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bidding simply means buying ad positions on a search engine to sell your product or service. It’s a paid advertising model. It is a high cost, high output value of the industry, a lot of people look at its threshold and step off, there are many people who love it and hate it, a lot of people want to do, but a little afraid.

is an ideal product in bidding Wangzhuan sales network, its biggest characteristic is to obtain customer flow through the purchase of the source, the flow can search in Baidu keyword bidding, website advertising etc.. Any product, just to find ways to sell through the network, are profiteering.

Baidu search bidding advantages:

1, can display the effect immediately. General Baidu bid, your site will immediately display in Baidu home page. You can see the effect immediately.

2, you can pick an unlimited number of keywords. Baidu bidding is to pick unlimited groups of keywords, do what you need to do any keyword (except illegal).

3 can clearly control daily cost. Baidu has its own perfect Baidu bidding software, customers can automatically deploy their own bidding prices through software. Always master and control your own costs.

4, keyword can be replaced flexibly. If customers want to not do this keyword, you can always replace keywords, select new keywords, the same to achieve immediate results.

Disadvantages of

Baidu bidding:

1 is highly substituted. Baidu has a high level of competition, especially in industries with high heat, such as cosmetic surgery and medical treatment. Websites are being replaced at any time.

2, peer vicious click. Is the same industry malicious click some, some of the same industry in order to suppress your website, a lot of external water, malicious click plan. But now, Baidu has mastered some basic techniques for identifying malicious clicks and implemented malicious click – free billing systems. But some high-quality malicious clicks, Baidu now can not judge.

3, the price is getting higher and higher. If the client’s website needs to be ranked first, at the same quality of the star class, it will be higher than the other bidding sites, but with the competition of the industry, the price of bidding is also rising. The cost of bidding is getting higher and higher.

Compared with the

search engine, network alliance is the biggest characteristic of traffic flow, the most outstanding feature is the orientation of our population, precise positioning of target customers.

network is the site of the targeted advertising alliance, is mainly to your website linked to the corresponding industry website. Pay per click model to select the web content by your own, can be written in the form of pictures, usually appears in the lower right corner, our customers is not to determine your target customers according to your industry analysis of Internet users coolise.

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