Jay Chou forum half year business experience sharing

in my operation Jay Chou forum for six months, met a lot of Jay Chou related sites, some years old station, more is the newly established new station. Most of them, like me, are individual stations. Some of these stations are now closed. Here I talk about my business with some personal feelings during the Jay Chou forum, many aspects of personal, inevitably biased, please don’t laugh at me.

from the same station, I finally found: why many small owners don’t Jie lofty ideals and high aspirations


1, less than 10 IP full of advertising.

2, the first day of busy all day, waiting for the next 10 days, will be closed to rest for eleventh days away.

3, the total acquisition copy, to once and for all, finally accomplish nothing.

half a year, I deeply believe that: any site prosperity, there is a reason behind.

For example,

I always insist on a site visit online learning: Jay Chou http://s.jielun.org, chief Juxia Guo, is very knight, I presume to find him for advice, he patiently taught me experience, and help me to establish a connection. On the face of it, his station was just a SEO success. But in fact, behind SEO, he told me a lot about his efforts. Page search optimization is imitative, so he doesn’t mean to tell me how he does it. But to optimize the real role, there is a lot of work to do behind the SEO. That’s why so many people are studying SEO, exactly the same page, ranking one in the sky and one in the ground. The people from the ongoing Olympic Valley SEO contest can be found in the battlefield extend far more than a few pages.

with this belief, Jay Chou BBS open a month later, when I collected a certain content, I went out to connect, and other forums in the signature changed to BBS address. I don’t even seem to have submitted the address to the search engine. Soon I crossed the threshold and kept gaining momentum. Open two months later, I take the initiative to find similar senior site to establish friendship connection. I thank you all for your generosity. Then, with other fans stand forum, establish friendship connection, cooperation is more smooth, efficiency is also very high. I usually set up connections and then go to others.

at the same time, I pay attention to the publication of the essence of the forum. I think, the management of the forum, the quality of the post is the most important. Here, let me give you a few concrete examples.

post: play the "secret" playing games online, oh very good http://s.jay-bbs.com/thread-1445-1-2.html is well intentioned people forward to many forums, including Post Bar, school, West Temple, Jay Chou Chinese network etc.. This is the light >

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