Forum community operations Series 1 content is king, purely pit father.

forum community operations Series 1 (content is king is pure pit father)

the content of this article comes from the "forum operation diary", after I edited, issued, and if there is doubt, welcome to reply interactive.

about content is king:


content is king" is one of the most well-known concepts in the media industry. The author is Viacom (Viacom) President Redstone, he is so described: "the cornerstone of media enterprises must and must be absolute content,

content is everything!"A second is the noun

content is king site operation, survival of the web is the website content quality, provide high-quality cyber source to the user browsing is the basis of a website! Along with the rapid development of Internet, various sites rise, highly repetitive and no new ideas into a big hidden trouble, and even hang deceptive! "To improve the user experience has become the key of website construction and survival, let users find yourself looking for things, can is the basis for the existence of a website to obtain valuable information from the website of


so the original content is a website to retain users, establish a good reputation of the focus!


in addition, in the SEO professional terminology, SEO optimization, known as "content is king, the chain as the emperor" said, this statement has also been SEO practitioners unanimously agreed.


forum operation is content is king,


has a friend, a place to work in the Henan community, is responsible for a new piece of content management and editorial work, because there is no community operating experience, so at work the day before finishing a lot of information in work, spent a day made 500 posts, this man also very proud of, QQ gave me a screenshot, let me see his valiant record, regardless of whether the effect of doing so, just talk about this as managers themselves add a lot of contents of the


community is a public place where a certain number of users interact, and then the content. Therefore, interaction is the first and content is the product of interaction.

, for example, someone likes to go to the end of the world, because there are a lot of good things on the horizon, but the good posts of the world are all out, and the author’s writing enthusiasm is all answered. As you can see, the author often says, "your response is my motivation for writing.". This is qianhuhouying, interaction, and is the author of the echo reply. Therefore, the content is definitely not king, but the product of the second.

In addition to

even, also should not use the two vest with more than 500 posts, this is an insult to the intelligence level of the user, only once, only their own posts to attract users, the level of the people even replies are their own reply; the level of a good point, his post, can attract users to.

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