Brief description of the operation of the three core capabilities in the electricity supplier indust

operation, in the electricity supplier industry, is "the core."". Operations like spider webs, mainly from the overall situation, starting from the enterprise overall marketing revenue, the initiative for the sake of users, according to the customer demand information the user has accumulated to make products and services, and attract more users to the active site, and develop the user loyalty to the company and viscosity.


affect the electricity supplier user experience there are many factors, but in the final analysis is to operate as the basic, in order to meet user needs as the goal, to revitalize the overall marketing, income responsibility. In fact, the operation not only undertakes business model analysis and margin cost responsibility, also constantly optimize the business model and the user experience, and by other departments to cooperate with the perfect business goals to improve matters, all aspects of business, to ensure the enterprise’s profitability at least.

which, operating in the electricity supplier industry, there are three core competencies, worthy of our attention.

, a preliminary data analysis, category optimization ability: basic ability. The basic capabilities include category optimization, data analysis, promotion, optimization, user experience, invoicing and marketing systems, workflow control, activity planning, implementation, etc.. To determine what business operators of goods, optimize the commodity structure, the display of goods characteristics, process and construction of user experience, sales promotion, sales process, sales data analysis, to optimize the overall experience. Electricity providers should build consumer experience around the consumer needs of operations and make this experience better than their competitors. Only let the operation with purpose, will form a resultant force.

two, middle level ability: professional guidance and overall coordination ability for related departments. As is known to all, the operations department is responsible for the final performance and serves the end user. Whether it is customer service, marketing, research and development, warehousing, logistics and so on can be seen as the operation of the support department, the operation of the integration of all sectors to serve users. At the same time, the responsibility of the operation is to establish process specifications and solve all kinds of problems. In the familiar with the relevant departments of the work based on accurate judgment and integration, coordination and implementation.

three, higher order capabilities: industry understanding. This is a high level operation essential ability, the vast majority of electricity supplier success is built on the basis of understanding of the industry. Consistent with the business model only familiar with the industry, the founder, to understand human nature, analysis of data, to see the trend of the product structure, sales, cost structure, the first implementation of optimization and transformation, adjust the business model so as to better, to find a breakthrough in the market, buy some new mining products and services, and ultimately open the new situation of marketing revenue.

the development of the Internet era today, the electricity supplier industry still in perfect operation, rapid development stage, the business model change is still very large, hot stage is changing fast, the transformation of the business model is still based on the industry characteristics and the development of humanity. This will require >

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