The financial industry prosperous era in the industry under the concurrent domain name

famous American newspapers and New York Times before the acquisition has been low-key English domain name, the domain name holder is earlier senior overseas investors Frank Schilling, after the operation in the financial domain related business website, for the acquisition of industry speculation the purchase price should be high, the case so I look to gather in the financial industry domain, because the business domain can reflect the industry characteristics of the industry and the effective striking has been the focus of domain name fans and corporate attention and investment, its value is higher.

is the domain name domain name in the foreign financial industry darling, its high transaction and enable case is in other industry domain, the domain name sold to German phrase 100000 euros or about 980 thousand yuan, the financial domain name phrase for $45000 about 300 thousand yuan price of the successful transaction, the Usa Network Inc launched a financial credit domain enabled phrases the financial sector of the Internet website, Forex firm listed on NASDAQ in December last year, the financial domain brings a huge amount of independent access for the company.

of course, foreign financial domain name transactions and enable the case not just above, but we can conclude the common characteristics of the financial industry from these cases, the financial industry is very popular in overseas enterprise domain name and domain name lovers, the majority of overseas financial operations in the financial domain related websites, the domain name is not only close to the characteristics of the industry the business can bring considerable benefits for the web site traffic.

, the financial industry market in the domestic market is also very good, some domestic financial enterprises and the third party payment tool for such website domain name is also favored the financial domain name trading at high prices and enabled a lot of cases, such as the financial industry payments Alipay has successfully acquired phonetic types of financial domain and, third. The official domain name English Epro payment platform using the domain name, has also previously acquired Pinyin type financial domain, Shanda’s first three party payment tool "Sheng" enabled independent domain name, Ali had successfully acquired a full set of the loan in the domain of and so on, this can be seen, the domestic financial types, the future of the financial industry in the domain name the domestic market is promising.

at the end of the paper, the author believes that the financial domain has a huge number of potential users, the domain name, whether foreign or domestic are favored by the terminal, the good prospects for development, the future of the financial industry is one of the domain name and domain name enthusiasts focus of the terminal.

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