Unicom issued an ultimatum on the SP business qualification crucial to life and deathAdd Bona pictur

in the cinema, Wanda only invested 300 million, on behalf of the company under the flag of the franchise, further consolidate the position of the film market boss. But it should be noted that Boehner these theaters only joined, and not to be acquired. In fact, this cooperation was similar to the cooperation model between Wanda and CGV cinema in August last year. At that time, it was also agreed that the CGV cinema would join Wanda cinema, and its front advertisement would also be submitted by Wanda media agency. And all the time, Wanda in the field of cinema are taking large acquisitions. From 2012 Wanda $2 billion 600 million acquisition of the United States second grand courtyard line AMC began, Wanda began frenzied mergers and acquisitions, in 2015, 2 billion 200 million, the acquisition of Australia’s second major compound line Hoyts. In March 2016 AMC acquisition of another American cinema card Mike. In July, AMC to 920 million pounds acquisition of Europe’s largest cinema oudian. In January, $930 million was added to the Nordic cinema collection. In recent years, the acquisition of a common point is that AMC has been completed.

but during the two sessions this year, Zhou Xiaochuan criticized domestic enterprises in the acquisition of chaos in the entertainment industry, in fact, Wanda overseas luxury purchase pace has been curbed. This may also be one of the reasons for Wanda’s turn to join the franchise. To some extent, the way to join more cost savings, in fact, it is Wanda’s big hand, the theater mergers and acquisitions prices inflated. 2015 Wanda 1 billion only buy Shimao not

in the outside world, Wanda move there is a noteworthy place, that is, in the past to buy large cinema way, began to adopt capital connections to consolidate its strength in the field of cinema. In recent years, combing the Wanda film industry game, contrast can be seen in the capital Boehner may be a signal of its overall strategy contracts.

Wanda had been buying, buying and buying, seems to have slowed down for the time being.

Sina News on November 16th, the five measures to rectify the SP announced Chinese Unicom, which with the only penalty measures compared, has risen to a higher level, which became the key that whether the SP qualification management of value-added service of unicom.

it is reported that China Unicom will take five measures to control SP, one of the most severe is the strict examination of qualification.

but the license key problem. Unicom value-added business department general manager Tong Xiaoyu revealed that China Unicom has 7 times to notify SP, requiring as soon as possible for "cross regional value-added telecommunications business license" and for the relevant filing procedures.

in addition to cleaning up the SP team through inventory qualification, Tong Xiaoyu also said that the information content of China Unicom SP has launched business of centralized cleanup work, 250 specific business involves successively to 69 SP according to the default implementation of the shield, and notify the SP company in the rectification, offline processing of rectification the unqualified business implementation.

according to MII said, up to now the number of value-added telecommunications business has about 1.6, the Ministry of regional value-added industry.



Wanda shares bona, although the proportion of less than 2%, but in theaters, advertising and content production and other major links are involved in the industry.

Wanda strategy started by within

May 15th, Wanda cinema announcement and bona pictures signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Wanda cinema intends to stake 300 million Bona pictures, the shareholding ratio of 1.875%. Cooperation after Bona’s cinema will all join Wanda cinema theater; Bona cinema advertising also by Wanda agent; in content production, the two sides will invest in each others master Toupai movie.

the cooperation between the two sides can be said to be a powerful combination, it can be said to meet the needs of their own capital beauty. Wanda cinema recently changed its name to Wanda cinema, and Boehner cooperation can short board reinforcement content; and Boehner announced in early May, the fastest plan for 1 and a half years to complete the IPO, climbed Wanda undoubtedly for its elegance.

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