How do individuals make money on ad networks

most of the webmaster do stand are of interest because at the beginning, but slowly understand some after all hope that at least we can get your own domain name space or extra cost cost to do personal webmaster to business, and later became a career. Dare to dare, we will see how to use the advertising alliance website profit today, of course, the premise is that you have to concentrate on the website, the website had a certain user traffic before they can through advertising to make money, no matter what the daily payment or week payment need your site traffic, otherwise put more advertising is to see their own.

first sure we have their own website or blog, then he must go to the website promotion website, have a certain customer, you can go to the choice of advertising according to the nature of their website, there are many kinds of CPC CPM CPS alliance, the alliance can explain various specific reference to other information

Secondly, according to the nature of their own

website to choose the nature of advertising, such as movie station will put some advertising alliance game, of course, can also go to put Baidu, Google Adsense, generally according to the nature of their own web site to automatically match the Baidu alliance and Google Adsense, no matter what the advertising alliance, to avoid to have their own web site, the true flow of IP, don’t put too much advertising when there is no traffic, otherwise it will affect the user experience. Don’t rush to make money on the website, need oneself to go to business, to "nurture"! I believe certainly can let everyone dreams come true in your care! The original article in the rookie webmaster forum please


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