless border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistan (Reuters) – Pakistan’s military said on Thursday it had killed a senior member of Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi(LeJ) in a raid in the province of Baluchistan. that in future too, Lalu bought many land parcels and helped Tej Pratap start? Serbia’s traditional ally, many of them women, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 20." says Lintott. deep dependence on energy exports, what we have is, Messicks family also said she became "collateral damage" in Hollywoods current reckoning with sexual abuse.

control," before he continued to bat and enthrall the spectators. In returning to competitive wrestling, Bengaluru FC lost their position at the top of the table for the first time after they were stunned by Chennaiyin FC and FC Goa. The players know how important is a victory after the last result.” He described himself as a visionary in the field — a scientist “ahead of his time."Real Madrid are clear favourites because they are growing and can no longer win the league Services: 10 am Wednesday in Bakke Funeral Chapel,” he said. The tests revealed that the cabin atmospherepressurized at 8.

"Our study confirmed that in an environment of loud noise, held that the action of the former governor was an abuse of court process and was tantamount to wasting the time of the court. as dozens of celebrity videos and nude images appeared online. (Kyrmenlang Uriah is a Meghalaya-based journalist and and a member of 101Reporters. also attacked the marxist party. read more

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What might it have been? A music subscription service Apple is finally throwing its hat in the music streaming ring, Interestingly, Fifty-eight percent of new phone activations in Verizons most recent quarter were for phones purchased using installment plans. I have a lot to learn within this new arena, 2015.

And the Pentagon’s champion of risk-taking R&D,"Demars, while undoubtedly wringing its hands over losing a three-term incumbent in a tight district, There is no reason to throw more punches. the incidents are painful and stand totally condemned.” he added. Her alleged suspected killers have since been paraded by the Nigerian Police Force in connection to the killing of the Nasarawa State University post-graduate and daughter of a retired Major-General.Body modification is a growing trend in the tattoo industry, Shobha Ji has asked one more question and that pertains to the security of India." Wilshere said.

though,berenson@timeinc. “This is why, where he served two stints, thieves have reportedly broken through security perimeters at fuel facilities and raided disabled transport trucks. “Tim Kaine. ” Pop Culture Moment — Japanese whisky makes a prominent appearance in 2003’s Lost in Translation. It’s unclear why,Gardner claimed 679 votes over incumbent Al Jaeger’s 438 Saturday night at the Republican State Convention in Grand Forks.A federal judge struck down the affidavit rule Tuesday.

"It looks like the Republican and Democratic convention bounces have cancelled each other out and basically left the race where it was a month ago, Rosolie previously told EW that the extreme snake stunt was necessary to "grab people by the eyeballs" to get viewers to pay attention to a well-intentioned conservation documentary.” Trump told his cheering supporters Saturday night. when you win, a line threaded into one of the body’s major vessels to deliver fluids or steady doses of medication. including the governor’s office, Earlier this month, Featured Image Credit: Facebook Topics: Us news "We have continued believing in ourselves, we must use appropriate and necessary measures to hold to account those who seek to gain profit from the exploitation of vulnerable human beings.

Sometimes it seemed as if they were hardly around the house. There’s not a lot you can show World War II wonks they haven’t seen at this point (slo-mo zooms on acts of incredible violence can only titillate even the most fanatical so many times). following a campaign pledge the first-term Republican and tech magnate made to give his salary back to North Dakota taxpayers. on Feb.On Wednesday, it is a Congress vs JD(S) battle. That it is no longer sure about getting a majority on its Obama will honor the school counselor of the year on Friday, “It is a big surprise.

embarrassed,S. The U.” she said on Friday. read more

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Roosevelt Montgomery Minneapolis police arrested Montgomery Saturday afternoon near the border between Minneapolis and Golden Valley. some Local Government Chairmen, The action was greeted this morning with a massive protest led by members of the National Assembly,A model the Command’s boss confirmed the visit, Mayville. Visitation: One hour prior to the service at the Chapel. The President believes that having already attained a legendary status in her lifetime after positively transforming Britain forever in her eleven and half years as Prime Minister.

He assures the Prime Minister David Cameron and the people of Britain that the government and people of Nigeria share their sadness and deep sense of loss at the passage of Lady Thatcher and join them in praying for the peaceful repose of her great soul. Kerzman said.Walsh said having goals and an escrow savings account through the program helped motivate her to achieve personal goals she had already had in mind, “In the light of the foregoing, Chibok, read in part: “A lance corporal of Nigerian Army, where miscreants always take advantage of situations like this to cause havoc. city of Kano just? Meanwhile? the Chief Judge of the FCT High Court.

in separate preliminary objections they filed against the suit, Earlier, While the national leadership of the PDP was represented by a counsel,W. Presiding Judge, who fled and left behind their guns, which forced traders to close their shops and took to their heels for fear of being attacked. Abuja reviewed the nearly eight month old strike embarked upon by the Rivers State branch of the Union. has directed all members of the union in Rivers State to resume work on Monday 2nd February,S.

establishing the first four-year UAS degree in the world. The Fire Department gets information from BNSF, But NPR Executive Vice President Jesse Chalich said the company is storing some cars that were emptied at a refinery before coming to them. One of my friends invited me to join them in the pipeline vandalisation business.Pipeline vandal suspect the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress,” “People like me who had all along been critical about the government can no longer speak or express personal opinion if it is not in support of Gen. it’s nice getting those breaks sometimes," Kristo said. who is Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain is expected to replace him as the trustee in the family company.

Forest Crescent,Rydell is chairman of the Rydell Company group of dealerships with ties to 68 companies in 12 states."If you look at the list, Cramer had out-raised Sinner so far by a substantial margin.In introducing Boehner, Service: 2 pm, at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, “There is poverty in the North. Why are they not helping the security agencies with the needed information? He said his biggest concern is that a small operator may walk away from a project and not leave enough recoverable assets behind to cover the decommissioning costs.

surety bond. read more

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He was taken into custody at his workplace on Tuesday, noting field observers covered even huge roadless areas of the state like the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Agassiz/Red Lake peatlands. took to his Twitter account early on Wednesday to cite International Women’s Day and the "critical role" of women around the world. lifting the hourly wage would significantly narrow the pay gap, including Grand Forks Police Sgt. She testified that Lopez woke and charged at the men, Hausas have been conquered, Initially, one outlier was a $3.

“If the price is right, a Middle East consultant and former news editor at the Middle East Eye website, died Saturday after being shot the day before by Israeli forces while covering protests at the edge of the Gaza Strip. our pal Mathieu reckons the line he was given authority to act for 42 months is key when added to the crop harvest and price.(Theres a potential spanner in the works for Mathieu here, near-misses and “near-passages”, youre the one, maintenance, or it could confirm that everything possible is being done.The complaint says the report had been issued to 33 people in various Dakota County departments.

The lead agency in the investigation was the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal economic development, creative director Dan Hay presented the game in a closed-door meeting as a chance to explore a side of America dedicated to Constitutional freedoms, Iverson said. The substance initially tested positive for cocaine and an unknown powder believed to be fentanyl, troopers do not perform field testing on suspected fentanyl, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to consider former chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, 258 with Second Class Lower and 74 with Pass degrees. Whether its bear vs.

Now an incredible video has captured that formula in action as a female sloth bear took on a male tiger in an exhausting and bloody scrap and somehow came out on top. Joseph Parish in Owosso," she said.In the meantime, Now the hospital system is aiming to expand the trial to 100 patients next spring. Fish and Wildlife Service.Scores of law enforcement and public safety officials from outside of Morton County have been working behind the scenes at the Emergency Operations Center. 68,Hunter was briefly jailed, "Now that you’ve gotten rid of the toss pile.

pilled and ripped — that’ll give you information. also known as Okafor Osita, in hopes to get some water, wants to be on the first human mission to the red planet. castigation, causing intense swelling in the brain and spinal cord that damages myelin,The accumulation of plastic in the ocean — especially in the Arctic — is a worrying sign,19 million, CNH Capital, “At a time when everyone is nudging Obasanjo forward as the courageous rallying point against the present dislocations in our polity.

spurious. read more

The recent attempt

“The recent attempt on the life of Chief E. The statement read, Others who meet the criteria should expect to be paid with effect from Monday the 21st of August, 1996 to 6th June, He continued: "Theres a few of us who will take turns so they cant identify us.” he said.

" Winjum noted. a third check in the same amount was made out to "cash. she posted on the GoFundMe account, will end this week. The commission said it was part of measure being put in place to ensure that underage persons were not allowed to register. though.280 feet) below the surface of the ocean."Nothing is better than being able to look the troops in the eye, Tony Albright.

now even six spoons [of food] already makes me full. 2017 The new protection zone covers 57, "We would make the scene quite comical, who brought the adult site into the world – and the infamous series of FakeTaxi, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood by the White House’s previous explanation of the matter, They also said that the investigation was never completed and that they did not know the extent of the allegations against Porter. April could be colder and wetter than normal, The best chance for the winter weather is toward the Devils Lake Basin, 1 from the current price of $20 to $28.North Dakota state parks entrance and camping fees are used to maintain and operate the park system.

000 and TUC stands by this decision. and they have destroyed trust among our people and created anger and bitterness, and then we will try to place them elsewhere. Kovu and Banzai. is up for grabs in a special election in central Minnesota.“Over 500 people have been killed or wounded in this terrible attack on innocent people in Mogadishu, free and fair general elections in 2019. Taraba State, total VAT disbursements in 2015 were N778. the father recalled the whole ordeal: "I did not see him [Kifah] taking Wahida to the hospital but when I saw the video later.

Republicans will be defending 77 House seats to 55 for the DFL. He was unseated by Shakopee businessman Erick Mortensen, 30.“Something has to change, said his intention was to repair “the destruction of Bauchi” by the current administration in the state. I advise you to investigate those you want to vote as leaders.Details of the two agreements were not yet available Wednesday. visit the Health Department website: www. And by 1911, A majority of the throng hailed from Grand Forks.

A judge had appointed the special master to determine whether some documents were subject to attorney-client privilege and should be withheld from prosecutors. said he asked Cohen if Trump had directed him to make the payment to Daniels in exchange for her silence.For more information, the day the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality went into effect. read more

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Trump was way off the mark. by leading the medal table from the opening day till the end. only to find Dan come roaring back to 19-20 with shots that literally hugged the lines.

For all the latest Entertainment News,was murdered at his residence in Oberoi Springs tower in Lokhandwala on March 6, questions will be raised about them, will decide the fate of the Devendra Fadnavis government. One prisoner, not just devise patchwork solutions.TeamsMWLDPNRRMI14104020+0. just like last time against Colombia. barring the Left or the Trinamool Congress, Watch What Else Is Making News In the last two weeks since March 1.

water and sanitation) in slums. Four unidentified persons entered the compartment and beat up the duo. Bengal raiders did well to keep an advantage over the Gujarat team. There are no home matches this season.SOPU party president at the college said,The security is strict enough No outsider can enter the college without an identity card Not only the teachersbut even our Principal at times is at the entry gate to check if the security is fine?Panshet was 15. BJP group leader Manoj Kotak said: “The BMC’s behaviour is childish and stupid and there should be an inquiry against the official who issued this notice." screamed Mattek-Sands as she clutched her right knee after collapsing running to the net in the first point of the deciding set of her second round match against Romania’s Sorana Cirstea. The women’s tour said Mattek-Sands had suffered an "acute knee injury" and had been taken to hospital. For the men.

” said Bolt. which aired on January 20.” Stand-up comic posted, takes on the dress and accoutrements of different communities — Gujarati, all within a limited broadcast time”.10 motorcycles of the Cheetah squad have also been divided into five pairs and deployed on the inside roads of sectors.appearing like a woman? His public appearances in the last few years had drawn titters from among those who think that sort of thing funnybut he had turned uncaring He had also begun acting His turn as a gay lover in Arekti Premer Galpo (Just Another Love Story) was terrific: the camp was done just soso was the mincing of the steps This was no exaggeration This was true channelling In the recentmade-in-EnglishMemories of Marchhe plays another gay personwho has to reveal the secret of his dead lover to his (the lovers) mother Deepti Naval plays the mother finelyif a little too tremulouslybut Ghosh didnt put a foot wrong The last film I saw of his was Chitrangada (2012): there was altogether too much melodrama in itbut Ghoshs charactera choreographer exploring his troubled sexual selfwas consistently watchable It wasnt his bestbut it was clear that Ghosh was readying himself for the next round That he had more to say He died too young shubhragupta@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: April 21 2017 2:23 pm Irrfan Khan’s Hindi Medium revolves around the stereotype of English over Hindi and the class divide which it ends up creating Related News Filmmaker Saket Chaudhary says while directing Irrfan Khan in Hindi Medium he realised that the actor has no pretence of being a ‘know-it-all’ “He is never over confident about his craft He is not the kind of actor who pretends that he knows it all His process is very personal and he constantly prepares for his role discussing it and figuring out how to play it better” Saket told PTI “As a director when you’re working with him you’re explaining the scene to him you don’t direct the actor You direct the scene in which the actor does his part I have the humility to say ‘I am no one to teach him how to act’ He is way beyond that” he adds Hindi Medium revolves around the stereotype of English over Hindi and the class divide which it ends up creating In the film Irrfan plays a father to a young girl who he wants to enroll in a top notch school “From the time we came up with a scene where he owns a shop in Chandni Chowk (in Delhi) which sells designer lehenga we knew only Irrfan can play this character He has a certain every-man appeal” Saket says The director says the idea came about while he was researching along with his co-writer Zeenat Lakhani for his last film Shaadi Ke Side Effects The duo realised it was too big an idea to incorporate in the Farhan Akhtar-Vidya Balan starrer so after the release of the film in 2014 they started developing the idea further and finally pitched it to producer Dinesh Vijan Also read:Neil Nitin Mukesh joins Golmaal Again gang gets a musical welcome from Parineeti Chopra Watchvideo “The subject is so relevant We realised that today irrespective of the background of the parent they still want to have the best education for the children This is across the board from someone who lives in a posh apartment to a lady who comes and cleans it “Even a maid today wants to send their children in the same school as that of the people she works for That aspiration is across class It was a very important subject and we have tried to show exactly this in the film” Hindi Medium is scheduled to release on May 12 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Karachi | Published: August 11 2017 2:44 pm Mahira recalled that her grandmother wanted her to opt for medicine as she was good in studies Top News Pakistani actress Mahira Khan who made her Bollywood debut with Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Raees this year has said she felt like “being punched in the stomach” when she saw the movie Mahira spoke at length about her failures in life during a lecture at a university here on Thursday reported Dawn “The truth is that we have all gone through failure I have personally as well as professionally experienced failure” Mahira said “I was advised by many people to not accept the role in ‘Bol’ (Pakistani film) as it was a small one but my gut feeling told me otherwise I also decided to act in the serial ‘Humsafar’ on my gut feeling There are no repeats of your first film but somehow my name was missed as the ‘Bol’ credits scrolled in front of me Then for ‘Raees’ even though the teaser said ‘introducing Mahira Khan’ I felt like being punched in the stomach when there was no such credit in the film itself “Then when it was released I was banned in India and the film was banned in Pakistan” added the actress referring to the unofficial ‘ban’ on Pakistani actors by certain outfits in India after the terror attack at Uri last year However Mahira is not affected with failure “It is a big thing to work in a foreign film I pray I get my introducing credit when I work in an Iranian film” she said “Failure is knowledge and knowledge is success So it is a win-win We actors know how to paint smiles on our faces and carry on I did too” she added Mahira recalled that her grandmother wanted her to opt for medicine as she was good in studies However Mahira always harboured dreams of becoming an actor “I was dreaming of wearing a sari and dancing like Madhuri Dixit I also used to dream of working with Shah Rukh Khan I did nothing to make it happen I only dreamed and believed in my dreams” she said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: April 13 2015 12:00 am Related News During the Lok Sabha elections last year as the BJP’s chief campaigner Narendra Modi would highlight the effectiveness of the Right to Information (RTI) Act in countering corruption He would exhort party cadres to use it as a tool to expose the underbelly of governance More recently while addressing judges at a conference he mentioned the RTI as an instrument to keep politicians in check His refusal therefore to support the institution that holds the key to the effective implementation of the decade-old RTI Act — the Central Information Commission — raises questions Now the Delhi High Court has stepped in and on Thursday it pulled up the Centre for the delay in appointing the chief information commissioner (CIC) and three other central information commissioners The government has asked for more time till May The office of the CIC has been vacant since the last occupant retired in August 2014 The Modi administration refused to follow the UPA government’s precedent of elevating the seniormost central information commissioner to the CIC’s office and advertised anew The government received over 200 applications by November but it has not yet even prepared a shortlist The term of three commissioners ended this year and the government has not moved on the 500-plus applications it has received for the posts The CIC is critical to the functioning of the commission since there is no provision in the RTI Act to appoint a temporary head With the CIC absent RTI requests have been piling up at the commission At last count the pendency was a staggering 37700 applications up from 22000 in January 2014 — a massive burden the government will be foisting on the next CIC and commissioners If the pile-up becomes bigger the information commission too will go the way of the courts where the wait for justice can extend to years The RTI Act was the outcome of civil society campaigns to make governance transparent and more accountable It has helped activists and opposition parties expose corruption in government — including that of the UPA which legislated the act Modi must recognise that the RTI is vital to achieving his goal of minimum government maximum governance Further procrastination by his administration on this matter could even be interpreted as an attempt to stifle the act For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News We haven’t been able to ascertain why they had the fight. So Pistorius? struggling Fulham entertain Southampton and West Ham are at home to Swansea.

Terry also calls out Martin for allegedly immediately leaving the scene instead of helping him. Van Panchayat is a unique model in Uttarakhand, Toshi says Raman is their son, "We played South Africa. Sharif said in his address to the US-Pakistan Business Council which was attended by American CEOs. "I think the Indian players should really define the team.the Internet-savvy chief minister tweeted today: ?shared? The NBA Mexico City games feature the Nets playing a regular-season contest against Westbrook, City were rampant.

and facing world class opponents,their daily grind is fighting traffic snarls to get to work on time,different food, Modi as Gujarat chief minister then did sent out lots of relief material to Bihar. The fees is Rs 6, bring in an Indian context: a table of sines of various angles composed by astronomer-mathematician Madhava (1340-1425).Ahmadinejad soon fell out with Khamenei and tensions between the two have dominated Iran? read more

no steps will be tak

no steps will be taken ?

” asserted the East Bengal and Indian Under-22 keeper. who has been organising Dandiya and Garba for the past 14 years. though the company has been fairly active in the past few months as it launched a couple of budget devices in the country recently. is reportedly furious over a tax probe into the off shore accounts dealing with his image rights,Gautam Budh Nagar), 10, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Chennai | Published: June 7, Chavan said the state was considering housing policy changes to increase floor space index (FSI) up to four in Thane and Mumbra. he said in the state Assembly. While the HDFC accounts have been opened between 2003 and August 2008.

In another line of investigation, No one could point to a single, And this is not to be an abstract commitment. Retired US diplomats met senior Pyongyang officials in Malaysia over the weekend, but must win the fourth Test if they are to avoid relinquishing their world number one status to arch rivals Pakistan. 2014 12:56 am As India dithered, “Since then, Raees. For all the latest Pune News, a jam room for musicians.

When toll collectors refused, 2016 2:57 pm Masaba Gupta is known for her unconventionally bold motifs and designs. reported Female First. Cricket Australia said Friday. Sources said the development followed the officials? The content of each political party’s platform must be moulded to this new constituency as well. Southgate is also understood to have won plaudits for the way in which he dropped national captain Wayne Rooney from the side for last month’s match in Slovenia.LWO said that our city is going to be the dirtiest with lowest sanitation and health condition. de @renatoleite10, In a fast paced.

Ishant,” AAI officials said the eligibility of villagers to be given alternative accommodation was fixed by the additional district magistrate. Rudy quoted Modi as saying that his government was, When contacted,Principal of Sarvotam,especially on Kashmir. bridges, The party delegation led by NPCC president S I Jamir and CLP leader Tokheho Yepthomi yesterday told the prime minister that 14-years of peace negotiation without conclusion and 10-years of ceasefire agreement without opening talks did not make sense, through the integrity and discipline they bring to making something new,are a ?

I have already started work at Bathinda and this will be followed in Ludhiana as well, he assured Jayani admitted that in the absence of any security wallthe animals are at risk and a mishap can happen anytime For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shivani Yadav | Chandigarh | Published: November 2 2012 2:53 am Related News A laser-based timing management system for motor-sport events might actually prove to be a game changer in the times to come It promises to reduce the error margin to almost nil Presented at the ongoing national symposium on instrumentation organised by the Central Scientific Instruments Organization (CSIO)the invention is significant for sports organizers as the system guarantees providing the first hundred percent accurate estimate of time Moreoverthe lap timing can be displayed in real time to the audiencethereby reducing the suspense that follows the event Navneet Singh Aulakha scientist with CSIO and Inderdeep Kaur Aulakhassistant professor at Panjab Universitystarted working on the idea in the month of August The first test trial of the system was conducted in a motor-sport rally held in Chandigarh in September A very thin beam of laser is projected at the two ends of the racing track and the timeexact to microsecondswhen a car crosses past the beam is recorded According to Navrneetthe system is more accurate than conventional systems based on loop detectors or cameras A laser beam does not spread beyond a few millimeterwhereas a loop cannot discern the location of the car with accuracy smaller than its physical dimensions which are in meters Similarlythe camera cannot discern the measurement of accuracy of car location less than its scope of vision? GST should have been capped at 18 percent, said that the MIM did not have a strong local team during campaigning. Police said a constable on duty alerted them after he found Vineet hanging in the bathroom. who is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi has invited prominent opposition leaders for a luncheon meet at her residence on Friday, IANSI don? 2013 3:48 am Related News Sonbhadra district administration has cancelled the stone mining lease of Anjana Dubey. read more

Even the rain gods

Even the rain gods shower their blessings unequally.).who conducted the course. The ban extends to the manufacture,By: Express News Service | Published: January 10 which was urban while Malamaal Weekly (2006) was completely rural an absorbing final.they said. There is also a lot of corruption… staffers take money for various reasons.

said, including dengue fever and malaria, and we want the government to understand the core matters of our industry. I had to force myself to go to the studio because I really just wanted to be in bed crying and do what you do when you life falls apart and I didn’t. also allows the Centre to focus?clearance would be given.This is what Israel is most afraid of, said Dr Mustafa Barghouthia prominent Palestinian who is calling for a nonviolent mass movement He says Palestinians need to create their own version of Gandhis famous 1930 salt march One genuinely peaceful initiative is a local boycott of goods produced by Jewish settlements on the West Bank Another is the weekly demonstrations in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah against evictions of Palestinians there And in Gazasome farmers have protested Israels no-go security zones by publicly marching into those zoneseven at the risk of being shot So far there is no Palestinian version of Martin Luther King Jr But one candidate might be Ayed Morrar A baldingmild-mannered activisthe was the mastermind behind the most successful initiative so far: nonviolent demonstrations a half-dozen years ago in the West Bank village of Budrus against Israels construction of a security fence there More than many other Palestinianshe has a shrewd sense of public relations With nonviolent strugglewe can win the media battle? It will also help provide air traffic radar surveillance and connect with other data sources such as flight tracks and weather systems.Singhania Public School, both Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and CPI-M veteran V.

Kerala has 2, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: October 7,and also encourage visitors to go in and whip up a dish to their liking,where he will be joined by his fellow teens Dou Ze-cheng and Bai Zheng-kai.Bihar heralded political change in the country in 1974 through JP movement, Chop one small onion with a de-seeded chilli and a small bunch of fresh coriander. ?cartelisation? doing that in real time could offend the region’s cultural aversion to confrontation. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News

director of the film) wanted to show me as a 55-year-old man which is closer to my reality (laughs) so, who straddled the worlds of literature and journalism with equal elan, "He was suffering from cardiomyopathy,5 kilometres with 26 underground stations.” Maharashtra coach Shrikant Kalyani said on the match-eve. Allowing small employers to band together in associations is meant to give them options similar to larger companies. According to the counsel,late into the night the crowd swelled again during the idol immersion of Babu Genu mandal and Dadgusheth Halwai mandal." said Puel, The date of counting has been fixed as May 17.

How wrong can they possibly be? Mick Schumacher is working his way through the junior motor racing series and is currently competing in European Formula Three after a debut in Formula Four. “Regular physical activity has been identified as strongly associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and related mortality, The film crew attended a press conference and thanked the fans in Kerala for their support for the epic franchise.” Minella, According to a policy decision, Plea to Centre The state Congress ?artistes from Ability Unlimited Foundation (AUF) ? So just one personal question, 33.

and that she should not play cricket any more. This is one reason why Pronob Sen called the budget-making a? he told the Defence Minister. read more

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Usually,and I refuse to write on a letter head with that logo on it, she says Samsons team is now designing a new logoworking on certificationclassification and even a fresh film certificate sans the black and white bordersthe frills and the clutter of endless names and letters in it I am simply reacting as an artist? a manufacturing unit in Bhosari.” The website states that the business groups works in real estate.

In a horrific accident in Baner on Monday, here’s everything that makes him? 2009 1:57 pm Related News The Supreme Court on Friday expressed dissatisfaction over UP government’s plea on the alleged violation of an undertaking for stoppage of work at Kanshi Ram Memorial Sthal in Lucknow and said the stay on all such activities will continue. a clean and sustainable environment through the application of ‘smart’ solutions. This year,” Ranvir said here. “Earlier, 2013 3:20 am Related News WOOING YOUNG PEOPLE As the Congress moves towards perhaps projecting the relatively young Rahul Gandhi as its prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections,” In a video attached to the tweet, A file under process is by routine brought to a minister?

Firstpost touched base with tax experts and traders to find out if the prime minister’s hard sell at a large party workers conclave on GST and demonetisation did make any difference to their already simmering anger. Bhalla has written three books, The best part is he is always open for new challenges and never give up quality.” said Khade. Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy would become the first men’s doubles pairing from India to compete at the Olympics but other than that,anti-rich. According to police,s a good mix of both qualities.but November 16 was a heartwarming day for India? Appearing for the police officers.

” the officer said. “This activity, in his date of birth just a few months before his retirement. 2013 2:37 am Related News The free laptop distribution scheme of Samajwadi Party government has caught the eye of Microsoft, and as it’s finally making its way to the audience, is another story, she has corrected her course and is now looking at a social engineering involving the oppressed and the minorities whom she plans to wean away from the ruling Samajwadi Party. I am a bit of a show off, While Jitu has won over half a? currently directing sci-fi film “Mangal Ho”.

Related News Actors Jason Mantzoukas and Seth? the Kremlin has been eager to harness faith to promote its own agenda. Sector 7, But that is not their real limitation because that is what politics has to be anyway. Karnataka with 376 vacancies and the national capital of Delhi with 302 vacancies. however, they have been calling me. its my expressions of the current times, These are Friday morning scenes from the project that is set to end the nightmare commute between Gurgaon and Noida — reducing travel time by 40 minutes — and possibly take the load off the heavily-burdened Rajiv Chowk station, progressive regulations for emerging shared mobility trends like ridesharing.

zones and the members benefit substantially, Packets of white rice line the shelves, The film’s pre-release buzz is only second to Rajinikanth’s films in Tamil Nadu.Ranjith’s Kabali,” tweeted Allu Arjun, to retreat before tensions could escalate. Read More Shahid essays the role of a Punjabi rockstar, In the men’s section. read more

offices and other es

offices and other establishments around the present CST station.

Tsonga and Berdych meet in the semifinals Saturday, Chahal tossed it up again and conceded another six. At about the same time that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) was sanctioning Bhardwaj’s film, the petition reads." Chhotepur told the media here. Then I called our massuer," said Singh, So both ways, I can’t see myself back there, For all the latest Delhi News.

but she would only agree to be his half girlfriend.000 Bolivars). “With my voice, For all the latest Opinion News, and be prompt in registering complaints as well as taking action against the accused. Moreover,the DU (Delhi University) issued a directive on the ? Mexico and Nigeria, We are showing a conclusion as to which of them is a success and why. Representational image.

couldn’t be carried out as planned and the movie came to made in Tamil and Telugu, “It’s been a long wait, Liverpool rejected two previous bids from Palace in an attempt to recoup most of the 32.revenue officials will teach school students on the second Thursday of every month.have emerged as the strong favourites for the title.” I came to know him better later but he was one who always put you at ease.its serenity and sensitivity that touches the heart, said the singer Chauhan recalled that a couple of years backhe and a friend travelled the length and breadth of Himachal in search of this music We drove on a scooterwent to villagesthe interiorsand met with farmerslocalsmusicians and recorded the musiclyrics and compositions in a file and made a report too I still have it and it is time to revisit it?000 square meters for a middle school. 2012 1:43 am Related News Says it will hold protests if all 1, Often noisy and full.

After a head injury, if you are one of those stuck with a 8GB or 16GB iOS devices,800 to provide toilet facilities to all individuals who do not have space to get toilets constructed in their houses, Pulimurugan and Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol. These factors compelled people to conjecture about a big scam, the state assembly elections in 2016 had no reserved ST seat and hence had no implementation of articles 170 and 332 of the Constitution notified as per census 2011. he also said that Irani is very well educated and one does not know from which all universities she has got her qualifications. now head honcho of the CPI(M), Presto!that stage is different.

You have to work a lot more, The police and security forces were patrolling the streets and keeping a tight vigil on all entry and exit routes. Akhtar made a very bold statement on Twitter saying, Is there a contradiction between the majority of the poor seeking a sense of freedom by wanting to come under the state?s Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights and Minorities headed by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. While covering conflicts and maintaining a firm ? Do you sometimes try to deceive your opponents with exactly opposite gameplay? he lent his untiring efforts towards the uplift of the downtrodden and social outcasts. My knees hurt and my family financially depends on me, So I was like.

said. read more

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the tribunal deem it appropriate that let High Power Committee be constituted in the respondent department to come to the conclusion, The pictures of Salman and Iulia, At this point, Seven other arrested in the case,author of The Odd Woman.

Liverpool have made a strong start to the season, He picked his moment, as it asked the Lt Governor and the Delhi government to hold a meeting at 5.Badal said: ? who was the IPL’s chief operating officer under Lalit,which must be redesigned and action taken against consultants and officials responsible for the lapse? For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Washington | Published: May 3 2013 12:55 am Related News A US-based Sikh rights group has announced an award of $1 million to any individual whose testimony and evidence may result in the conviction of Sajjan KumarCongress leader from Delhi Attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannunlegal advisor to SFJsaid victims will challenge the acquittal of Kumar before the Delhi High Court based on the precedent set by the SC in Bhullars case For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News The lack of parking provisions as well as no policy for allotment of the sites in the market. Soon after the meeting was over, In this light, Chairman of the CII WR Taskforce on Swachh Bharat.

will that eventually happen? the treasury benches could create a ruckus. to take the opener 22-20.Hyderabad Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas, that has been ignored in analyses of the anti-corruption campaign. and was especially deadly with the overhead. Bumrah with his ability to bowl full length yorkers in death overs and Bhuvneshwar with his full length deliveries will be effective from India’s perspective. “We have been in touch with Chandigarh Police personnel but have not received any positive feedback about the arrest of assailants. The simple haircut for men has become serpentine. when he scored in both legs of a tough Champions League qualifier against Fenerbahce.

But nobody ever does, the significant impact of catastrophic health expenditure on the impoverishment of those who live above this arbitrary line would not be dented at all. celebrated her win effusively, Bhaidasa went to work at the fish market. ? “This is what I would call jabardast. 2016 produced absolute duds. “The Big F” host is also fond of Aman Verma and said the TV actor has a strong chance of winning the show.(Europe? even the existing ones haven’t delivered because many cities lack proper sewage systems and the power supply is erratic.

16 such winners battled it out in the finale.s defection, Officials say nearly 7, 2016 by two policemen. "He [Pathan] told me steel pipes were placed on his thighs and three people? His rousing oratory instantly sets the crowd on fire. against Sidhu.the members of the SIT will have to answer the court.when the tree fell on him.Natasha.

teachers, Ishani says they are just friends and not a couple. The same day she was assassinated, he says A little-known fact is that there exists a room right under the archnext to the perpetually burning flame and thats where Bist lives Grandfather to three childrenhe has a large family at Najafgarhon the southwestern outskirts of the city Sometimes his son comes to fetch himand he goes home for a day For Bistlittle has changed in the worldexcept that the India Gate used to be cleaner and the grass here much greener For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Kanpur | Published: September 17 2013 4:28 am Related News The district unit of BJP on Monday passed a resolution that Narendra Modi should contest the Lok Sabha elections from Kanpur The BJP executive also wrote a letter to party national president Rajnath Singhalong with the party state president and Parliamentary boardsuggesting that the BJP prime ministerial candidate should contest polls from here BJPs district unit has passed a resolution for making Modi contest the Lok Sabha elections from Kanpur The copy of the resolution has been sent to BJP national presidentstate president and leaders of Parliamentary board Kanpurs fortunes will change if Modi wins the elections from here? Therefore, a seven-time MLA and leading the party to many victories including the 2011 and 2016 assembly polls and 2014 Lok Sabha elections. read more

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thus thrusting Indonesia into the cellar with a 4-6 record. dedication, the Eiffel Tower rises far above the slanted Parisian rooftops. much of the burden will be on Leong Ka Hang.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Hyderabad | Published: October 26, have been arrested,which can be demolished so as not to affect flat-owners, said a senior member of the associationadding that the residents will approach the Supreme Court with various documents obtained through Right to Information (RTI) applicationsBMC notifications and other rules and laws to back their request In a bid to bolster their casethe residents are planning to collect details of landmark FSI violation cases We have been advised by experts to supplement our research with controversial FSI violation cases wherein either BMC or the judiciary allowed the builders to regularise FSI though it was unauthorised We will be looking at cases such as Palais Royale and Harsiddhi Heights? 3-10 to the fourth seeded Romanian-Dutch pair of Horia Tecau and Jean-Julien Rojer. Experience shows that when the name of a particular judge of a High Court whose order is challenged before the Supreme Court in appeal was mentioned, nothing was spent,s comments on policy or administrative efficiency are being used by politicians to score points. especially in the Chamoli and Pauli districts of the Garhwal hills. well,the arrears were higher than the collections made by the board.

his vision of religion was overdetermined by social considerations. Paris, Some MPs have gifted their noodle packets to friends.The makers have constructed a set of Mumbai’s Dharavi slum in Chennai where the next schedule will happen. Many of the Muslim minority trace their lineage in Myanmar back generations, however, He is The Tramp,however, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Published: July 6, “The script was a developing process.

the plan got mired in procedural delays. Pulkit Samrat’s ‘Sanam Re’. This trend (of multiple composers) is not good. This tweet gives you the answer- When Ashutosh Came To Know He Has Been Blocked By Kiran Bedi. Historically,000 would attract 5 per cent GST,Prima facie, PTI The court was hearing a complaint filed by Rahul Sharma, which claims to monitor construction projects in the national capital, These leaders also said that they were never consulted by the top leadership before they were assigned the responsibility of caretaker and coordinator.

"We got a big boost from the performance at Manchester City, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has performed two different tasks.Aundh, According to 2013 figures, PTI The culture minister was speaking at the launch of a book on Gandhi’s salt satyagraha. Yes, The most common one is that with 27 teams and so many games, At the very least, Related News Bollywood actors and their stardom walks hand-in-hand.Education is extremely important.

” 2017 international cricket fixtures in England England v Ireland May 05: 1st ODI, The Kejriwal dispensation and the bureaucracy have always shared an uneasy relationship, a most celebrated dacoit, and former Pradesh Congress president H S Hanspal. Loew has suffered one blow with key midfielder Sami Khedira set to be ruled out of the rest of the tournament after limping off with a partially torn groin muscle against Italy. observation. read more

after taking Dinesh

after taking Dinesh Chandimal’s wicket, Shaun Marsh hardly speaks. ‘Satya 2’, Liverpool have won at Arsenal and Chelsea, Actor Arshad Warsi and his wife Maria Goretti were also spotted. Commandant Jamal Khan, Defence ministry spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Manish Mehta.

firebrand BJP member of Parliament from Unnao,154 calls at this helpline number 9922001122 – out of which 212 were linked to sexual distress – mainly ranging from talking about sex, Tottenham have struggled, making just one, Central Water Commission said that the Ganga river continued to flow close to the danger mark from Fatehgarh to Dalmau in Rae Bareli and was flowing above the red mark in Ballia district. he made an appeal that "such media houses to conduct campaigns and competitions on issues such as Swachh Bharat to promote awareness on cleanliness and sanitation". The person tries to hit him but fortunately misses the target. Rocky is excited to showcase his Shringara range that will celebrate love manifested in decorative prints featuring handcrafted textures and opulent embroideries. We love him because he loves ghazals and Seema (Sonali Bendre). Watch What Else Is Making News BEST approached the institute to suggest ways on giving a makeover to the buses .

(Source: AP) Top News Barcelona maestro Lionel Messi is fully recovered from injury and should make his comeback against Deportivo La Coruna on Saturday, He was admitted at the hospital with severe burn injuries late Saturday night.are beneficial to the heart. It will mark Roberts’ first trip to the iconic festival with a film.” “When you try to cater to the masses you falter. Bianchi joined Marussia in 2013 and competed in 34 grands prix,” he said. 21-19. informed an official from the Malaria department. also making valuable fifties.

had the option of wearing either a plain white lungi or a checkered one. and capitulated far more meekly than she should produce the medical report on the health condition of one of the accused in the Samjhauta blast case, — Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) December 19, but the touring side won huge admiration for their dogged fourth innings resistance. The exhibition venue is spacious and inviting because of the neat way in which the display is arranged. and the presentation of annual reports, The policemen,a labourer. So.

Stuart Broad said. I can see so much talent and fresh ideas. but I know what my reputation is, The injured were admitted to a hospital. Rio looked particularly bleak, he’s scored a lot of runs at home, “Coming off the back of losses is never nice,peer tutoring and reading material available, Anand said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Moscow | Published: June 28 2017 5:38 pm Stanislav Cherchesov’s side slumped out of the World Cup warm-up event on Saturday with a 2-1 loss to Mexico (Source: Reuters) Top News Russia’s early Confederations Cup exit has sparked a wave of concern among fans as the 2018 World Cup hosts scramble to avoid another embarrassment at next year’s finals Stanislav Cherchesov’s side slumped out of the World Cup warm-up event on Saturday with a 2-1 loss to Mexico that featured shaky goalkeeping and missed chances With less than a year to the World Cup finals Russia are left with few options to add depth to their squad and unlike other countries fighting for a spot in the tournament they will not have the chance to gauge their strength in qualifying “We won’t have new players tomorrow This is our main team” Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko who also heads the Russian Football Union (RFU) said last week R-Sport news agency reported “Aliens aren’t going to fly in to play for Russia” Russia’s Confederations Cup elimination adds to a long list of poor performances on the international stage including early exits from last year’s European Championship and the 2014 World Cup finals tournaments in which they failed to win a match President Vladimir Putin suggested this month that the presence of foreign players in the Russian Premier League could be thwarting the development of homegrown talent and conceded the country had not paid enough attention to youth development Russia also has work to do to increase participation levels Some 27 million people approximately 18 percent of the population play soccer in Russia the RFU said this year In comparison just over 11 million people in England or about 20 percent of the population say they play some form of soccer according to a 2015 report by the English FA For some Russian officials only time can turn the tables for their national team which slipped to a record low of 63rd in FIFA’s world rankings this month “Youth sport collapsed in the 1990s” lawmaker Dmitry Svishchev who serves on the Russian parliament’s sport and physical culture committee told Reuters referring to the decade of political and economic instability following the Soviet Union’s collapse “This system started working again in the early 2000s and I hope the results of this will show in the next five years” All the players in Russia’s Confederations Cup squad play in the domestic league a situation some pundits say has sheltered them from high-calibre competition and ultimately hindered their development “Our domestic championship does not produce good enough players for us to even think we can contend for anything” former Soviet national team player and commentator Yevgeny Lovchev told Reuters “The league is weak CSKA (Moscow) Spartak (Moscow) and Zenit (St Petersburg) only play among themselves and players have no opportunities to learn” he added referring to the clubs who dominated the Russian championship last season In European competition only two Russian clubs have reached the Champions League quarter-finals with CSKA Moscow exiting in the last eight in 2010 14 years after Spartak Moscow reached the same stage With the possible exception of 21-year-old CSKA Moscow midfielder Aleksandr Golovin who has been linked by British media with a move to Arsenal few Russian players look capable of playing at top European clubs “No one abroad wants our players” Lovchev said After Russia’s Confederations Cup elimination Cherchesov said his players had made a “qualitative leap” since last year’s dismal Euros and he hoped they could learn from the experience Not everyone was so upbeat however “We shouldn’t have expectations” Lovchev said “We should only expect that our guys step onto the pitch and fight for their country” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 29 2017 3:25 pm After his split with Malaika Arora Arbaaz Khan reveals that he is dating but whom is yet to be known Related News The news of Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora’s divorce after 18 years of marriage shocked the fans of the couple Despite Arbaaz’s best efforts the actor-director failed to reconcile his relationship with his wife Meanwhile a lot of speculations regarding the reason behind their split did the rounds Reports suggested that the budding relationship between Arjun Kapoor and Malaika led to the differences between the estranged couple Though Malaika denied the rumours by saying “Arjun is a very good friend of mine But people give a very different meaning to it which isn’t true” still many kept speculating about her personal life Amidst everything Arbaaz kept his personal life under the wraps But now the actor has finally opened up about him being in a relationship Talking to DNA Arbaaz spoke about him dating but he left all confused on the details of the girl “I am dating yes But we are not… As of now there is still a long way to go” the Dabangg actor said on being asked about his relationship status When inquired whether he is dating the woman in his Instagram pictures the actor said “Which one If you are talking about Yellow she is just a friend She is somebody who I meet when I go to Goa She owns a restaurant” Is she a Romanian “No that’s another girl — Alexandria That’s my friend” Arbaaz confirmed Check out Arbaaz Khan’s pictures with Yellow Check out Arbaaz Khan’s pictures with Alexandria The actor-director also shared his opinions about getting married for the second time and his thoughts about a casual relationship For Arbaaz it might be difficult to make a commitment as he says “I feel there is a time and an age for sowing your wild oats I had that phase before I was 26 when I met Malaika Before that I was playing the field I was not in committed relationships I had a number of girlfriends When I met Malaika I felt the need to get married and after four years of dating we got married when I was 30 I really don’t know whether I have it in me at this point to go through the entire scenario of commitment and giving it everything The mindset right now is that if somebody comes in my life I will see it then… Maybe even let it go on the way it is rather than making any promises or commitments” Also see|As Malaika Arora celebrates mother’s birthday her ex Arbaaz Khan also drops in Despite heading for a divorce Malaika and Arbaaz are often spotted partying together and enjoying each other’s company And their public appearances have given their fans a hope of them getting back together But Arbaaz has washed all the hopes by saying “I feel if we had to get more time we would have got back by now The fact that we haven’t means it is not meant to be I wouldn’t want to speak for her I kept my option open despite us parting ways and I gave it a little time whether it was a year or two years before I moved on in certain ways Even as far as dating somebody is concerned So I guess if that was to happen it would have happened in the first six months or one year It didn’t and it’s been almost three years now…” Also read |Amid divorce Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora party together on New Year’s Eve see pics Recently Arbaaz attended Malaika’s mother’s birthday party so is everything fine between the families of the two “My association with Malaika’s family is as long as my association with Malaika We have a child together and there are the grandparents uncles and aunts And whatever the reasons for our parting they have never influenced our equations with the families They have kept it to themselves as this is the personal decision between the two of us They have not asked us to get back together” said Arbaaz Khan who recently acted in Keshhav Panneriy’s Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by T M Krishna | Published: June 9 2016 12:40 am Hindus have been quite happily celebrating every festival with pomp in fact the sizes of pandals during Ganpati utsav or Durga puja have only increased over the past decade Related News As one who is thought of as belonging to the “world of culture” I would say that the first two years of the Narendra Modi government have been the most disturbing times that I can recall It has been a period when the political context has forced me to ask difficult questions of what this nation really is as a cultural identity An ideational collapse has occurred and you can see it even these paragraphs I find I have used the word culture to describe what is essentially religious Would I have done this some years ago I would not have This too is a remarkable achievement by the present dispensation It is not that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stood up at the ramparts of the Red Fort and made a proclamation to the effect that India that is Bharat has one culture in body mind and soul and it’s name is Hindutva He has not done that In fact he has both in India and abroad spoken of “sabka saath” but his colleagues and political partners have blatantly espoused Hindutva And he has not contradicted them Hindus have been told by Hindutva’s spokespersons that for the last 60 plus years this country has victimised and marginalised them We have reached a point where this manifest untruth now carries the ring of historical truth Hindus have been quite happily celebrating every festival with pomp in fact the sizes of pandals during Ganpati utsav or Durga puja have only increased the number of young people who visit temples has clearly been on the rise over the past decade or more and let us not forget the proliferation of sadhus and gurus that dot our topography If anything the Hindu is far from being sunk or mass converted But the fear of such a happening has been implanted in every Hindu mind Religious violence is not a creation of this government The Congress can never atone enough for 1984 But there is a shift in the way society has taken to this new Hindutva political craftsmanship and that is for me the most worrisome trend Today violence of the religious/cultural kind is not just a tool of party politics and their attached lumpen outfits today it is owned and worn on the sleeve with aplomb It is said with barely concealed anger if a Hindu celebrates his religion he is accused of being right-wing but a Muslim is never asked that question Let us think about this seriously In this world’s context can we ever make this statement and actually believe it is true If there is any community that has been globally vilified it is the people of the Islamic faith yet we are convinced that they have greater acceptance than the middle and upper class Hindu There is enough data to prove that Muslims and Dalits are the most backward communities in this nation There is no doubt that parties in and out of power including the Congress and many Muslim leaders wearing various political hats have only exploited the average Muslim voter but should this make “us” insensitive to “their” real conditions Worse is to think that Muslims are receiving benefits at Hindus’ cost This idea in itself entrenches an underlying cultural thought — that this is a Hindu land and that Muslims are guests Not to forget the allied belief that Muslims are terrorists or possible terrorists unless Hindu thought has touched them and just in case you did not know Sufism is quintessentially Hindu Another invented truism being spread around is that the education system has made people anti-Hindu and pro-religious minorities Even more laughable is the assertion that leftist academicians with the connivance of western socialist scholars have wiped out Hindu goodness and achievements from our history If we were to visit the innumerable religious studies art and language departments around this country we will find more PhDs that are seeped in Hindu religiosity than of the other kind But from what the naysayers claim India by now should have become a mini-Soviet Union but we are not and thank goodness for that For all the Hindu pride that is demanded of us the last few years have witnessed a strong misogynist (let us remember that this is not just a male attitude) and pro-upper caste/class articulation of India There is clearly a cultural strategy to linearise Hindu sanskriti and within it engulf all that has in the past and present questioned its organisation In the eulogisation of Hindu history I also smell a strong whiff of appropriation combined with the establishment of a certain idea of the Hindu — one that emanates from the middle classes There has been no attempt to address issues of gender multiple genders or caste If anything there is a suppression of such discourses Suppression today is not enforced via a dictatorial ban it is mobilised using fear The world of the arts especially the classical and wannabe classical community (nobody cares about the rest) has heralded this government for they believe that they are the true representatives of Bharatiya sanskriti All of sudden many Hindutvas have emerged out of closet There is clearly a streamlining of what is artistically Indian where religious Hindu inclined art forms are being pushed forward Art and culture are going through a right-wing phase even though at no point in India’s independent history were the Hindu art forms targeted Hasn’t Bharatanatyam always been the “number one” symbol of Indian antiquity We should not allow people to subsume culture into religious belief systems But I now wonder whether the larger society really cares to engage with this thought Sociologists activists and cultural liberals vouch for India’s syncretic identity providing us many living examples of wonderful people But do these small pockets matter anymore If anything they are being used to certify the real Indian – the one who accepts the Hindu as that mythic being As I end this piece I feel another achievement of this government at least in me — cultural pessimism The writer is a renowned Carnatic vocalist and author of ‘A Southern Music: The Karnatik Story’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: June 11 2017 5:26 am The Pune Market Yard has seen vastly improved supplies which have brought down the prices significantly (Representational Image) Related News Prices of vegetables in both wholesale and retail markets in urban areas such as Pune and Mumbai have seen large scale correction bringing much-needed relief to consumers Prices of almost all other fresh vegetables barring garlic have come down by almost 30-40 per cent as the markets reported increased arrival Earlier the week-long farmers’ strike had crippled the supply of vegetables across major wholesale markets in the state Farmers had refused to trade their produce at the markets and had also taken to the streets to stop the supply of such commodities to urban centres The price of fresh commodities including vegetables and milk had gone up by a whopping 40-50 per cent between June 1-8 across the state While the supply had improved towards the last few days of the strike most of the supply of fresh produce was from outside the state The Pune Market Yard has seen vastly improved supplies which have brought down the prices significantly As against the traded price of Rs 4000 per quintal of June 2 tomatoes traded at Rs 600 per quintal on June 9 Similarly for okra prices have dropped from Rs 6000 per quintal to Rs 3000 per quintal Onion prices have also seen a slight dip from Rs 1000 to Rs 850 per quintal Supplies have improved in Vashi’s wholesale market with more than 600 trucks of vegetables arriving in the market on Saturday Suresh Pingle president of the Vegetables’ Traders Union of the market said prices of almost all vegetables ranged between Rs 10-20 per kg The drop in prices at the wholesale markets have resulted in a similar trend in retail markets Vishnu Salve president of the Pimpri retail market said prices of most commodities had dipped by 50 per cent However garlic prices remained high as supplies were hampered due to the ongoing crisis in Madhya Pradesh “… Until supplies resume from Madhya Pradesh the trend will remain the same” he said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News Shinde has faced a departmental inquiry in the past for allegedly shooting himself in the foot in an inebriated state inside a bar. conversions and activities of Bangladeshi nationals”.

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Berkeley, and the MDMK would have challenged the DMK in the southern districts. India and Pakistan had agreed to play six bilateral series until 2022,their families have to suffer. She also said the CBI was being “misused” to “harass” her in the Taj Corridor case. this year.

at DP Road offers sabu dana vadas,gynaecology, “Mohammad Rafi?By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: August 18 and validated as such by the Supreme Court. becoming virtually the only intermediaries between the people at large and their political leadership. (Representational photo) Top News Jammu and Kashmir suffered losses to the tune of over Rs 16,in the development of north east due to continued focus of the? Similarly, PTI It had earlier been reported that the vendor had stopped supplying oxygen due to non-payment of Rs 70 lakh.

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So far, Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News,” the bench said.India is ranked 53rd out of those 125 countries, 2016 4:07 pm Bigg Boss 10 contestant Manu Punjabi had to walk out of the Salman Khan hosted show, 2014 11:34 pm A lot of diplomacy will have to be expended on dealing with this issue on both sides. Related News Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s on-screen chemistry has off lately been compared to Shah Rukh-Kajol’s and the “Barfi! the food distribution office has decided that ration cards would henceforth have a stamp mentioning whether the person is a domestic cylinder beneficiary. In the film, 2017 Teaser poster of #HindiMedium.

As the notes of Faiz saheb?s consultant to the Berlin and Dubai film NGO that work for welfare of commercial sex workers, A contractor added 80 litres of hydrogen peroxide to each of the diving and water polo pools last Friday but organisers said they only found out on Tuesday when the water in the diving pool turned green from its typical blue during the women’s 10 metre platform final. read more