How to increase the network marketing website outside the chain

had a lot of SEO optimization friend asked me about the problem of the chain, ask me in what way can the web site outside of the chain increased, to be honest, a lot of network marketing website feel included and snapshots than some row in front of the site, but still can not improve the ranking, so there may be a problem in the chain.

first put their own internal web site optimization is done, can do the chain is also called the KMT government.

the so-called external links established, under normal circumstances, for the network marketing website, there are two ways, one is established independently, one is based on some of the larger sites or forums.

first independently established way, generally refers to the choice of a blog, published on the website of the related products, but the update is not just updated so simple, you need to add the relevant keywords, it will optimize the better site, and the quality of the chain will be relatively better.

at the same time, network marketing related keyword density should also be reasonable arrangement, so as to be able to and their competitors some spell.

also is what I summed up in second ways, that is to compare well-known websites or forums articles, this will be faster and included, the higher the weight of the website, the articles or posts included faster.

and the chain in the network marketing website, there are several points need to pay attention to, increase the relevance of the link and targeted, and the chain is, the higher rate, more attractive, more able to give full play to the role of the chain, the keywords ranking more stable. It is also conducive to their online marketing website rankings.

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