My Wangzhuan site managementDo you have a plan for making money

the day before yesterday I had a dating network, called blind 5199ai plans a total investment of 200 yuan, after three months, the monthly income of 3000; IP on the dating website many tens of thousands of; at present, what to earn on their own

at the end of 06 head that site is very well done, so that make a lot of money invested in two sites, but the profit income way not think clearly, a lot of things entirely on business, the website is very simple and the characteristics of media, I get a real fire network, and make money by business and my fault, because I was so bad execution.

For example !

if you are around, then your publicity will be rewarded quickly. When the flow is up, you can advertise first, but remember what is your main goal.

is interested in the website if there is no problem, make money not to make money are the same; if you want to make money, it must consider every step of their target site; how to make money, money is not what I said, traffic, advertising, these are attached; also is your website core all the way to make money, all publicity all around this point to make money.

second plan: soft text publicity, expand influence, 1 months registered users at least 5000

first plan: let users feel the warmth of home, sincere service, sincere face, I want to do is 100 visitors, 50 registered, 25 loyal users. If you want others to be loyal, you must be loyal.

said the site is my heart pain, I have your first website in 2001, after 2 years to become a leader in an industry, but the site is not a commercial interest in the website, the website for 05 years has long been black, I can’t solve my hand.

fourth plan: comprehensive advertising must be very good publicity, if there is conflict with the layout, must not, large-scale offline activities; day visits reached tens of thousands.

now has several CPM alliances. Everybody can go to union.xenw to have a look. The price of the CPM is good. The threshold is lower than the first video. Is a personal webmaster, a good choice.

when planning a big goal, then >


is no stranger to shlf1314 and sh419’s advertising alliance for people familiar with the internet. In fact, many of the early personal website sites in shlf1314 and sh419 to eat the sweetness. With the development of sh419 shlf1314, the number of websites has increased. For most sites, making money is out of reach.

but it also gives other advertising alliances a chance to develop. Various advertising alliances have sprung up like mushrooms. CPA, CPS, CPC, cpm…… A lot of advertising and a variety of promotions, so many site owners like a flock of ducks. How does the website owner select these payment methods? First of all, CPA’s price is relatively high, but the success rate is closely related to the content of your website and the content of the advertisement. If there is an advertisement for the content of your website, you can send it without hesitation. Otherwise, you can drop ads that don’t fit the site. Like CPA, CPS is dominated by high levels of success. Commission is high, low success rate, but also suggest that according to the content of their own web site to choose whether to launch. CPC’s ads are among the first to use. Pay per click. This kind of advertisement is more, in choice also should try to accord with the content of your website and the user group of your website. Only in this way can the maximum benefit be obtained.

core profit point and other sites are not the same, I don’t want to do what China, China best, I just want her health, I brought a certain number of monthly income to meet, because I meet so that the positioning with warm, sincere. And the community can reflect their own ideas, so I will web into the community of lower 5199ai/web web will be the extension point of future development, at least now I can do, a person must be too tired to promote management.

, what follows is the advertisement of cpm. CPM shows paid ads that don’t need to be similar to what your website does. As soon as someone enters the website and the ads are displayed, they already have benefits. Compared with traditional pop-up ads. This kind of advertisement is more green. Users will not be disgusted. Think of a web site that has been doing it for 3 months, and my website traffic is 10000ip at present. promotion, release, you can refer to the forum, I put the amount of CPA messages, advertising and CPM advertising. CPM can bring nearly 100 yuan per day, CPA can also bring more than ten yuan.

to tell the truth, for the old webmaster, shlf1314 really bring yourself a lot of income. At that time, casually find a site, and then get some foreign traffic, also can get dozens of dollars every day. sh419 is also that time is catch up from behind, individual owners of the spring. But the good times don’t last long. With the sh419 shlf1314 consolidation alliance and the revocation of some of the column ads, many of the individual webmaster do not k out of the alliance. Since then, many webmasters have found that shlf1314 sh419’s money is not good to earn. Do not say cheating, even if traffic is slightly abnormal. May cause the withholding or direct fube commission.

third plan: second months to continue publicity, and then start a small amount of advertising, while activities for a small amount of income,

lost a lot of money, and then I realized I really understood what career was,

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