From the URL station to the industry station do station experience summary

first introduced my station, electric power network, the domain name is registered for 08 years, beginning to do is web site, then Baidu on the web site or to the open side of the navigation station, not so difficult to do, but to the end of 09 years, on the one hand, due to the service the stop for a few days, on the other hand, traffic has been not very high, so there is a chicken ribs feeling, more than 100 IP, I have been in Baidu Post Bar publicity, send mail, in the QQ group how also can not afford to do traffic, there is no resistance to the heart to hate, determination the work I had make only superficial changes, as in the power industry experience, is not a layman, do you find a lot of previous work, sorting said after coming home, started for the station, I made a big mistake, halfway through the major revision Two, because the beginning position is such, do a period of time, the user experience is poor, people have a puzzled feeling, and then changed again a few days later, the wife made a part of the information, it is not the right column division, instead, lead to weight in the misty Baidu for a long time, the title change, but I found that Baidu original content is still very popular, I am still in the process of Revision update every day 10-30 article ranging from content, updated daily 3 times, are updated regularly, not too a few days of my Baidu station regained weight, basically did not enter the sandbox, but it was time I posted the article after a few minutes included, surprised me. Now my station is basically snapshots, every day, ranking is not rising. I sum up my experience of standing for several days:

1. standing on the ground.

2. do what you are familiar with. Content basic originality.

3. proper links. Don’t be too

4. insists. It’s dark today, tomorrow will be dark, and the day after tomorrow will be beautiful. But most people will die at home tomorrow night.

5. domain name weight, the older the better.

do industry station, do not like to do the navigation station so tired, do not have to do so hard to send garbage to everyone to promote, because you do what others want. In this way, we all save trouble, I just do the content, to do what you can useful content. Nothing else to consider. It makes me feel more relaxed.

last message to me.

this article starts from, please keep the link. The net was originally me, for everybody, everybody for me. Hope that the relevant mechanical and electronic industry website can exchange links with me. Discuss the experience of making a station together.

did a new station, included, I think it’s not a problem, just find a friend on the network, let him hang a link on his own navigation station, a few days on the collection. If there is a friend in need of this, you can contact me. But your station must be formal, you can’t take the garbage station to harm your brother. If >

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