How to become an excellent website, grab more users heart

must have an excellent website: visual art design, web application development, search engine optimization, web content writing and SEO website optimization, comprehensive maintenance and other conditions. Owners must make their own site features, sites of the same type such as the number of stars, compared with the same kind of site, you have what advantage? How to seize more customers? Note here is the site of the.

station navigation,

Design of

navigation navigation in the whole design occupies an important place, it carries the most important information of a web site, a good navigation is more conducive to spider web crawl quickly, make as much as possible into the search engine. In addition, we should try to use the absolute path navigation, and not relative paths, many designers in general in order to facilitate the local test is a relative path, so that the benefits of increased weight of the domain name, more conducive to the search engines, but also can prevent malicious people to mirror your website.

dynamic web page

website design style has a dynamic web page (ASP) and static page (HTML). The former can achieve database and query function. Some professionals especially popular in the dynamic web page, because they think that in the dynamic web page is the use of "advanced" technology made. But from the search engine marketing perspective, dynamic web page especially for search engine marketing. Any address with "?" and "&" (and similar symbols) "will be the" spider "program in the door. These pages are usually generated by programs such as CGI, PHP, and ASP, which are technically more advanced, but not suitable for spider engines. So you won’t be able to include those pages. That is to say, in search engine ranking results, you can’t find your web page at all,.

page content

website content can not be too scattered, the search engine has been dedicated to provide users with high quality of information search service, so the theme of the site search engine will be more concentrated, which provide valuable information website rankings, first returned to the user. Because of this fundamental content, to attract users to retain users is to do a good job of original content, the is the effective method to let search engine better included your site. Website optimization needs to be done, and should not be eager for quick success and instant benefit. Not worry because the search engine was not included, by cheating or spending rankings do not go up the means of foreign affairs down, there is no original content website ranking will fall sooner or later. Similarly, the lack of original content, the user stickiness of the site will be greatly reduced.

advertising alliance

Now the

advertising alliance, a lot of people see a, you have to do and people communicate these alliances, look at the credibility of the league is relatively high, the Commission is better to earn more.

, only some of the better than the union put a lot of poor union is better

if the user can not enter quickly >

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