The new 20 day 2000P experience with all the hardworking stationmaster

in the construction of new sites to share experience at the same time, thanks to A5 and A5 on many of the webmaster, everyone is helping us slowly towards the novice webmaster dream! I am currently enrolled in the A5 training, ready to learn some necessary things


find a program to buy a small space, take the ride to collect a stand out, but to have high flow, high income, it can only be said to be more and more Internet users more and more, a mirage and insubstantial objects! More and more smart; search engine is becoming more and more intelligent, SEO increasingly fierce competition; the online advertising industry more and more chaos, relationship between advertising and owners are increasingly vicious spiral…… This is the case, there is a stick, retreat, have website alive on the success of persuasion, but I want to say to do is always the most promising, it is the most promising! There is a station, a little extra extra money, there is a station, is a resource, a station is a future investment…… So as a webmaster should stick to it,


my new 07 years had planned to do, but then did not realize these, so has been to do this year, small costume show 07 years registered the domain name, now a little regret, just do it! An old domain name really is very valuable, so do stand in all advice more than 6 months of the webmaster friends, your website is valuable, can persist and do not give up easily, otherwise the transfer is also very good! Website is the end of May on the line, all articles are added to the collection selection, I will, by tens of thousands of no problem, the problem is unless it is very professional the station, otherwise you pick more, flow, search engine is not optimized, but the impact to the final program, affect the subsequent development of


because the unit is busy, so every day is night to add content, before the 3 days are added to the cover page content, do promotion, website 2 days will be included, on the day more than 200 IP, felt very excited! But the next few days has been in Canada. But the flow has been dropped, read carefully to know their station or new sites, and no Links chain included will be very slow, so every day starts at the forum outside the chain, the chain I are currently in the website, the station had small effect will not be too good! Links if I would have a good chain, but the new station can have a few people would be willing to even with you, or many is wrong, or do you find pure optimization of the chain, so I will choose to wait and see, such a good website right Heavy to go to the chain, so that although the site from a little slower, but still can afford to!


website has been hovering around 200 IP, until June 13th, traffic suddenly began to rise, down the road and careful analysis of the article, only to find that the original is the 2 happy girls reported to bring traffic, just these days is the happy girl the breakout game started, so every day to look at, traffic began to go up! Before and after the super girl has published twenty or thirty articles about, there are several text >

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