Teach you how to make the most profitable website

says, "women are afraid of marrying wrong men. Men are afraid to go in the wrong line."

‘s most common mistake is to add all the hot stuff to a website,

surface is the gateway to the station, actually as a result like the success ladder in the failure of the wall, in any case to pay, will only let the webmaster away on the way to success! There are two main reasons:

1. search engine from the point of view, the subject is almost equivalent to the messy garbage station: it is easy to understand, if a small grocery store in the life, is selling steamed buns, and selling clothes, also offer hairdressing services, would you trust? Would often visit? As for Baidu, if a site is not how much weight, and the content of theme and messy, so Baidu more mistrust, and reduce the weight of the website, so this website basically rarely included, even included page weight is low, it is difficult to get traffic website.

2. from advertising revenue perspective, the subject busy site even if there is traffic is the main way to make money: money is automatically linked to GooGle Adsense and GG advertising, advertising can be highly matched content; if the content of the website subject confusion, so GG is very difficult to determine the theme of the site will not be able to match the appropriate advertising the advertising and content such as do not match, the user that advertising is not the information he needs, which greatly reduces the CTR, so even if the flow is also very difficult to make money


so, to ease the site, automatically make money:

The basic principle of

, to do to make money on the site: the theme of the site content must be specific and clear! That is to do mechanical industry, do not add health content; to do the automotive industry, do not join the entertainment content; personal website to make high-quality stores, otherwise it is at

two, which industry to do specifically, Ho Ho’s advice to you is:

Do you love

1., familiar or good at playing games can play the game you love, your job is to do the mobile phone repair station mobile phone can do, the only way you can more clearly which aspects of the information, in order to better the goal of the website users need to attract target users;

2. do industry website, Alibaba is the home above those: such as machinery industry, chemical industry, garment industry, because industry site relatively less competition, and the enterprise will cast advertising to promote their products, so better money! (o ho fix release: www.imahuo.cn)

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