The poor boy who lived in China’s village by selling blood was married to the princess of Thailand a

actually, I’ve been in touch with computers very early. It’s probably 95 or six years ago. I have been curious about the computer on the unit, but I haven’t had a chance to get in touch with him. Later, a classmate also had his own personal computer, and I was stimulated again. This year, I finally got my own computer. 286, and later bought a 386sx. As soon as the power is switched on, the power is buzzing, and the CMOS is always powered down. The F1 is switched on. Of course, it’s not clear what the problem is. It’s just for use. How to make money later to the matter, with the two machine training class, received two or three, two or three received one thousand, this is not to make money online? Then, how units do not let me do this thing, no. Then the 286 sold about more than 800, 386 what death can not remember. Later, 486, has been used, until now. Ha ha, with second-hand predestined relationship.

he built the Empire of China by himself, spanning many fields, such as sports, culture, tourism, leisure, functional beverages, international trade, etc..


because of the sale of blood, the body can not eat. When he found a willing employer, he was afraid when his boss asked him how much he wanted to pay for his work. He replied that the boss needed only to take care of his meals.

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1954, Yan Bin was born in Shandong, a very poor family, in 1970, when graduating from junior high school, 16 year old Yan Bin came to Henan Province Lin county to jump the queue. He spent a whole year in the poorest part of the border with Shanxi, but received only 92 yuan. This year, he had not seen a few eyes every day to eat the sweet potato flour. "Too afraid of poverty," said Yan Bin. So he chose to go to Thailand in search of a new way of life.

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miserable days without money, more than 20 years of work, living in a broken house, wearing a pair of bad shoes, there are only a few old tickets. When you see someone buying a car, all around you are a little girl. Someone can only play dirty bitch occasionally. So now the whole idea is in the money. I’ve heard of making money online. Who can tell me how to make money? How can I make money on the Internet?

adrift in Thailand,

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he make dignitaries, former Prime Minister of Thailand is the former president of the United States, ready to do boldly what is righteous friends are his guest, and he himself was extremely low-key almost invisible.

, but the reality is just as cruel. When I first arrived in Thailand, I had no money to eat because I had no money, and I had to live on selling blood.

Two of the apprentices who worked with Yan Bin in Chinatown were two mainlanders from who ate more than three people, and the northern Han people were more able to eat it than the southern people of Kunming. The landlady was unhappy and said, "the Yankees eat so much! by selling blood

from a foreign down by selling blood to survive the youth, to a rich side to become the world’s most influential Chinese;

once lived on

although in a foreign country is very hard, but Yan Bin aware of "poor children early home" reason. Work >

, the world’s most influential prominent Chinese businessman, is at the top of the list, but the second – line entrepreneur is a rather low profile Li Jiacheng. You probably don’t know about his name, but it’s common to mention the red bull he founded in china. He is the chairman of the board of directors of Hua Bin group – Yan Bin,

in order to continue to stay in the store, he had to eat a bowl every meal, and then get their own wages to buy rice, cooked with soy sauce mixed with eating.

a countryside only receive 92 yuan annual salary of the youth, walk in the top of the Thai businessmen, also home to marry the princess of Thailand;

Yan Bin is a veritable workaholic. In an interview in 2012, he said he was standing asleep. "I got up at 5. I got up early. My brain was clear. I was a horse. I slept with a horse."". "A year in the world, flying for more than 1300 hours, a total of 117 days, on the plane, the cost of 1 minutes is the currency 400 thousand."

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