Reflect on the know big V have run away, know this is how, the big V strategy wrong

      original title: reflect on the know: big V strategy wrong?

lead: what should be the focus of the community? Know this media team advantage is the collection of information, knowledge management and pull to the big V, but their long-term issue is how to run a virtual community of knowledge hitherto unknown.


knows that the team has come to an agreement that the focus of creating content is people, who are trying to socialize and face the side effects of social networking.


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at the beginning of 2014, the emergence of a question answering community know: there have been what high quality user left almost know? Someone special to leave the known statistics for more than 3 months know almost celebrity: @keso, @ hecaitou, @ Misaki Sato Chi, @ Xu Xiaoping, @ Li Kaifu…… Some of them even deleted personal pages.

big V have run away, know what this is,


the key behind this matter is that it is the emergence of these big V that created the influence of knowing today.

A year after

Quora was founded, it was almost born. At first, it was only focused on copying Quora’s questions and answers, and it was not intended to develop social interaction. It is careful to open the registration system, from Li Kaifu, Lei Jun and other IT celebrities, to Tang Yan, a North and other low-key industry experts, have chosen to know almost as their preferred channel of voice.

tilt the balance completely at a time, knowing almost from the simple quiz for operation, the transition to a human operator, where the atmosphere is gradually showing a discussion and cluster effect, the forces of opinion leaders more and more. Know even taking advantage of the almost completed a star campaign, to explore a number of offline unknown to the public, but can rely on the famous "knowledge quiz hero", they are excellent sources of content, so know almost into a community should have a positive circulation, and even can be said that the competition is known to almost.

know almost on the road of social networking farther along, 3 years to win over more than 5 million users, has become a virtual knowledge community the most influential. Now, the star created by it (big V) is intent on leaving it. This makes people can not help but sigh: "know almost achievements and lost" lies in social two words.

so, at this point, know the story especially worth discussing: have a perfect overseas template it is how to shift social operation? Leave V, will form much impact on the future of


people are more important than content,


was born in Quora, the founder of Zhou knew the social potential of this model.

Zhou Yuan believes that Quora has created a new form: it presents content in a structured way through questions and answers (or units), followed by social networking

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