Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor (Diagnostic Medical Physicist)

first_imgSummaryThe Department of Radiology at Baylor College of Medicine isseeking a Board Certified Diagnostic Medical Physicist to join theRadiology Physics group. Academic rank, if appropriate, will dependon qualifications and experience; salary will be commensurate withqualifications and experience.Job DutiesAs a member of the Division of Diagnostic Medical Physics, clinicalresponsibilities include pre-purchase review and acceptance testingof new equipment, annual performance testing of existing equipment;room shielding design and shielding surveys for new and modifiedfacilities; patient dose estimation; participation in ACRaccreditations of CT scanners, diagnostic and breast ultrasound andmammography facilities; dose management and review of imagingprotocols; quality control of imaging equipment and determinationof delivered dose; development and direction of quality assuranceand safety programs and compliance with applicable federal andstate regulations; consultation regarding radiation dose and riskin medical imaging.Participation in the Radiology Residents’ physics teaching programand other departmental training and education efforts may berequired. It is expected that the successful candidate will workwith clinical radiologists and technologists in quality improvementprojects.Minimum QualificationsQualified candidates will have a Ph.D. or Master’s Degree inMedical Physics with Certification in Diagnostic Medical Physicsfrom the American Board of Radiology (ABR) or The American Board ofMedical Physics. A Medical Physicist License from the State ofTexas Medical Board will also be required but if needed it can bereadily obtained with your credentials.FacilitiesThe BCM Radiology department has a fully digital equipmentinventory with state of-the-art imaging capabilities at two largeSister Hospitals in Houston as well as large Radiology ResidencyProgram. Baylor College of Medicine and the other relatedinstitutions are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers.Women and under-represented minorities are encouraged toapply.Insterested candidates must submit an application to beconsidered.Please send a letter of interest electronically to:Eric M. Rohren, M.D. Ph.D.Professor and Chair, Department of RadiologyBaylor College of MedicineOne Baylor PlazaHouston, Texas [email protected] College of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/AffirmativeAction/Equal Access Employer.5408CA; CHlast_img read more

Drama Review: King John

first_imgby Rees Arnott-Davies  Somebody once told me that if you want to give a play a bad review, simply describe what happens in it.  King John begins with the promise of a war of sovereignty between England and France, with the French disputing John’s right to the English throne, arguing that his cousin, Arthur, holds a legitimate claim to the crown. Meanwhile, Philip the Bastard is made aware that he is the illegitimate son (hence bastard) of Richard the Lion Heart, after having been knighted, and given the opportunity to fight for John in France. In France, a number of strangely unconvincing noblemen, including the Archduke of Austria, the Dauphin Lewis and King Philip of France convene outside of Angiers with the aim of deciding how to win the crown for Arthur. They are soon met by the English army, led by John, and battle ensues, without any sign of victory for either side. So the kings decide (with the help of an impartial bystander) that perhaps it might be a better idea to resolve everything with a marriage, as was the way back then. So there’s a marriage, making some people happy and some people sad, at which point the Pope’s legate comes along and breaks it to everyone that John’s been a bit sacrilegious and will have to be excommunicated. This unravels everything, causing France to go to war with England all over again, a war in which John is victorious, capturing Arthur with the intention of killing him. I think you get the idea. One of the foremost problems with this production, besides the fact that it seemed a little under-rehearsed, was that it focused on presenting this story of blood loyalties and power-games in the style of Eastenders. The scenes between Queen Eleanor and Constance were bizarrely similar to a shouting match in the Queen Vic. The moments of intrigue and surprise were positively begging to be interrupted by an aerial shot of London and the tune that invariably denotes another cliff-hanger. This is not to say that the production was without merit.  Both Alex Bowles and Chloe Sharrocks as King John and Constance gave generally good performances, but as the performance wore on it seemed as if words took longer and longer to come, and when they did they were often stumbled over. Of course I understand that a cast of post-grads and finalists may have more important things to worry about than learning lines, but the general lack of any directorial impulse (it seems characters spent most of their time, when not speaking, standing with passive and aimless looks upon their faces) coupled with the farcically over-directed battle scenes (soundtracks of an indecent amount of grunting) left the audience feeling that perhaps they had stumbled upon a revamped Beyond the Fringe. However, despite Helen McCabe’s portrayal of the royal court as an East-End pub, despite performances that put the amateur in dramatic, despite somewhat rusty stagecraft, despite all these things and more, it may be worth going to see King John, if only because until the RSC performed it in 2006, the last recorded professional performance of King John was in 1944.last_img read more

Castaway Cove Keeps Fresh With New Rides

first_imgBy Tim KellyJust two years after its Gale Force roller coaster changed the face of amusements – and the skyline – in Ocean City, Playland’s Castaway Cove had added four new rides for 2019.  The historic park is not standing pat as it celebrates its 60th year in front of the Flanders Hotel at 10th Street and the Boardwalk. “Nobody adds rides like we do on a regular basis,” said vice president Brian Hartley, who oversees day-to-day operations. This year is no exception. In addition to the new rides, an old favorite, the High Seas log flume, is undergoing a complete renovation.  Vice President Brian Hartley, who oversees day-to-day operations, has worked at Playland for 27 years.Here’s a sneak preview of the new attractions: A brand new Double Shot. Arguably the park’s signature thrill ride before the Gale Force roller coaster emerged on the scene, a brand new model of almost the exact same ride has already been installed. Riders soar 110 feet above the ground with a  force of 4 G’s on the way up and 2 G’s on the descent, not once, but twice – hence the ride’s name. “The new one has a little bit updated technology and different colors, but it’s essentially the same ride that has been so popular,” Hartley said. The Matterhorn. Hartley describes this as a “music express type ride. It has a fast circular motion the kids will really enjoy.” It consists of passenger cars attached to axles that swing in and out. As the ride picks up speed, the swinging motion becomes more dramatic. Squadron 66. This new “airplane” ride is sure to be popular with fans of interactive amusements. The planes travel in a circular motion and can move at a 45-degree angle using a flap that the rider controls.  A new 3-lane Super Slide. Sometimes the best rides are the “old school” low-tech ones. Visitors climb to a height high above the park and jump on top of what is essentially a burlap bag. A little push and gravity does the rest. It’s a gleaming new attraction sure to be even more popular than the old slide, a standby for decades, that has been absent the last few seasons.  In another improvement, the steel structure of the High Seas log flume has been galvanized, Hartley said, and has been reconditioned and given a fresher look for this season. Gale Force’s undulating, blue track provides thrills and chills for roller coaster riders.Hartley said he and Castaway Cove owner Scott Simpson attend industry trade shows each year to look for ways to continue improving the park and keeping it fresh for visitors. Simpson is the second generation owner who took over for his late father, David, who founded the park in 1959 and built it where the Flanders’ former salt water pool was once located.  The company, formally known as SNT Amusement Co., also owns the Go-Kart ride adjacent to the park, mini golf at 9th and 11th streets, Dippin Dots ice cream and Dairy Queen, among other Boardwalk entertainment and food staples. In 2015, Simpson showed his belief in the future of “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” as Ocean City calls itself, when he announced plans for the Gale Force roller coaster and began construction the following year. It made its debut in time for the 2017 season. The roller coaster soars 125 feet above street level and is one of the first things visitors notice, as is the Double Shot, when traveling into town via the 9th Street Causeway.  The coaster has a top speed of 64 miles per hour, and has taken Castaway Cove to another level in popularity. The park boasts some of the tamest so-called “family fun rides” as well as those that appeal to veteran daredevil riders.Playland’s Castaway Cove is in the midst of its annual half-price Easter ticket sale through April 28. The iconic pirate ship at Playland’s Castaway Cove that overlooked the Boardwalk entrance was destroyed in the fire.last_img read more

Support the Work Ethic

first_imgWell they are at it again! This time it’s the Conservative leader, David Cameron, suggesting that the old Protestant work ethic is out of date. Try telling that to our Asian competitors, particularly the Chinese, and see what they think of such rubbish!Now we all know MPs will do anything for votes and there are many more employees than employers, but they insult the intelligence of our staff if they think they can win their votes this way. When I enter into a contract with an employee, I understand our mutual agreement is that I pay him or her a set amount of money for his or her time and skills. This means that, while working for me in the hours agreed, their time is mine as I pay for it.It logically follows that, if they skive off in my time, they are stealing my money. We have all had or have staff that are lazy. In our bakery we had one who liked to relax over a cup of coffee, sometimes for hours and hours, and another who retired, but we didn’t realise it for a year; we kept wondering why he never collected his pay packet.When there are no jobs, they will blame us and the only answer I will give is: “Well, you listened to the politicians and while you were getting a fulfilled life, the rest of the world was taking your jobs.”Small businesses provide the majority of jobs in this country. Yet MPs appear to have no idea how it works; government often gives huge grants to large firms – supposedly to create jobs. Then, in a few years, the company folds and sends its products to be made in another country, where the workforce is presumably looking for work rather than a so-called balanced life-style.The government should stop taking so much of our hard-earned money, cut down on the stupid laws and we would soon produce all the jobs necessary if they just left us alone.We all know that if you say, “I believe in Victorian values”, you get ridiculed by the trendy liberals. Well I do! There are the deserving and the undeserving poor. We have all employed staff who are incapable of coming in on time, have days off and spend an enormous amount of energy dodging work.What is wrong with good manners, consideration for others and doing a good week’s work for a good week’s pay? Think of their world… it wasn’t all bad. Look at what they achieved, then compare it with The Dome.Let’s face it, if a Martian landed on earth and said: “Take me to your leader”, what on earth would he expect to learn? nlast_img read more

Speech: Exchequer Secretary speech: Royal Bank of Scotland

first_imgGood morning.Thank you RBS for hosting us. It’s great to be back in Manchester and wonderful to see the buildings and the cranes and the sense of energy.International Women’s Day is a chance for us to celebrate the brilliant women who have shaped the modern world.And it makes sense to mark the occasion in Manchester.This, after all, is the home of Emmeline Pankhurst, Marie Stopes, Elizabeth Gaskell…And today, some of our best businesswomen – Carol Kane of Boohoo, Angela Spindler of N Brown, Anastasia Kenyon, who, at just 24, founded Palette, the app that helps you find a make-up artist.But it’s also a Day to think about where we need to keep improving.And business and entrepreneurship is one of those areas.The UK is one of the best places to start and grow a business.We have the lowest corporation tax in the G20, an encouraging regulatory environment, and the strong capital markets of our financial services industry – not just in London, but in cities like Manchester also.Today, there are nearly six million businesses in the UK, a 25% increase since 2010. A new one is created every 75 seconds.But women are not playing an equal role in this success story.In the North West, the spiritual home of female empowerment, women make up just over a quarter of those starting businesses.And across the country, only one-fifth of businesses are run by women.That’s despite the fact that there are almost one million more women than men living in the UK.A report we commissioned from the British Business Bank last year revealed some shocking findings.89% of UK VC deals involved founding teams with no women.And for every £1 of VC investment in the UK, all-female founder teams get less than 1p.This is a lost opportunity for those women. And having run businesses I know what an empowering and hugely rewarding life an entrepreneurial path is.It Is also a great lost opportunity for the economy.The best estimates suggest we may be missing out on more than a million new enterprises and billions of pounds of economic activity……not to mention new inventions and innovations that would improve our lives.And if anyone remotely thinks the economy is a zero-sum game, where you can only have so many enterprises…We have to remind them that people said the same thing when women started entering male-dominated workplaces in the early 20th century.In fact, it is a hundred years since my great grandmother became deputy manager of the Robertson jam factory here in Droylsden. She took a man’s job during the war and turns out she was better than him.The effect across the economy back then was simply to increase wages and productivity for everyone, In just the same way, increasing the number of female entrepreneurs will be a rising tide that lifts all boats.But progress will not happen automatically. We must take positive action.That’s why we commissioned Alison Rose – CEO of commercial and private banking at the Royal Bank of Scotland – to lead a review into the challenges that women face in starting and growing their own business.Alison’s work will help us understand how we can assist women in all sectors and all parts of the country to realise their dream of becoming an entrepreneur.She’s found obstacles at all stages of the entrepreneurial journey. women have less of an appetite for risk, and less confidence in skills and ideas they have less time, with women setting aside 60% more of their day on childcare than men they have lower access to finance, with women’s average starting capital 50% lower than men’s finally, they have a lack of connections and role models, with fewer women than men knowing an entrepreneur Alison’s report has shown that each of these is a barrier to progress.But while each is a reason for concern, we need to work across the private and public sector to address them.I’m proud to say that the Treasury will play a leading role in this.We’re working with UK Finance to establish a new Treasury code, called Investing in Women, which asks banks, VC and other organisations to report – for our annual publication – the gender split of their investment.I encourage all relevant financial institutions to sign up, so that we can all track annually how we are doing, benchmark themselves against the best in the business, and work out how to improve funding for female entrepreneurs.I want this to be a mark that all want to have and entrepreneurs look out for.I’m also going to be supporting a taskforce of private investors that will seek to drive more funding to female entrepreneurs.If we had just a 50% increase in the number of female entrepreneurs, we would have an additional 600,000 female businesswomen, each bringing new ideas and energy to old markets.And so today the PM has set that as our government ambition. Of course, it’s stretching – but then the size of the prize ahead of us is huge.And to grab it, all of us here have a role to play to make Britain more enterprising, innovative and prosperous.Thank you Alison for your contribution.last_img read more

Listen To Dead & Company’s Scorching Two Night Run At Citi Field [Full Audio]

first_imgDead & Company made their stadium debut last weekend, hitting the New York Mets’ Citi Field for two nights on Saturday and Sunday, June 25-26. The band came out in full force, led by the three Grateful Dead members, Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart. Of course, the guitar playing of John Mayer was in the spotlight, as his bluesy style is a perfect fit for the band. Bassist Oteil Burbridge made waves for his lightning bolt shaped mohawk, shaved in honor of the debut stadium appearance. It should go without saying, but keyboardist Jeff Chimenti made himself present with his incredible presence on the organs.The band was also joined by a very special guest, as Donna Jean Godchaux joined the band on vocals for select tracks throughout the weekend. With her help, as well as some lead vocals from Burbridge, Dead & Company really flourished on their interpretations of Grateful Dead classics. From the opening notes of “Shakedown Street” to the final encore of “Samson & Delilah,” the band was rocking hard.Thanks to Quinfolk, we have quality audio streams to share from each night of music. Enjoy the hours of Dead & Company music!Saturday, June 25th:Sunday, June 26th:[Photo by Chad Anderson Photography]last_img read more

Coming to 54 Below: Shows From Yesteryear, Nightclub Newbies and More!

first_img JAMES SNYDER “A Road Most Traveled” – 8/4 at 7PM The If/Then star makes his 54 Below debut with a show that explores his own “what if?” moments, from starring in shows such as Cry-Baby, Rock of Ages and Carousel to getting married, finding out you’re going to be a dad and (of course), killing it on your very own video blog. Tag along on Snyder’s fun journey! GET TICKETS Dozens of stars flock to the 54 Below stage every week to show us what they got. Here are just some of the nightclub’s recently announced, sure-to-be amazing sets. Mark your calendars for these Broadway faves at the intimate supper club! 54 SINGS THE WIZ 8/10 at 7PM & 9:30PM We are so ready to ease on down the road (stairs?) to check out the latest installment of the nightclub’s “54 Sings” series. Tony nominees Vivian Reed and Adriane Lenox and Broadway alums Ken Page, Kingsley Leggs and Beautiful’s Rashidra Scott are just some of the names set to feel a brand new day. Belt it out with Dorothy and company for one night only! GET TICKETS HELENE YORKE “My Blossom Dearie” – 9/29 at 7PM The Bullets babe is trading in Olive’s hot dog-crazed shtick for something chic and subtle. Yorke’s 54 Below debut will celebrate a supper club star in her own time: jazz and blues singer Margrethe Blossom Dearie. Yorke will recreate the singer’s jazz sound with her own whimsical style and teases that there may be a few sweet surprises (bananas?). GET TICKETS CHRIS MILLER & NATHAN TYSEN “Tuck Everlasting & More” – 9/15 at 7PM & 9:30PM They’ve been heard at rock clubs, off-Broadway theaters and Sesame Street. The song-writing duo will welcome a host of Broadway talent to perform numbers from their shows, including The Burnt Part Boys and Fugitive Songs, plus a taste of their upcoming Tuck Everlasting. GET TICKETS THIS AMBITIOUS ORCHESTRA: CABARET 7/23 at 9:30PM Don’t tell mama, but while Alan Cumming and co. perform at Studio 54, another group of fishnet-clad entertainers are ready to bid you “Willkommen” downstairs. These symphonic rebels, along with some of New York’s finest nightclub singers, will present the Kander and Ebb tuner with arrangements infused with a glam rock sound. GET TICKETScenter_img PATRICK PAGE “Good to be Bad” – 8/27 at 7PM Our favorite Broadway bully is back! After a dastardly performance at the nightclub in January, Page returns to explore some of musical theater’s greatest villains and antiheroes we love to loathe—from Captain Hook to Sweeney Todd. What better man to take us on a diabolical journey than the Green Goblin/Scar/the Grinch/Henry VIII himself?! GET TICKETS  LOUIS ST. LOUIS “Still Comin’ In Through the Kitchen” – 9/9 & 10 at 7PM He’s a man of many talents: composer, arranger, singer and then some. But before making a name for himself on shows like Smokey Joe’s Café, St. Louis started out in the cabaret scene. He returns to his roots to present a night of original songs that can be heard in Grease (and its infamous sequel), Disco People and more. GET TICKETS View Comments SAYCON SENGBLOH “Vintage Pop Soul” – 8/13 at 7PM & 8/29 at 11PM While her time in the electrifying Holler If Ya Hear Me may be cut short, this Broadway star, whose past credits include Motown, Fela! and Wicked, makes her debut at the supper club this summer. Expect popular tunes of past and present, hits from the Broadway stage and some originals from her EP: Southern Pin-Up. GET TICKETSlast_img read more

What does mobile mean for your credit union?

first_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Questions credit union marketers should Karen BankstonIn their work on the team planning, implementing, and assessing mobile services, marketers can help guide the discussion about the strategic role and possibilities presented by this channel with key questions:What can we learn from other financial service providers and industries about best practices in launching and delivering mobile services? What expectations do mobile-savvy members have for their experience in interacting with the credit union via this channel?What audiences are we trying to serve and attract that we are not serving well or attracting today? Does the mobile channel meet the needs of current and future members?What value does mobile provide, and how does it complement and interface with our other services and delivery channels? continue reading »last_img read more

Sign Up for LifeToGo’s Sampler Pack Today

first_img– Advertisement – That’s part of why we’re so obsessed with LifeToGo’s partnership with Sampler, a free product subscription box service. We saw the word “free” and we were already sold, but once we discovered all of the details, we knew we had to let everyone know. The first round of free sample boxes went so well that the collab has reached round two, and it’s looking as incredible as ever!LifeToGo Sampler PackLifeToGoSee it!Get a LifeToGo Sampler Pack at no cost with free shipping!- Advertisement – Get a LifeToGo Sampler Pack at no cost with free shipping!Now, we know we said this Sampler Pack will come with health and wellness products, but what kind exactly? It’s a surprise! Seriously, it will be, but there’s a good chance you can expect healthy snacks, skincare products or even hand sanitizer and face masks. You can browse through all of LifeToGo’s offerings for a better idea, though other great brands will be included as well!So, what do you think? Are you about to sign up? Or did you already sign up? Or are you sending this link to all of your friends right now so you can all compare your free samples? Think of it as an early holiday gift. It’s never too early for gifts! See it!Get a LifeToGo Sampler Pack at no cost with free shipping!Looking for more? Shop all of LifeToGo’s incredible health and wellness brands here!Check out more of our picks and deals here!This post is brought to you by Us Weekly’s Shop With Us team. The Shop With Us team aims to highlight products and services our readers might find interesting and useful, such as face masks, self tanners, Lululemon-style leggings and all the best gifts for everyone in your life. Product and service selection, however, is in no way intended to constitute an endorsement by either Us Weekly or of any celebrity mentioned in the post.The Shop With Us team may receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. In addition, Us Weekly receives compensation from the manufacturer of the products we write about when you click on a link and then purchase the product featured in an article. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently from advertising sales team. We welcome your feedback at [email protected] Happy shopping! When you sign up for this Sampler pack, you’ll have top health and wellness products delivered directly to your doorstep, and you don’t have to pay a cent. So how do you get started? You only need a couple of minutes. Simply click the “Connect with Sampler” button to create your profile and get started!You’ll be presented with a quick and easy quiz, allowing you to answer questions about your preferences so your samples are right up your alley. The quiz will ask questions such as what brands you like to eat and drink, what your general interests are (e.g. fashion, beauty, food, travel), what your skin concerns are and what product details you look for when you go shopping (e.g. eco-friendly, affordable, organic). See it!- Advertisement – Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.Doesn’t the word “free” just send a tingle down your spine? It’s the type of word that can turn your day from dull and dreary to exciting and joyous. It’s electrifying. Even when the free offering is something super simple like a bookmark, a tiny packet of moisturizer or a bite of cheese in the grocery store, we can’t get enough!- Advertisement –last_img read more

Rare hamster-related case of tularemia reported

first_imgJan 6, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – A 3-year-old Colorado boy fell ill with tularemia after a bite from a pet hamster last year in the first documented case of its kind in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported today.”Tularemia has not been associated previously with pet hamsters,” the CDC says in the Jan 7 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, published online today. “Clinicians and public health officials should be aware that pet hamsters might be a potential source of tularemia.”Tularemia in the United States is usually linked to insect bites or handling carcasses of small animals, particularly rabbits. The disease is caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis, one of the six biological agents deemed most likely to be used by terrorists.The Colorado boy’s family had bought six hamsters from a Denver pet store in January or February 2004, according to the CDC report. All the hamsters died of a diarrheal disease within a week after they were bought, but one of them bit the boy on a finger before it died. A week later the boy had fever and swollen axillary lymph nodes. His symptoms persisted despite treatment with amoxicillin clavulanate.Seven weeks after the onset of the boy’s symptoms, an axillary biopsy and subsequent laboratory tests led to the detection of F tularensis. The boy had had no other risk factors for exposure to tularemia, such as tick or mosquito bites or contact with game meat. He improved after treatment with ciprofloxacin, the article says.Investigation revealed that many hamsters kept at or recently bought from the Denver pet store had died around the time of the boy’s illness, the report says. But because no carcasses were available for testing, officials couldn’t confirm that the hamster was the source of the infection. However, a pet cat that lived at the store had a positive serologic test for tularemia, though it was not sick. In view of the circumstantial evidence and the lack of other possible risk factors, the hamster was the most likely cause of the boy’s illness, investigators concluded.The CDC speculates that wild rodents carrying tularemia might have “infested the pet store and spread the infection to hamsters by urinating and defecating through metal screens covering hamster cages.” A similar scenario led to a tularemia outbreak among monkeys in a zoo once before, the report says.Tularemia has been associated with “hamster hunting” in Russia but has not been previously linked with pet hamsters in the United States, the CDC says. No further cases were found after the pet-store owner was advised to set traps to control wild rodents, the article concludes.CDC. Tularemia associated with a hamster bite—Colorado, 2004. MMWR 2005 Jan 7;53(51 & 52):1202-3See also:CIDRAP overview of tularemialast_img read more