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and I are a great idea for "computer", and always strive to achieve it! This website [] is the construction of network courseware, so…

I have been engaged in computer teaching for more than 10 years, and the history of making courseware is very long. I have experienced the ups and downs of courseware development, and I have experienced a lot of bitterness in making courseware.


has in-depth classroom courseware, but making courseware in a limited expert, most of the teachers do not master the technology, from no time to learn; or simply do not want to go to school; or did not want to learn the corresponding way to self-study, to ask; or are ready to learn; or rely on others to complete with the Internet to download; or. In fact, it is better to teach fish and fish than to teach fish. Is it better if you can learn how to make courseware?

of course, now the cyber source is rich, the Internet to find relevant courseware can be downloaded, or find the relevant software tutorial, can be found in the process of making the courseware of the answer to the question, but all of these resources is too fragmented, in the vast sea to find the corresponding content is also troublesome and tedious operation, some of the less skilled the teacher may not find what he needs courseware. What’s more, there are only a few of the related instruction and tutorial websites for courseware technology. It is impossible to find all the relevant resources needed by courseware from a network resource site.

This variety of reasons based on

, combined with their years of experience in making courseware, after much consideration, decided to build a website: college network courseware, is only a personal website, provide courseware enthusiasts, a communication platform for beginners courseware content: courseware teaching process guidance! + courseware simple example, source code recommend + + courseware courseware material master experience sharing, is the key to making courseware, hope! Contains all information about the courseware resources and technology, so that every visitor, every different courseware can find the resources they need! So my goal is achieved


is my action, said the station began to start, which get the selfless help and advice of many friends, after a period of time, [] website network courseware academy first appearance, put into use, not very mature! I will work harder to serve you, the courseware academy network site the construction of perfect, courseware enthusiasts to build a good platform for the exchange of


xinyousuogan, no rough draft to write these words,


please give your valuable suggestions and work together to build this beautiful home!


thank you so so [] network courseware development academy website contribute to friends, this is the biggest wealth academy [courseware network site!!!

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