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I’m not the ocean of disloyalty, indeed, I really appreciate some sites, no matter how foreigners, are better than domestic many, from our familiar search engine, the domestic giant Baidu, the world’s giant is Google, Google is a foreign, see people do, Baidu eyes only money now. Baidu from the original track, what about money. But people who told the fire, he also learned to others Google in other countries, I would wonder, his "eyes only money guy, do not just be off, of course, this is the word of mouth to say, but I’m also a user of Baidu.

A lot of convenience from

, Google to do more than 10 times better than Baidu, million times, Baidu alliance is not GoogleADS and such, why not many webmaster do Baidu Union? The reason is very simple, Baidu is a vampire, it can let his blood suck for you? Google truly created "win" of the law, I believe that in the future, Google will go farther than Baidu, now Yahoo is no climate, not what to say.

topic not too far, about the foreign websites and China website, foreign website does not like Chinese website so repeat and repeat in Baidu, just enter a keyword, you can query to tens of thousands or even millions of Web sites, with the same title, the same content, of course, in a foreign country it is not, but they are not the same as domestic and, 100%, it is engraved pattern, perhaps in China, many people do not know what is called copyright.

again, the style of foreigners, most of the domestic websites, the same, immutable. The contents of all the standard block box, I saw a lot of foreign websites, the style is really very distinctive, people seem to always think this is the home of the so-called "Web3.0", "high tech" in domestic websites, mostly single style of a variety of different styles of CMS+. Here, or to praise Baidu, analog Google style is still good to do.

people limit their minds to thinking. It’s really something to think about, and it’s not difficult to hear so and so succeed in mimicking the skin of a foreign site, and many FANS cheer for it. Is that meaningful,


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