Early in the website should consider how to spend money to pave the way for profit

Hello, I am Popss, for a long time did not send the article and share, one is busy recently, and not what inspiration, estimated that we all forget me, interested friends can click into the room to see my name. Just today and a local station chat, talked about the website profit business, feeling a lot, while at night what to write, but not the feeling, not just some personal views what wise remark of an experienced person, just hope you don’t laugh, good, no nonsense, into the theme.

website early in the end to consider profit,


estimates this problem, do the webmaster had, after all, is related to the money thing, in the end is not considered profitable pre profit? This has been a problem of no profit, ready to accept either course, do what? Space domain name these do not have to spend money? How to operate but not profitable ah, how profitable it is, such problems are usually plagued us in the beginning of establishment, remain perplexed despite much thought, and eventually give up the idea of the.

station, before…

as I said, do stand don’t consider profit, consider what profit ah, inspiration, to pay for the action, this is not the impulse, this is do should have courage and determination, Si Gu, and ultimately only, without a single success, of course if you are going to do a dumpster, not for long operation it should be regarded as a different matter, ready for a long time, well, please continue to

if we consider how early station how to profit, how to make a lot of money, so we do is to make money to go to the station, in order to make a stand and do stand, with the pig not what two things, and we also have violated the original intention, this station will not be a long time, and began to do stand, what profit? What is the profit of capital? No, no, no, why bother to think of a non-existent thing, again with it, so now we put it behind the profit go, don’t consider what station, do, do the flow up, what stand to make money, apply MJJ behind a word "traffic to the webmaster, how are so handsome".

not only does not make money, but also spends more money.


not only is not considered profitable, but also to spend more money, we can see that the station is not in fact money? How to spend money, is our early to seriously consider the issue, how to spend money, how to spend money to achieve the best effect, money is reasonable, not blindly, value for money is most important, please pay attention to the blade of two words, believe that the grassroots webmaster not rich to spend that much money, so this word is especially critical, must spend wisely, for example, we want to buy space domain early, this is a must, this time will have to choose good ah, ah, this but for a long time to do, do not blindly pursue low-cost, free, no good cheap goods, there is no free lunch, this is the eternal law, don’t care much for so little money, this money Flowers, values such as >

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