Local websites have potential for in-depth analysis and Reinvestment

fourth years after the Internet webmaster, more and more people begin to pay attention to the development of local sites, regional strong correlation and interaction effect, focus on the characteristics of local information so that more and more local users to join local websites. How to do a good job of local websites, make local well-known sites, is more and more local station owners attention issues.

A5 Forum last week bbs.admin5.com version, "operation of website of local road" once again aroused the attention of all local stations. At present, in China, Xiamen fish, Pengcheng community, 19 buildings are developed earlier, but also to do more excellent local websites. The new local website, how to make features, become a local well-known website, become the local consumer, entertainment, public opinion of the first position, this issue is discussed in every new station.

1 differentiated operation

occur in every industry market saturation, prior to the investment of local stations, we must first understand the local market survey, have what website, which type of Web site more potential? Some developed city, also means that the network development level is higher, more relevant websites, development is relatively mature. If you want to get a slice of this market, you have to investigate the market and analyze the differences, which are not yet developed and can be tapped; which ones are already saturated and are not suitable for further investment. Some relatively less developed cities, network development is relatively backward, how to develop this market, this is a difficult problem.

differentiated management is not a simple imitation, but also need to create, find the appropriate entry point, make local characteristics. For example, the local car is good, do real estate; real estate can make friends; good friends, you can do information; information is good, you can do online shopping in the city and so on. Only to make differentiation, the development of the site will have more opportunities, the start will not be so difficult to develop.

What does

2 users need


owners often say good user experience, user experience, simply from the user’s point of view to understand what the user needs, your website will retain users, what can you offer? As a local website, such as forum, users want to understand popular local information here, know what is happening around, share my life experience. The forum needs to provide such a platform for the user. For example, the local automotive website, users need to understand the latest car news here, the local auto repair point, a car dealer promotions, car buying concessions and so on. From the user’s point of view, look for information about the real service users.

3 good boot

each webmaster has his own station, intention, want to make the website what appearance, have their own plan, but the user at the beginning is not clear, this needs the webmaster’s guidance. Website early stage, webmaster how to guide users, how will the site late development?.

a lot of local websites, such as Xiamen fish, etc., users here actively post, discuss local hot spots

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