Angel investor Cai Wensheng Grassroots entrepreneurs difficult to increaseA set of SEO tutorials to

in fact, Cai Wensheng believes that this financing needs to do before the homework, and in the Internet business need to do well in preparation for, in fact, is the same truth.

Li Jingying

this, in the beginning of the business, want to clear the way to go, in his view, it becomes very important. Cai Wensheng’s experience is that many people start or invest, like to think of 35 years later, the overall market and industry structure, and in the Internet era, there are many things have become very fast, and want to know the trend is very important.

"the mobile Internet has entered the red sea today."." Cai Wensheng found, "we said 3 years ago that the mobile Internet business opportunities, many people will say that time is half believe and half doubt, so the creation of innovation. But the fact is that the rate of the Internet has exceeded the people’s imagination, the pace of entrepreneurship is also accelerating."

each time to participate in some public entrepreneurship, Cai Wensheng angel investors have the same feeling, entrepreneurs under the field of love with a total cellular guest exchange name card, but his real feelings, a lap down can hardly let him remember the entrepreneurs, and the ineffective communication is not blind the significance of enterprise.

, as a grassroots entrepreneur, is now more difficult to start an Internet business, and it’s hard to succeed with a single idea." Cai Wensheng bluntly, "because the product updates too fast, by individuals slowly forward, there is no chance."."

said that this set of tutorials, first of all to say this tutorial source, this tutorial was not packaged into a sale, is a tutorial for sale, price of about 1 to 3 yuan a, sold as to who I remember, after all, is 2 years ago I was, a few pieces of the batch to buy, it took me 20 yuan, but look at it, I only see one or two, is not to look at the normal play, I also don’t know SEO at that time, just ready to get his money. The last time I went to the people where to buy SEO tutorial, he asked me whether I put together his SEO tutorial, I said all together, he asked me to buy what I said, ready to sell, he told me that this violated his rights, but because he said I could sell. To change, not to sell these things. So on the second day, I sold it out.

from the enterprise’s point of view, in need of financing, who to find money is the most central question that puzzles most entrepreneurs. In the view of Cai Wensheng, and the like like look for a needle in the ocean in a number of entrepreneurial activity to investors to spread as the name card, before attending the meeting, for can come into contact with the investor’s biography, investment style and philosophy, past investment projects do a bit of understanding, this fully prepared to communicate more smoothly also, will give investors the impression.

in addition, for the current mobile Internet portal controversy, Cai Wensheng’s view is that every killer application is a traffic portal. "Now in the mobile internet field, no matter what application to do, we must first make the application and service do well, all of the entries are started from the beginning of the application, the difference is only in >!"

the SEO tutorial for my return OK, day 20-40 yuan, but I sold a good times don’t last long, a month after a Taobao seller found, he bought me the past, then reselling up one day, sold 2 copies, you know he is in A5 selling, selling together since he hot to grab my business, so I had to sell 10 yuan price, now I can sell 5 yuan, but the effect is poor, it is difficult to sell, the day a total of 10 yuan to 8 yuan, I also find his theory, he said he is collecting in talking, if he sold 1 yuan, so that people get on

I bought the things packed together to sell, I will sell 10 yuan 20 yuan to buy, sell 10 yuan because I was very good, also did not say what the truth is, feel it, as for how to think of to sell packaging, but also has a story, there had been a tutorial to sell well is the 2000 set of source +1000 set of marketing software, this one to sell 50 yuan at that time, I am from a second-hand reselling where people spent 10 yuan to buy the first day after I bought it reselling 30 yuan, 3 10 yuan each. Then I found software or tutorials packaged together to sell, make more money and sell well. As for the source and marketing software he made to sell 50 more guys, I only remember him in A5 advertising and sell the set of tutorials, earn a few million dollars a month, and later bought a server, set up a website dedicated to these things. If I can find the first set of source code + marketing software tutorial, I make a WAN Baqian is not a problem, but I’m too late.

"now you want to think three years later, this market who will be the boss, for example, WeChat will be more important, then how to use WeChat to do your things, it is very meaningful.". This approach can also be applied in other industries, such as health care, you should think after 3 years the medical industry market will do distribution, who will probably run ahead, your business will occupy what position on the inside." "It would be more meaningful to think about it," he said. "And that prediction and judgment can also adjust the whole entrepreneurial structure of the entrepreneur.". It’s much more meaningful than thinking about how much the first, second, and third years would grow in the early days of your career."

in the A5 forum today inadvertently see a sell SEO tutorial, look very funny, the original SEO tutorial is a 2 years ago I think there are people to sell, sell, sell him 1 sets of tutorial 10 yuan, I was selling 10 yuan, said the truth when I had these tutorials sell or sell better, sell a few yuan a day, a month is 600 yuan, I spend enough. The little brother a month sold 80, which is 800 yuan, better than me, I really The students surpass the teacher..

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