Analyze the operation strategy and promotion method of different websites

webmaster need planning website theme in the web site, analysis of site target potential customers, the theme of the site after the operation, and determine the direction of planning website operation strategy, promotion and so on, which means different website theme, SEO optimization is completely different. I would like to discuss with you the next kind of site planning.

local talent resource website

talent website is mainly to provide personnel information, such as enterprise recommend recommend appropriate talent, recommend a suitable enterprise like members, positioning in online talent services, that is, localization of talent recruitment, apply for the site. The strategy for such talent resources online is as follows:

operation strategy: talent website is the most important talent gathered, how the site can get more high-quality talent information, want to how to find the enterprise talent pool, find talent pool after how to retain the talent pool, to provide high-quality corporate recruitment. The range of talent network user information including the relatively wide, technical personnel, IT staff, media, marketing personnel, these personnel and high technology and general classification for these personnel classification, whether the webmaster can well classify these talent pool, reduce enterprise for talent selection difficulty.

promotion: talent network may be used for different city promotion way is different, for the promotion of the second city, the forum, Post Bar, Fetion, WeChat, mobile phone SMS can play the role of publicity website, dynamic website for the latest or job skills and other related information sent to them. For the first tier cities, more can do network marketing, search engine optimization, mail promotion, online marketing and so on.

profit service: the biggest profit direction of the website is the charging of the enterprise, and the advertisement will give the enterprise more opportunities to display. Different levels of fees will enable the enterprise to issue a different number of positions. Talent network can also flow for income, by the union advertising profits; for some large talent website, you can also do some personnel training, enterprise consulting services. The author of Loudi talent network is also mainly through the above points for profit.

local life service portal


life service portal mainly provides information to the local people, providing information that needs to be timely and information that users care about in their daily lives. For Internet users, is to provide the latest, most practical, most comprehensive life information; for businesses, we are you release enterprise information platform, is to help you enhance the corporate image of the best way.

operation strategy: a comprehensive portal to information site information provided by the members concerned about the news, looking for work, real estate information, car information, the website must provide information for a large number of members of consumer, the website must have a certain practicality, improve the user experience in order to retain customers, and improve user viscosity, enhance they are on the website of the loyalty. Every member of the website will be able to do membership and business

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