nternet changes new model of enterprise marketing network marketing four elements

Internet, synonymous with twenty-first Century. Today we are in the Internet to change the patterns of life and work, in the last century, Bill Gates once said, in the next ten years, the Internet will change every aspect of our life, today, this sentence is verified to be accurate. The development of the Internet has not only changed our individual habits, but also changed the fate of the enterprise. Many enterprises have taken the road of online marketing through the Internet, so that the enterprises with frequency failures will come back to life.

network marketing, this sounds familiar, a concept of doing it very strange, a lot of enterprises engaged in network marketing, but their understanding is only a web site, is to have the network marketing. In fact, with a website, just the first step in network marketing, you want to really open up new marketing channels through the Internet, and broaden the market, just how a website leveraging such a large Internet market?.

network marketing, from the literal flash brother understanding, net, refers to the site. "Net" refers to the meaning of "liaison" and "link". Battalion, worth, is operation, sell, deserve to be sold. That is to do network marketing, there will be four stages. Website construction is only the first step, this article, small key with everyone to analyze, for enterprises to carry out network marketing, should do what kind of Web site?.

on the current market site format, it is nothing more than template sites and custom sites. First of all, make a point, if the enterprise carries out the network marketing, must do the custom website, the template website cannot satisfy the network sale demand. But at this point there are many enterprises. For the website, we must start from the following points, the first is the choice of website domain name, second, stable domestic space. Third is an open source CMS program, or conditional development of code alone. The proposed code uses php, very much does not recommend the use of ASP, fourth, the site’s page layout is not a combination of visitors access habits and consumer spending habits, and do a good job SEO and UEO foundation.

to carry out network marketing, enterprises need brand marketing website. Simply put, this site is based on brand building, through the brand shaping, so that customers can recognize you, and then understand you, trust you, and finally you become a single. Among them, the establishment of the brand is the most critical, after the brand has been recognized, it will form a butterfly effect, resulting in a large number of back customers, then net marketing becomes simple.

for the network marketing, when you have a brand marketing website promotion, the next step is to go to the site, let more users to see your website, understand your business, your product, your service. When doing the second step of website promotion, many of our enterprises can easily be confused for a simple example, some enterprises do Baidu for promotion, but every day only half of the time running, this promotion methods, is not very desirable. Simply put, the promotion of doing website work depends on the cost performance, or the input-output ratio.


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