Optimize the title of the website to improve the quality of keywords

I recently found more interesting problems, it is now a lot of new sites for the webmaster do stand and then is the direct source of change in the background of some key words and key words, and did not observe carefully the frequency of keywords and the degree of repetition, which leads to most of the site keywords not line up.

yesterday, a friend sent me his website and asked me to optimize the title for him. I read his title. I see the problem at a glance. The title I’m talking about is the words that appear on ie. I found his title very simple, all the title of this page plus the key words of the whole station. For example: Home – good novel network – novel free download -www.haoxsw.com, recommend the software – good novel – novel free download -www.haoxsw.com, fantasy novel – good novels – novel free downloads, -www.haoxsw.com "XX" – good novels – novel free download -www.haoxsw.com.

is like this, all the same back. This is also a lot of the same site, do the key problems is the key high repetition and then led to the decline in the quality of key words, there is less relevant keywords, keyword search also relatively less, if we are in each of the different types of pages to different keywords that effect is not the same, not only is key words do more, but also improve the keyword density, which is very conducive to the collection.

, for example: Home Page – good novel web – novel free download -www.haoxsw.com

recommended software – popular novel -TXT novel

fantasy novel – online download – online reading – good novel network www.haoxsw.com

"XX" – online download – free fiction – good novel web www.haoxsw.com

so keywords also do more, and also did not repeat, so that the effect is better, if you believe, you can come to try.

is worth noting that the program is now unified on top labels, so make sure you do a few more labels.

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