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is not difficult to see in the broadcast field, LGBT Blued, LesPark’s group focused broadcast platform, focus into online education broadcast, broadcast and other travel travelers focus emerging. "There are bound to be one or two huge platforms, and there are more than one."

live can be realized the deeper reason lies in the transformation of the relationship between people and people, based on the previous PC end broadcast content is more interaction between people and content, and when the mobile phone into a new form of communication, the evolution of a person live with another person. "The change in relations has a direct impact on changes in business models." Unfamiliar Street vice president, general manager of video business Jia Wei said.

, like WeChat, has changed its existing social style, and whether it’s a tycoon or an entrepreneur, the change and impact of the original social shape mean new phenomenal products. It is reported that Tencent currently has 7 projects at the same time in R & D live broadcast, has been on-line 3 products.

, sponsored by the entertainment capital of the pan entertainment and Soochow securities investment and the value of depression "forum, the pan entertainment industry entrepreneurs and investors expressed their views, for them, in all areas of both vertical subdivision and mutual linkage unified, closely tied in the entertainment industry chain, both to understand the characteristics of the industry and the vertical field of insight into the entertainment industry pattern, the exposure to all of them is a challenge.

but from the current competition pattern, panda TV vice president Zhuang Minghao said, "for start-up companies, the possibility to do a unified broadcast platform is already very small, only to find the vertical or field starting characteristics."

Zheng Gang has been involved in reflecting the guest, unfamiliar street and other live platform for social investment, in its view, because the entertainment is more likely to attract the attention of everyone, the current mainstream broadcast network focused on red, gaming, but the future of many industries can solve the problem through broadcast, which is broadcast more opportunities to the commercial realization of the.

?During the Shanghai Film Festival in

as in the year buy platform, the webcast also ushered in the "hundred regiments war" era, rough statistics in the application market, video live class APP has more than 100. And the collision of gaming, red net let live to find their own cash flow, has become the capital into the fuse.

, aviation, banking and other service industry customer service personnel through the form of live broadcast, while answering questions to multiple users, users can enjoy and direct purchase of the corresponding products. In purple Fai venture management partner Zheng Gang, it seems that such application scenarios are the future development of the road.

business model may be Web the most discussed and least understood aspect. The Web net is a lot of discussion of how to change the traditional business model, but the meaning of it rarely have a clear expression.

in the most basic sense, a business model is a method of operation of the company; through the operation of the model, a company can maintain their own survival, that is, to have income. Business model means that a company is how to position themselves in the value chain, so as to gain.

the information intermediary model Infomediary

the manufacturer model Manufacturer

the subscription model Subscription

depth vertical field

in the pan Entertainment Investment tide, live long investment outlet can be sustained? Network economy, electricity supplier of red live gaming there realized what way? How to get rid of the red net easy to fire is not easy to live spell, establish sustainable business model

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