WeChat operations depth analysis a good WeChat operation is better than 100 salespeople

, let’s first play a reverse contrast game:

How does the traditional business enterprise based on

2B business do sales? Divide the region – set up channels – collect sales leads – point to point sales;

traditional media how to make money? Print media, TV media operation of high-quality content, continue to penetrate the target audience, enhance the influence, reflected in the circulation, and then sell the different layout, columns of advertising, the title, hard wide, soft wide form;

2C business electricity supplier how to penetrate into the market to increase sales in the Taobao store? – graphic design, product selection – Decoration – shelves – Business – brush single – Taobao customer ratings increased distribution to customer;

How does

enterprise display itself? Buy domain name – Outsourcing build website – enterprise culture, core business, team introduction, contact information – Web site to customers, easy access to the Internet;

, however, these have become the past tense. I casually list the real friends around the story, we feel:

is the largest domestic talent management consulting firm, to build their own WeChat from the media, opened the three menu, one is the energy, finance, automobile industry customer case, one is the entrepreneurial talent gene research report, a contact, second days after the release, the sales staff will be a case of customer service to release their own circle of friends, the same day immediately received a list of potential 2-4 intention; psychological factors there is the seller holds the potential customers in the transformation of the potential customers, if we take the initiative to transfer the enterprise to give more than you fucking do business consulting services, one is to enhance the sense of trust, is two create a sense of crisis: you don’t have to do ah, the backward


a 89 year old boy, from the Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog large amateur era began operation, and then to the WeChat era, since the media type in operation industry WeChat, from the beginning of reproduced quality content, with nearly 500 thousand subscribers, relying on self media advertising business and channel business, millions of monthly water more than sufficient. So, a lot of media publication, or semi monthly magazine, new media business operations, because advertisers have been diverted.

2C electricity providers in WeChat to open service number or subscription number, send quality content, tell the story of the product, build communities, so that customers become fans, dry fruit electricity supplier annual sales of over ten million.

line under the Hot pot shop owner, cleverly opened the electronic membership service number, monthly service number directed to sending members preferential benefits, the first time delivered to the members of the WeChat port, stimulate their desire to re purchase.

this is WeChat’s role as a new media.

Every time

technology as a tool to break through, if the initiative to fully mobilize the human operator, will bring a certain degree of influence in a part of the business model, and the new media > WeChat

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