Why don’t you mess up and keep making money

I’ve written an article about money before, but I haven’t released it since I finished writing it. The reason is very simple, that is, a lot of people may not listen. But now the end of the year a lot of grass root Tucao no money to celebrate the new year, so I feel I still want to talk about this topic. During this time, many Internet friends came to see me and exchange experience, and I was particularly touched by a brother from Jiangsu. Come here for a full 2 days, 2 days, a minute without waste. He was talking to me about what he was going to do, and of course I gave him a lot of advice. He probably trusted me, so I discussed every detail with me. You know, I’ve been pretty tired these days.


but I was completely moved by the sincerity of this guy. This guy has been on the Internet for 10 years, and he has made millions of things related to games in the early days. He also likes cars, and when he makes money, he wants to change trains. He’s absolutely a car enthusiast, he knows almost every car, and his wife says he works hard to change trains. This man is coming all the way from Jiangsu to discuss his next investment project and I, so he’s going to do for this project is much attention, I estimate him this way back to at least 20 thousand overhead. So I was very touched and talked to him for 2 whole days.

, a few people have come to see me, and some very good friends. Actually, a lot of them have been pretty good. I joked with my little friend that, as if visiting me is almost better than me, at least they each drive better than I am, and I’m sorry. Of course I have mixed years, really can say is probably just started when a person to do the Internet, a month to earn a car, there is the company for half a year, from 4 to now can have dozens of people, and there is also little money every month. Well, why do I have to talk so much,


in fact, a lot of mixed up, the people who can not earn money, are some people who have no ability or do not know how to acquire and exchange resources. Why do many people clearly mix better than me, but also come to me and make friends with me, because they need my resources, including my experience, is also my resources. So, these people, they can make millions of projects before, this is not accidental, they are absolutely willing to spend time and money to obtain resources. Most of these people are ready to spend millions of dollars, just from the chain of friends. Obviously, they usually know how to accumulate resources. So why do they? Because they all share a common trait, that is, accumulating and exchanging resources. Networking is a heavyweight resource, isn’t it?.

then, come back, there are still countless online silk, also want to do some of the projects. There are also many people who may consult me, of course, I am very happy to make friends. But I found that a lot of bad mix is almost hand party, >

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