Blindly follow the B2C independent mall thinking

B2C mall success difficult big

The rapid development of e-commerce in

B2C mall has attracted the attention of many bosses and has been eager to do so. Most like Jingdong, every customer par. Most of the mall failed and had to give us a deep reflection. The independent mall site is more controlled, manipulative, and more successful than the Taobao mall. But in the early days it’s hard to gain trust from users. Need a lot of news reports, advertising and other ways to raise awareness, and gradually gain user confidence. And the process is long, and if there is a background, or the funds are strong enough, it is easier for users to trust a short time.

conversely, without background, the funds are not strong enough, it is difficult to obtain user confidence in a short time. A short period of one year, a few years to get a small number of users trust. B2C mall pre team building, follow-up follow-up. A certain size of the mall, the annual operating costs per million, up to 10 million. Not yet trusted users, not yet well-known, venture capital has spent millions, tens of millions of money. It is difficult not to make people shake, easily disheartened.

now, the mall wind, who can want to occupy a place?. What is your advantage, capital, product, profit model, or unique?. Initial venture capital, but others have venture investment. Without its own product features, corporate culture. Many businesses see female goods stores have great sales. All rushed. What is your special place, the less powerful rivals, is to rely on bovine B programmers, or technology of bovine X SEO, or a great photographer, or excellent designers, or workmanship or products, affordable prices, or the subsequent service and thoughtful, or strong capital support.

these are the factors that affect the success of a mall. If all these factors are available, then a B2C is almost successful. If there is no strong financial support, this team just built up, not what sales performance, just change development strategy, dig wells thirst things. Thus change the line of development, more and more deviate from success. Finally unable to afford the expense of the team, it ended in failure. A good development strategy is crucial to a mall.

B2C mall death mode

e-commerce is not to do a website out, and then sell products can make money. A website is only a prerequisite for e-commerce. But often we need to build a website, upload goods to spend a few months time, working with bitter, finally on the line, a line that will be a success, to bring sales. But there are few people who are interested in it, not to mention the achievements. Before sales, sales, sales after all links are very important. If there is no good psychological expectations, when the general investors, see a few months without success, I do not know how to go the next step. Advertising is often used to test the effect of advertising. But >

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