Xiamen station on the road to the nternet and the future development

Xiamen real estate joint network – Zhang Weiguo


Founded in December 25, 1999,

is the earliest and most popular real estate website in Fujian province. Operating in the past 8 years, with its rich, practical, authoritative content and timely, innovative and sincere service, won the majority of property buyers and the public and users love.

by the end of 2007, the daily home page visits have exceeded 150 thousand, registered members exceeded 500 thousand, and has opened the Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Longyan sub station. Won the "Xiamen top ten website", "Fujian top ten electronic commerce website", "China ten real estate website" title, becoming the first brand of Xiamen real estate website, one of Xiamen’s most influential local website. In February 2008, it was designated as one of the 5 co operation websites of "civilized network and civilized Internet" by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government of Xiamen.

Xiamen fish – Chen Xiaoyan


03 years February 18th, "Xiamen fish community" quietly appeared on the Xiamen network, providing a living information online communication platform for the local people. The fish community in order to promote netizens mutual assistance for community development purposes, to quickly get the love and support of the majority of users in Xiamen, at the time of the development of five years, the owner of the community to adhere to the "difficult to find fish" belief deeply implanted in the heart of Internet users in Xiamen. 08 years in January 1st, the small fish community new revision, officially upgraded to small fish network, including the development of blog, shop, including more network brand products. Now has more than 180 thousand registered members, potential users accounted for 85% of Internet users in Xiamen, on the PV page volume over 1 million 600 thousand, the average daily amount of post more than fifty thousand papers! "Spread love, sharing, mutual exchange," the spirit of the fish.

read the guest network – Liu Jianfeng


he has many years of IT industry experience, in 1998, founded the first generation of the Internet "China networm people for having heard it many times hotline" website.

won one of the top ten personal websites in the country in 2000. In the same year, as one of the earliest virtual communities in China, "Fengyun" website webmaster.

founded the city classified information portal in Xiamen in 2004". Now, he runs

, a digital media content interactive experience

District, read the guest network". He is quite active in the IT market and has experience in running many Internet companies.

I pull the net. – Cai Liwen,


I www.55.la was founded in September 2007, with the company in the vertical and subdivision fields of "Xin"

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