Analysis of website revision needs to pay attention to three factors

in the rapid development of the Internet, the website revision is the most accustomed to the work of the station. Page stale, user experience needs promotion, function defects, website all functions to be promoted; to adapt to the development of new integration of website requirements. These requirements directly trigger the revision task of the website. Site revision will bring new experience to the site, new development, new purposes, but if the operation is not good, not only can not achieve the desired adjustment results, and will damage the site, the formation of traffic loss.

1. try not to do ZhengZhan content change

present this kind of situation can compare low, no webmaster will be in the revision of the direct exchange of lost all web content, but in some cases still will form such problems. Let’s change when the change to a new domain name, ZhengZhan URL rhyme change; for example, the old station too too stale, directly to the layout of the revision of all these conditions, have formed ZhengZhan content big change, the formation of the website included, rankings, flow loss. So, in the time of website, must change the thinking, non need to try not to do ZhengZhan content.

2. changes URL, must use 301 jump

website revision can not help but happen URL change, will directly lose some weight analogy high, key word ranking is good, flow objective old page. So, in the revision of the time, showing URL changes, try to use 301 jump, jump the old page to the new page.

3. keeps old domain names unchanged by visiting

some of the major pages can be remembered by users and will be visited directly. If in the process of correcting the loss of the old domain name directly, it will lead to users can not visit, the formation of the old users of the direct loss. Therefore, in the website revision, must maintain the old domain name can visit as long as possible, so that users can easily remember the new domain name. Website revision, forming URL change, in order to be real-time search engine included, the most direct method is to submit new URL engine, in order to collect engine real-time included new page, cut loss.

short, website first to consider is how to ensure that the old user does not run off, when the old users visit the old content, to guide the new old user visit page be content, as far as possible to reduce traffic loss.

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