Your own experience some ways and techniques to do friendly connections

as long as you are a web site, you can’t live without a friendship connection. Unless you have millions of people, you still come in or do long-term bidding directly.

why do friendship connections,


friendship connection is a very important part in the site, you decide the site position (the content is also very important), so no station to do the connection, unless you are enterprise station.

then do friendship connection generally pay attention to what? (this article is for the novice to do friendship, not cheated, veteran bypass.


I said a few points. I think it’s very important.

1: snapshot must be normal (usually within 3 days), because the snapshot determines Baidu’s attention to this site of yours.

2:site must be on the first page. Because if site is not in the first place, it shows that the right has been dropped. But if it is not on the first page, the instructions have been greatly reduced. So you have to pay attention. Some websites will appear site first in the morning and not in the evening. Cause the station is being punished by the engine,.

3: included. If you are a new station on the random, included on the do. Old station, then look at the quality, and generally in line with your conditions in the connection.

4: look at Baidu rankings, Alexa, PR, the number of chains (the less the better) and so on.

in short, friendship connection and their website quality of standing, and correlation is the best. Finally, I wish everyone’s website can be booming.

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