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my 126 pictures sharing ( site, March day traffic stability at around 3000IP. Now share my site a few practical experience.

1. select keywords. We can do to related sites to see. Most will have total popular articles and articles in the weekly charts. The title copy of Baidu search rankings. Then look at Baidu search volume index to look at this website and ALEXA ranking. Generally can to determine the word is this site the amount of keywords. We look at this big Baidu search keywords competition. In order to determine whether the keyword optimization.

2. blog vest. We all know this. I have not used other blogs. I use the 163 blog. Blog has a recommended function. We first added and site theme related to the 163 circle. After the written log can be recommended to the circle. The operation is very simple and convenient. But don’t be too obvious or advertising. It was deleted. Good writing will add circle active recommendation writing. My 163 blog vest every day there are several main circle to recommend my collection articles. So you can optimize your keywords and improve the chain and flow.

3. circle. I found a lot of blog sites have a circle or discussion area. And a lot of Lord of the rings and moderators is no Wangzhuan experience. It is very easy to find their QQ number. I added a few pictures and fashion related circle and moderators gave good. Then I asked to write a website in the forum top posts. You can add in for a long period of time can obtain the stable flow. The best in this post please circle or moderator comments. The effect will be better.


4." is written below each article, such as: "the above content is collected and arranged by 126 pictures, such as reprint, please indicate the source of the original text, and retain this part."." There are lots of blogs and websites that would like to write.

OK. Now, AD, my website:

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