Adjusting for those with special needs: How groups and families are working together

first_imgThey’re also looking to help by sending daily visual materials and by staying in touch any way possible. This includes families with children with developmental disabilities, where not having face-to-face interaction can be tough. For more coronavirus coverage, click here. (WBNG) — We’ve all been adjusting to life while social distancing. “Ethan has a wonderful support system at his new school. It’s been interesting because we’ve been doing all of these Zoom meetings and tele-therapies, which are very difficult for a child on the spectrum to sit through,” said Montrose, Penn. resident Danielle Lewis. “Put on a nice face, somehow, and just tell your son or your daughter we’ll be alright. This will be over. I don’t know when, but we’ll be alright,” said Colletti. Disruptions from routine can be extremely difficult, so special needs groups are encouraging parents to keep it simple. “As a network just trying to figure out which platforms work best to communicate with the families. Which ones work best for the different programs. How to get the videos out and how to get the information out,” says GiGi’s Playhouse Program Coordinator Anna Bruce. “Any kind of change in life is difficult. So right now this is a change. So what we’ve done and I’ve always said, go back to what works. Go back to the simple. Go back to just right in front of them,” said Founder of Advocates for Autism Sally Colletti. This collaborative effort will help celebrate these amazing individuals, while also taking care of each other by staying strong. “We have a local autism awareness Facebook group and I rely heavily on that to kind of go and ask other people what they’re doing in these situations to help out the kiddos and also to celebrate things they are doing,” says Lewis.last_img

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