Optimize for search engines only, ignore the user’s search intentions

But now the new

optimization scheme to optimize the past? Can only search engine optimization? Small by recent observations, a lot of new sites will appear the site updated a lot, but is not indexed by search engines. In fact, most of the reasons are derived from their own practices caused by, for example, new sites come out every day on the flood of updated spam articles, every day flooding, there is no limit to the Guangdong Province garbage outside the chain. Maybe you think I site updated a lot of articles, standing outside the chain is also a lot of hair, the spider will certainly lead a lot of climbing every day, will certainly be included in the very good. Can be considered as a search engine algorithm update.

in the Baidu search engine optimization this time small found 2013 SEO direction has gradually from a purely technical level (search engine ranking) slowly to the user (user demand required output keyword search intention) near. I believe most of the webmaster found Baidu algorithm this year are frequently updated, and updates each of these algorithms is based on the user experience as the starting point, according to the user considerations significantly more attention. Then we SEOER can also like the past single pursuit of keyword ranking brought about by the only benefit? Can also continue to send out the chain, do station update can get better rankings?


original spark program execution, data from the Baidu site included the recent benchmark that is greatly reduced, it can be seen from the Baidu has been slowly eliminate those low quality inferior page, then you again as usual and casual hair articles will have small effect? Now the answer is No. the.

Baidu Scindapsus algorithm and later released, Scindapsus algorithm update again, it can be seen from the Baidu search engine has more to filter the soft outside the chain of the site and return efforts, then you will be punished, as usual and casual chain will have effect? The answer is small now no..

now the site from the new station can see very clear, if not from the user demand as a starting point, then your site is likely to have a long observation period. So, Xiao Bian here to suggest the webmaster, when the website optimization must we have to consider what the users really need, in the end is to get the information they need through the kind of words, we must have a clear understanding of their needs for groups in the optimization. Only after the clear needs, we can optimize the layout of the site, so as to the late development of the site, long-term benefits more long-term.

short, focus on user needs, mining user search intention model than you study everyday skills drill is a good search engine loopholes also need not worry about every day, the renewal of the algorithm, the "Baidu algorithm update" need fear, pay attention to the long-term development of the user, the loophole just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Now, not as good as before, do not do optimization for the search engine, and should be optimized for the user. < >

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