Reflections on how to deal with the nternet transformation triggered by NetEase micro-blog

played with NetEase, micro-blog’s students all know, NetEase, micro-blog has moved to the Lofter, Lofter is NetEase in late August 2011 launched a light blog products. And yesterday, November 10th is Lofter’s official blog announced, LOFTER has a Chinese Name: music.

first of all, why does Lofter have a Chinese name? The official explanation is this:

Lofter has been on the line for nearly three years, and has more than 10 million registered users, and has attracted excellent writers in all fields. It is time to set a new starting point for yourself and embrace more possibilities. That is, the first batch of user mining and user stickiness has been formed, and Lofter will probably do something next.

How does the

think of "happy


the official explanation is: "happy" to make people happy, Confucius said: "there are friends from afar awfully?" to welcome new friends have come to Lofter with this name, but right then.

how about the response,


notice issued by the Lofter user Tucao: what is not forced, ugly, self comfort and some spit bad remarks immediately, in short, from the user’s comments can be seen, the vast majority of people do not love the name, even, is anti sense.


has many spit bad, but I think Lofter in some respects done is good, first of all, if you have a website, can be directly tied to the Lofter, so if someone enters your Lofter page, by clicking on the above you are bound to the website, you can access your site, your site is not available as drainage connection tools and others? This is a major feature of Lofter, if you ever write in the Sina blog, you will find it a highlight of Lofter to promote your website brand is very convenient.

second is that you can create your own personal applications on Lofter, LOFTER, NetEase to generate individual application support blog, Sina blog, instagram, Baidu, QQ, blogbus, space space bean diary, little net blog, 500px, Flickr, Sohu, NetEase, WordPress photography platform. From now on, you are in the major platform to write the article, with the help of Lofter build their own app, and super simple, fool operation, summed up not only for you to save a lot of time and energy data, and you can also put the app to your friend, is not cool


in fact, these are not the point, I want to discuss >

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