Googleadsense ad blocked list

Google Adsense recently in the QQ number and qq COINS deceptive advertising more and more, no way, no fruit in the future, to the Google Adsense group email n times, only the domain name list with their usual accumulation of shielding out of Google Adsense in the /p> to you.

used as the highest rate of return on the website advertising Google Adsense has started off his veil, revealing a side and Chinese other good advertising alliance to distinguish. After Firefox decreased the cost of promotion, in the click rate and click on the area after the change, Google Adsense has no advantage at all what in China, and for Google Adsense users should be relatively strict supervision for the casual Google Adwords users and, more and more waste content in advertising, the localization of Google is getting better and better, slowly to the garbage near Union, no way, this is the essence of capital, both Baidu and Google in the so-called capital. Profit before, the nature of their own has been fully exposed. And for Google AdSense and for those who disregard the interests of users and Google Adsense user administration Policy of care, more and more shows the essence of." Google; ", the role of never do evil; Goolge was also is becoming increasingly blurred, and the Google Adsense blog Adsense users in the essay is only a pale and convenient struggle, no way to the people of the world, people who lost the lost world, water can carry a boat, can also capsize, with small and medium-sized Adsense support, Goolge Adsense has established a good reputation in the Chinese Internet, also believe that under the leadership of Li Kaifu, Google can also feel something. The increase of negative news, more and more users abandon Google Adsense, believe that the strength of the masses is great.

small owners are vulnerable groups, Chinese Internet in them, most people have their own interests and ideas, there is also a small part of people cheat opportunistic, profit, in the face of the Google AdSense and even all policies, believe that Google is more and more lost heart. The following is the webmaster himself for several months the advertisement screening list, if you have, you can also be used as a supplement, hope that the majority of small owners can unite together against these people eat for exploitation

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