Cattle Bo past, a kind of feelings of the hair and exhausted

from the BBS, blog to micro-blog, WeChat, the Internet as a de facto public speaking space has been ten years.

A series of

products is also a boom and bust, and the rheological speech space.

The closure of the

cattle Network represents the end of a public speech era.


phone is Luo Yonghao at the end of June 2013 to call Huang Bin. At this point, two entrepreneurs in their respective career and social, has long been no intersection. This phone call has not lasted long enough and the consensus has been reached very quickly.

Huang Bin doesn’t remember how many times he turned off Niu bo.

is free, this is from the opening to close always carry a gilded signboard.

Unlike most popular blogging platforms on the Internet over the same period,

‘s elite blog site has been gathering hundreds of intellectuals for its loose space. So far, there are still a considerable number of readers will Bullog network as the holy land of enlightenment.

, but after January 2009, for some reason, moved to the wall of cattle net, turned cattle international, the amount of visits plummeted by 80%. Wall flower wall shortage, Bullog international station and station rehabilitation home in exile but was that the decline has been a few years earlier.

at the last time, "we switched it off ourselves."." Luo Yonghao wrote in a long micro-blog at noon on July 3rd.

, who denies that the shutdown is related to political pressure, operating costs or ideals, "the reason for the switch is that there are no blogs now.". We’re proud of what we’ve done, but it’s not sad to turn it off." has not been able to survive his 7 birthday, and this site can only take you into an inexplicable shopping navigation page.

many people think of this disrepair, slightly sad. Famous critic Zhang Xiaozhou micro-blog recalls: "2007 suddenly received a strange phone, the other said he called Luo Yonghao, said Lian Yue each year to give him to recommend a person to cattle Bo, Zhang Xiaozhou held this year, and finally added that Niu Bomu had paid for them. The second day I and Ronaldo in the presence of the king of the hill to eat Renqin occupation. The arena without John Bullog in the glint and flash of cold steel, the most good gay friend, I love Niu bo." It was a tear expression after the full stop.

Huang Bin read xinruzhishui. In an interview with the blog world, he said, "from the year when you threw the cow into a foreign server, it was in the coffin, but it didn’t cover it.". "Niu Bo’s rhythm, content, form has been out of touch with the current, a no longer circulation of things, so that some people continue to look at it, you might as well destroy it."."

and Luo Yonghao’s phone didn’t even have a process that was discussed before deciding

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